Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas First Declaration, ‘The Commonwealth Liberation Party’s Myth can never be defeated as it is controlled by the Powers of the Thrones of Great Britain Kingdom’. ‘The Myth of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas and her Headship of The Commonwealth Liberation Party has come to Stay, Live and Reign and any attempt by Syndicates and Government Surrogates to stop the Peoples Freedom and Justice will be Stopped’. The Truth Is Above Mud Of Lies, United Kingdom Civilization Can No Longer Be Mocked. She Quotes: — “I am a Leader of a Party and not subject to Immigration Control. I am only subject to the House of Lord and the Monarchy and not to Civil Servants who earns Salary and they are Prohibited from encroaching into my Barriers”./ — “The Injustice against me only happened because the Immigration Rogue Masters and their Mercenaries are distorted in the Mind as it will means them putting their Job on the Line as Ignorant is not an Excuse in Law”./ — “The Only Reason, I renounced my Previous Nigerian Nationality for British Citizenship is to have Equal Authority to recoup the Justice desired for the People of Commonwealth Free Border Entry to the UK, and in my demand as the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party and Nationality is simply a Stigmatisation of Limitation to Prohibited in the 21st Century Politics”./ — “I am the Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, so not Subject to Home Office Authority as a Ministerial Department. I am only subject to the Authority of the Court if I am faulted to Abuse Legislation, but because I am Equally a Law Reformist, then it is against my Ordinance and forbidden to abuse my Office as The Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party which I submitted to serve the People and Citizens of United Kingdom in Sincerity and Truth”.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Second Declaration — “My Social Integration and Residence in the United Kingdom cannot be questioned only if I abuse Legislation. I am a Law Reformist and it is against my Ordinance and forbidden to abuse my Office as a Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party which I submitted to serve the People in Truth and Sincerity. I am in active Service of Total Change with view to overturn Despotic Laws of Legalised Despotism. The Logic of Restorative Justice must not be undermined as the Preservation of Liberties is drawn to the British Bill of Rights 1689. The Oath of Service which Parliament takes their Oath takes as British Sovereign, by the Criminal Magistrates Court acceptance of my Oath of Perjury Act 1911 as sworn when I Renounced Nigerian Nationality and Proclaimed British Nationality”. She Quotes — “The Nigerian Constitution of 1999 is irrelevance; The Universal Declaration Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 signed before Nigerian gained her Independence supersede Nigerian Constitution, bearing in mind United Kingdom do not use a Constitution, so referencing to Procedures of Renouncing Nigerian Nationality is a Pragmatisation of Justice Tort. To discredit the Criminal Court process I undertook to gain British Citizenship is because Immigration Rogue Masters lack knowledge of Provisions of Law Legality in its Provisions of the Bill of Rights 1689. Legalised despotism will not subdue my Authority because I am a Leader of a Political Party and my detention is an Anti-Semitic because they do not understand Democracy and Political Bureaucracy, so I advise they go back and Study their Books”.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in the United Kingdom Election on 5th May 2016, she Announced, ‘Britain Must Leave European Union, Commonwealth Citizens Don’t Cast your Vote for Britain in EU’. She stood by to agree that European Union (EU) Treaty must be abolished and the European Union must be dissolved. She quoted: “You Cannot Push the Wagon into the Future without Retrogressing into the Past.” In the coming UK election, Britain Must Leave European Union or else they must be ready to kill Her Monarchy and destroy The Commonwealth. Commonwealth Citizens are advised not to vote Britain in EU.” She Quotes: — “Immigration Law is a Hate Motives Legislation Bill enacted as Commonwealth Migrant Act 1962. The Conservative Party Government tightened the regulations, permitting only those with government-issued employment vouchers, limited in number, to settle and the Labour leader of the opposition in Parliament at the time, Hugh Gaitskell, called the act “Cruel and Brutal Anti-Colour Legislation”./ — “The Criminal Courts in England have been very active since 12th Century which led to the Enforcement of the Law of Magna Carta and the Permissibility of the Charter of Liberties. Nigerian is a Commonwealth Country and as Previous British Colony, her Citizens are British Subject because United Kingdom receives Royalties from Commonwealth Countries an Enforceable Payment by Act of Sovereignty and the Queen Elizabeth II heads the Commonwealth Government Four Yearly Inaugural Assembly”. She accused the British Police of illegally detaining People in their Cells against their rights. She named the British Immigration and other such law enforcement Agencies as culpable in the silent killing of Citizens from Commonwealth. These killed Citizens, according to her, are buried in unmarked graves. She maintained that there are Secret Plot of EU Agenda and Hunt for Judaism Exposed and UK making unending profit through Royalties for Commonwealth Nations. Prof Thomas informatively backed her Party statement of Britain Must Leave European Union, Commonwealth Citizens Don’t Cast your Vote for Britain in EU by exposing the relationship that exist between EU and Chinese Government, according to her: “The EU are busy occupying the Agenda of Great Britain, so also the Chinese Government are busy occupying the Agenda of Commonwealth Nations. What do both the EU and the Chinese Government intend to achieve by plotting Great Britain and Commonwealth Nations? The God of Men should watch out as the Dragon of Hell is being controlled in the body of Man to destroy the World.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as a Defender Of The Universe has pioneered the Death of Democracy and the Birth of Act of Politics to be actualised by 2021. – She States; “Democracy Is Not The Rule Of Law In Favour Of The People Rather It Is Conceptualise By Power Greed From Ordinary Citizens Of All Nation To Unleash Their Ideas Either Vague Or Porous”. THE REAL LEADERSHIP IS THE ACT OF POLITICS. The Act of Politics is an Academic Cathedral were Citizens who have views for Governance with interest in Leadership can be nurtured for Leadership just like the way Monarchs are nurtured for the Throne. The Act of Politics is a Country’s own Reforms where Politicians are being breed to better their Ideologies for the interest of their Citizens. THE ACT OF POLITICS DEFINITION: IS ‘LEADERSHIP BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE’. The Acts of Politics is an ‘Ideology Rebirth’ that fumed in the mind of Queen Elizabeth I, the Mother of all Commonwealth Nations before her death in the 15th Century. The Meaning Of Leadership, The Truth In Leadership, The Culture Of Leadership, The Birth Of Leadership, The Merit In Leadership, The Growth Of Leadership, The Reward Of Leadership, The Commitment In Leadership. All Nations of the World Are Advised To Enforce The Act Of Politics for the grooming of Governments and Crown Servants before they can be allowed in Parliaments, House of Assemblies and Government Offices to lead the People for the Country’s Vision. The Qualities Of Politicians Groomed By The Act Of Politics Are: Leadership with knowledge, Leadership with Sincerity, Leadership with Integrity, Leadership with Purpose, Leadership with Vision. Democracy In Politics Is Leadership With Illiteracy./ — JUNTA POLITICS: Junta Politics is a Guerrilla Tactics Politics; when you wrestle your opposition by weakening their policies at the expense of your greed. This is 21st Century; ‘Junta Politics Will No Longer Be Permitted Because The Opposition Quest For Using Junta Politics Is Not For The Interest Of Government Of Any Nation’.


United Kingdom Government Do Not Use A Constitution. It Is Still Not Clear Why They Gave Their Commonwealth Nations Constitution, Which Simply Means The Rule Was For The Upper Class To Oppress The Middle Class And The Lower Class. United Kingdom Did Not Give Her Commonwealth Nations Freedom But Instead They Gave Them Sovereignty, Simply Meaning The Will To Do Your Own Thing With Out Them Interfering./ — DEFINING CONSTITUTION: We Hold These Truth To Be Self-Evident, That All Men Are Created Equal, That They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Inalienable Rights, Which Among These Are Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness. That To Secure These Rights That Governments Are Instituted Among Men, Deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed. That Whenever Any Form Of Government Becomes Destructive Of Those Ends, It Shall Be Right Of The People To Alter Or Abolish It, And To Institute New Government, Laying Its Foundations Upon Such Principles, And Organising Its Powers In Such Form, As Shall Seem To Them Most Likely To Effect Their Safety And Happiness — By Thomas Jefferson (3rd US President 1743 – 1826)./ — Despotism Can Only Exist In Darkness And There Are Too Many Lights Now In The Political Firmament To Permit It To Remain Anywhere As It Has Heretofore Done, Almost Everywhere — By James Madison (4th US President 1751 – 1836)

The Constitution of the United Kingdom is the sum of Laws and principles that make up the body politic of the United Kingdom. It concerns both the relationship between the Individual and the State, and the functioning of the Legislature, the executive and judiciary. Unlike many other nations, the UK has no single constitutional document. United Kingdom has an uncodified or “unwritten” Constitution. [1] Much of the British Constitution is embodied in written documents, within Statutes, Court Judgments, Works of Authority and Treaties. The Constitution has other unwritten sources, including Parliamentary Constitutional conventions. [2] What Britain has instead is an accumulation of various Statutes, Conventions, Judicial decisions and Treaties which collectively can be referred to as the British Constitution. Is thus more accurate to refer to Britain’s constitution as an ‘uncodified’ Constitution, rather than an ‘unwritten’ one. The Parliament of Great Britain was formed in 1707 following the ratification of the Treaty of Union by Acts of Union passed by the Parliament of England and the Parliament of Scotland. At the start of the nineteenth century, Parliament was further enlarged by Acts of Union ratified by the Parliament of Great Britain and the Parliament of Ireland that abolished the latter and added 100 Irish MPs and 32 Lords to the former to create the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927 formally amended the name to the “Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. Democracy is not the Will of Majority and hence Majority and Minority all have Rights of Equality Judgement of Justice.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas submitted to the UK Police Office Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner Of Police, New Scotland Yard Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG the CASE LOGS Of COMMONWEALTH CITIZENS’ RIGHTS VIOLATION AND DEAD VICTIMS HIDDEN IN SECRET GRAVES on the 01/03/2016; In her submission, she told him he could be stripped of your Honours because he allowed Injustice to be orchestrated on the Citizens from the Nations of Commonwealth. As the Head of the Metropolitan Police, this will mean (i) Citizens Safeguard is of Paramount, (ii) Race Not To Be Discriminated, (iii) Equality An Acceptable Motto, (iv) Segregation To Be Stamped. She told him his Office cannot be in denial of Death Tolls of Commonwealth Citizens Immigration Enforcement Officers have killed in Covert Operations as Bounty Hunters for Gratuities Gains. She opened her observation that British Immigration Officers have been destructive as their views of the Commonwealth Citizens are Human Bugs, a Virus to be exterminated when the British Immigration Enforcement themselves are the enemies of the British People purported to serve. The Police Institution is the executor of Justice and Enforcement, yet the deaths of Commonwealth Citizens being buried in unmarked graves have been silent to the People and not even dead Victims’ families knows their Children assailant. She Quotes — “How can your Mind not draw your guilt that your institution failed these People of Black and Coloured. These actions of Human Degradations are not termed Racism anymore it is simply Hatism”? She spoke on retrospect his Office commensuration, Sir John Waldron, his Predecessor and graduate from Hendon Police College was the main figure who confraternised the Metropolitan Institutional Police Force to perpetrate Injustice on the Commonwealth Citizens when appointed by Conservative Party as a Commissioner from 1968 to 1972.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas to the Police Commissioner his mandate to open Historical and Current Cases of Homicides as Judgement must prevail, hence no Man is above the Law. Failure to open these investigations becomes evidential Race Superiority Complex is a sicken trait, therefore Britain rather be an Island of her own, so Commonwealth Nations not be cheated in a White Man’s deceit to steal their Gold and give them Rubbles. She told him the Prime Minister David Cameron continual extortion of Immigration Allotment is the reason Immigration Officers are committing Stormtroopers Crimes. How could Britain’s Civilization be Mocked? Why will Immigration Enforcers become Bandits? They break homes daily with Fake warrants, they destroy Commonwealth Citizens Properties, they Vandalize their Homes, Arresting them like Criminals, Harassing them and Kidnapping them at Train and Bus Stations. Reawakening your Social Studies on Immigration Law, a Sham Legislative Confraternity that hinges on Mr. Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood Speech of the 20th April 1968, geared at Depowering Coloured People Civilization Enrichment. The Mythological Truth is no Immigration Officer is issued a Warrant by any Court of the Land, hence it is not Criminal matter, yet Immigration Officers are continual in possession of fake Warrants printed from their Computers and non has been convicted till date for Triable Offence under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, s.2 and s.6. She reminded him Immigration Law is a Civil Case and not Criminal, Police Officers cannot escort Immigration Officers to Commonwealth Citizens Home as it is Rights infringement and Violation coerced by Hate Crime Brutality. Britain still lives on continuous receipt of Royalties from Nations of Commonwealth and her accumulated Wealth pays your Officers, yet your Nation Commonwealth’s Economy are exploited and there Citizens are made to Labour abroad.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas accused the Police Officers connivance with Immigration Office to commit Hate Crimes against the People of Coloured in their intention to weed them as bug. Police and Immigration Officers raid Coloured People’s Homes with Fake Warrants, intentionally ignoring the Law. Immigration Officers in Possession of Fake Warrants are automatically guilty of possession of False Instruments which is 6-month imprisonment, but instead aided and abetted by Police Officers in their dangerousity to perpetrate crimes of Human Destruction. Commonwealths deaths investigation suppressed and Victims buried in unmarked graves on Coverts Operation. Death Certificates registered as Suicide instead of Homicide. Immigration Legislative has been Confraternised, so Injustice is charted as a Law and the Voice of Justice is Silent. The Crime committed against the People of Coloured is a serious Confraternity between Britain and Europe to destroy the People of the Commonwealth. The British Police fails the Commonwealth Citizens in the United Kingdom as they have intentionally allowed the corridors of destruction to entrap them in connivance with Immigration Militia Syndicates currently working as Hitler’s Gestapo. Immigration Officers sees Commonwealth Citizens as bugs and kill them silently in the Detention Centres and bury them in Unmarked graves.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas informed Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner Of Police Police actions depicts denial of responsibilities in that Coloured People lives means nothing and not worthy of the State Police time, yet you employ Coloured Officers in pretence to welcome their Race in your workforce; Only if they know they are just Puppets, no Coloured Officers will take your Job Offers, if they have principles. Immigration Abuse went unchecked, death of Commonwealth Citizens in detention centres who are Victims of Homicides were covered up and no Immigration Officers till date has faced Criminal trials of Commonwealth Citizens Deaths Accountability. Britain still regard Commonwealth Citizens as Slaves but the lowest of the White People are spoken about on TV and Media over the slightest matters, but over Five Thousand (5000) Deaths caused by Immigration Bandit are covered up by your Officers and the Metropolitan Police Institution has failed these People of Coloured in generality. She Quotes: — United Kingdom Monarchical Government is in shame as Queen Elizabeth II failed her Oath of Coronation in 1953 declared to Protect these People of Coloured./ — The Metropolitan Police Institution illicitly allowed the insane actions from — Immigration Enforcement Officers to function as replica of Hiltler and Nazis Stormtroopers who killed Fifty Million (15,000,000) Jews. The Deaths of Commonwealth Citizens has never been debated in the News because the Media outfit has equally been Confraternised using Legislative Confraternity of Communications Act 2003./ — Police Commissioner actions proved their Office is used to serve the Politicians illogical ideas. Injustice is charted as a Law and the Voice of Justice is Silent. As a Leader of the Metropolitan Police Force, you have the Authority not to enforce Hate Crimes Legislations, because Injustice Law promulgation can be halt by your Authority if you are Principled and Logical to the Truth when it contravenes the Rules./ — Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, you have relegated Truth as garbage and allowed David Cameron’s leadership, dump, deaf and blind your Authority. Why have you allowed yourself to swim in a shallow pond meant for Catfish, but the real you is a Shark to swim in a Sea water but corrupted in Political Appointment an Eyebite of your Office. People with Sir titles are Men of Principle. Principality is the Will Power to be yourself./ — The Police Institution is strongly warned to shame Injustice chartered as Laws rendering the Voice of Justice silent or lose Britain. The destruction of Human Race with Legislative Confraternity is the destruction of Britain./ — When Insanity becomes the Mother of the Day, the People are riddled in Poverty, then Money becomes the Stake of Authority – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas announced in a World Press Statement in October 2015 that the Immigration Enforcement and their Mercenaries in United Kingdom have been coerced into serious Confraternity Killing Squad strategized like the Hitler and the Nazis. The Stimulation is the Rivers Of Blood Speech of Mr. Enoch Powel in 1964. He is the Criminal Mastermind behind the Commonwealth Peoples Destruction. The 21st Century Retrogression to Mr. Enoch Powell scheme of Visa, Border Restriction and Deportation is the reason why Immigration Mercenaries arrest Commonwealth Citizens (i) At Point of Death, (ii) Deny them Medical Treatment (iii) Lock them up in the German Concentration Camps. The United Kingdom Government gave the Germans Plots of Land to build the Dungeon of Hell called Immigration Concentration Camps actual meaning Immigration Extermination Camps. Till Today over 250,000 Commonwealth Citizens under estimated figures are locked up in the UK and Europe Immigration Camps.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas affirm that Great Sins Visited England Because Sons Of Great Britain Stained Their Hands With Blood By Killing An Innocent King In 1649 Beheaded. The Great Britain As A Kingdom Was Cursed By The Gods Of Thetisthe Sea Goddess Of Tribinita. The demise of King Charles I in 1649, led to the cursed upon the England but again the World is in on the verge of destroying itself as the American are the Avengers rebelled against the Kingdom to make a destructive Sovereignty upon themselves. KING CHARLES I, FINAL STATEMENT BEFORE EXECUTION “An Unjust Sentence That I Suffered To Take Effect, Is Punished Now By An Unjust Sentence On Me. He Declared That He Had Desired The Liberty And Freedom Of The People As Much As Any, “But I Must Tell You That Their Liberty And Freedom Consists In Having Government … It Is Not Their Having A Share In The Government; That Is Nothing Appertaining Unto Them. A Subject And A Sovereign Are Clean Different Things.” He Continued, “I Shall Go From A Corruptible To An Incorruptible Crown, Where No Disturbance Can Be”./ — In her quest for fighting Slavery, Injustice and Dehumanization of United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) against Commonwealth Citizens happen to hit the rock as the strides she has made in nearly two decades seem not to be going well with some People at the UK Border Agency. In a Petition, she wrote and copied all Top officials of Government as well as the Office of the Her majesty Queen II, She said Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of Police, New Scotland Yard could be stripped off his Honour for allowing injustice on the Citizens of the Nations of Commonwealth that United Kingdom are governed by illiterates because the Syllabus had been changed as Man terrorize Men to retain Power when all Men are born with Dominant Traits, so the Kingdom of Great Britain was created with the Wisdom of the Aristocrats and unfortunately all Aristocrats extinct, since Bandit Oliver Crowmwell beheaded King Charles I that she is reborn to Civilised the World with New Religion called Saintism. Insight of Saintism Teachings, Practise and Doctrines is Online for Study at


To Heal The Wound And Pains Of The Oppress which is now enforceable, because it is evidential that the Magna Carta Compensation Scheme is the only Appraisals that must be consented and payment duly rewarded and awarded to the Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries who are the Sons of Grace AS THE WILL OF MAGNA CARTA HAS BEEN BROKEN AND MAGNA CARTA THE LAW OF MAN’S FREE WILL LIBERTY TO BE FREE HAS BEEN BREACHED AND THE GOD’S OF THE WORLD MUST BE APPEAL TO FORGIVE HIS SONS OF RULERSHIP to breed the Sanity to live and their Souls be allowed eternal life for rebirth. Therefore to Appeal the Vengeance of Magna Carta which is the Hunt of the Ghost of King John of 1215 and the Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I (who died over 500 years), then Appraisal must be consented and sacrifice of dues to be paid to man is a must mandate. OPPRESSIVE INJUSTICE HAS DENIED MAN THE SANITY TO BE HUMAN’S AND HAS MADE MAN LIVE IN AN UNREAL WORLD AS SUCH MAN HAS BEEN INHUMANE TO MAN. We All As A Race Must Be Very Careful As The Creation Of The World And All The Gods And Main God, Obey And Observe Their Individual Doctrines. MAGNA CARTA DECLARATION 1215; No Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disposed of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will. We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, by lawful judgement of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land. We shall sell to no man; we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right. We shall sell to no man; we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right./ — THE WORLD BELONGS TO NO ONE!!! THE GOD OF VENGEANCE IS WAITING TO FIGHT THE GOD OF POVERTY AND THE SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE IS WAITING TO WAR THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY and THE CONSEQUENCES ARE THE HEADS OF GOVERNMENT WILL FACE RETRIBUTION WITH KAMAR in revenge of their stupidity and THE SINS OF THE WORLD WILL BURY THEIR CONSCIENCE IN FOOLISHNESS and their soul will not be given a second chance to have their dreams of the afterlife. ASSUMED MEN OF HONOUR AND MEN OF GREAT SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF MAN’S OPPRESSION AGAINST MAN IN THE 21ST CENTURY. NOW IS THE TIME FOR DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE TO EXCEL FROM PODIUM AND DEPLOY ITS STEM TO THE MARGINALIZED where the Human Ruins and the Poorest Concentrate. Your Eternal Visitation To Life On Earth By Birth and Your Eternal Liberation From Earth By Death After Departure From The World Is Evidence That Before Your Birth On Earth The World Awaited Your Coming And After Your Death On Earth The After World will also be Expecting Your Return. MAN MUST LOVE HIMSELF TO BE ABLE TO EXTEND LOVE TO ANOTHER MAN AS BROTHERHOOD BOND MUST NOT NECESSARILY BE BY BLOOD LINEAGE. People Soul, Spirit and afterlife is also at the mercy of Nature the MYSTERY that knocks on your door when your time to die is due. EVERY MAN HAS A BIRTH RIGHTS AS CITIZENS OF A COUNTRY BORN IN THE LAND OF THE WORLD.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Quotes says — “DEPORTATION IS A CODE WORD FOR EVACUATION”. United Kingdom deportation of Commonwealth and Coloured People from the UK simply means their “Evacuation is to make provisions of Settlement” for “European Union Citizens”. This is a Shame to British Civilisation as Policies that negates Equality in a globalised Economic Relationship is against the Ethics of Democracy. She affirm the Blacks and Coloured Peoples deportation from United Kingdom to make provisions for the EU Citizens Settlement. This action is motivated by Hate Legislation, a Confederalism Crime and this contravenes Article 9 and 13 of UDHR 1948./ — The Nigerian UK Ambassador in his confession and on recent development shows that illegal Travel Certificates were issued by them as been pressured against their Will to sabotage their own Citizens Will, is upsurge. The Truth coming to light, is money were given to this corrupt Nigerian Officials by the UK Authorities bribing the Commonwealth Governments into granting them False Deportation Certificates to illegally deport Nigerian Citizens from the UK and all Nationals from the Commonwealth Nations. The actions of Conservative Ruling Government is Political Gangsterism, which they have knowingly violated the Treaty through enforcing Injustice as a Law and this will see the British Kingdom and her Commonwealth Nations destroyed. So we will ask Parliament through the sitting Monarch to revoke the Powers of this Conservative Party leadership Act to govern through the Peoples Vote. Conservative Ruling Government submission will be a Blind Argument that they are executing Policies scheduled as an Act. This is an Error Argument because they lack Political Education simply meaning Policies as an Act cannot override Treaty. Treaty Bond must Stand.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in hurtful tone letter reads: “Mr. Cameron, know it today United Kingdom is indebted to the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens. Until the 51 Countries of African and Asia Continents realise Full Civilization, their Citizens must continue to have Unlimited access to Travel to the United Kingdom and the Immigration Confraternity Laws debarring their Rights must be abolished without Deliberation or Compromise. To this End, all Immigration Detention Centres in the United Kingdom must be demolished and all the German Investors having Shares in the Immigration Business and Services of Border Control and Technological Facilities should be paid back their Investment as they must now find other Trade to make their gains because the Commonwealth Citizens Detention is not a Sector for Investment. Simply do not Say no Money to pay them. The process is simple, just Print more money and pay them as Money is a Piece of Paper meant to fool the Governed because Politics is a Ghostly Operations. “United Kingdom found Riches and Greatness in the 15th Century from the Commonwealth Countries and their Citizens and till date, your Government is still in continual receipt of Royalties from these Poor Slaved Continents of Africa and Asia, yet your Conscience fears no Retribution, because God created them to be of less Values to the White Race. This should not be a bias reason because Humans has bigger Brains, so the Conscience of Guilt should supersede Conscience of Destruction of the Human Race and for this reason Slavery as a Business was abolished in United Kingdom and America.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Declares: “ Justice I strive and The Commonwealth Liberation Party I steer the Ship, I am not the Problem instead but the Solution to Resolve the Problems of United Kingdom and her Commonwealth Nations Migration Crisis as our Party Name clearly Signifies”/ —- “Regarding Mental Health, I Pronounced, I have never been Mad at No Time, though accused of having Delusion Disorder, a coined name to destroy my Credibility and in my Quest of Justice and in my Pursuit of Truth. I came against Tyranny of Men whose intention is to steal my Honours. I am the Most Sane Woman and the Greatest Philosophy to emerge in the 21st Century. The World has awakened in my New Ideology” – ‘Humanity and Human Race’./ —- “I, the Justice Pioneer should not be undermined as they should have known my Barriers are not their Platform; This is serious Ridicule and Mockery to British Civilisation”. The God of Men should watch out as the Dragon of Hell is being controlled in the Body of Man to destroy the World. All Criminal allegations me failed because ‘THE VOICE OF JUSTICE WILL ALWAYS RISE ABOVE THE TIDES OF TYRANNY AND TRUTH IS THE MEEK OF AUTHORITY”.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in March of 2013, she re-initiated the Independent Diplomat Commission from the grave back to life and in November of 2014, she transformed the Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) into a Political Third-Party Campaigner advocating the Doctrines and gospel of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP). She is a Woman with a great Voice and continues to give Commonwealth People the desired Protection they deserved. She suffered all these Injustice because in a capsulation of Justice Pursuant. She Quotes – ‘I am Afflicted by God for the Transgression of Man’. In her Pronouncement, she said her afflictions are finally over since the 5th of May 2015; and now she and her Government have all Weapons to recouped the Justice desired for the People of Commonwealth and their Enforcement Mandate of a Free Border Entry and the opening of the United Kingdom Border for the People of Commonwealth so their requirement of a Visas will be abolished by 2021 of Commonwealth so their requirement of a Visas will be abolished by 2021.


The Commonwealth nations did not have independence, they only have sovereignty. They have no economy. The white man determines their economy. That is why the famine will sweep away 500million people of the nations of Commonwealth. If they become economists being able to lead their nations without interference of international involvement, then they will be able to be wise and protect their nations. Like I said, if they cannot manage their multiplication and production of their children, they should sterilize themselves, so that they don’t make more babies.


The more they make more babies, and they are not intelligent enough to sustain their people, the white man is planning a destruction that is above their own desire. Imagine out of 180 million Nigerians, 150 million dies. What do you say to that? All those lands would now turn to empty vegetation, which is what the white man wants, so he can come back and take the land and rebuild their own city. The more the people die, the more there are no people to fight for the land ownerships. The land becomes their free land to harness gold again. Their own population is getting bigger and bigger. They don’t even have lands in their own country. The more Nigerians or Commonwealth Nations die and are exterminated because of Famine and Starvation, they are happy to come back and take those lands again. By 2030 to 2040, Nigeria will no longer be a Nation, it will comeback under the Management of the White Man again. That means the Nation has destroyed herself because she never prepares for her independence. Her independence is the ability to feed and sustain her people. She alerts People of the Commonwealth to be prepared ahead, so the disaster can be averted. Rather than the white man bringing a premeditated decoy to bring famine and starvation. Until the Commonwealth nation begin to manage their economy, until they begin to control their economy, until the Commonwealth nations can begin to sustain themselves without United Kingdom or America; they should stop thinking oil is the means of money making. Are you going to eat oil? Americans are buying oil from you because they want to build their lands. The building of America today started 60 years ago. Since 60 years they have been tilling your oil. You have no sense selling them your oil. Now they don’t need your oil anymore, because they have stored enough reserves. What they now need to do is kill your economy, because they can no longer sustain your people, your people were only sustained by them since they needed them for labour. Now that they have built their 21st Century City, you can see the invention of America building atomic bombs, building missiles because human have gone mad. Even the destruction of the Commonwealth nation is the American ideology by selling them weapons. How could you be developing weapons to destroy humanity? It is madness.


The movement of exodus of the Commonwealth nation started from them not been able to feed themselves going abroad to work like slaves. The Europe zone have had enough of the slaves now and the slaves are becoming wise. The Europe Zone have refused to give them papers. Everybody wants to go abroad. Nobody wants to live abroad. Everybody wants to be sure they can come and go easily. By the white man’s decoy, he knows that when the Commonwealth people are going, they are stealing their knowledge away, they deny them access not to have papers and the Commonwealth people become afraid, because they want to be sure they can come and go. Before you know, all the best brains in Commonwealth nations are abroad working like slaves. They thought that they have worked, there is a future, unfortunately, the white man fears the Commonwealth nations becoming the biggest continent of the world, because they continue to produce more babies, they cannot look after, that is why I said they should sterilize themselves.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas asserts that her attack is because Stupidity is the Brunt of British Immigration Work Ethics and Immigration Rogue Masters were in a malicious attempt to Pervert the Cause of Justice in a Case of Murder and Homicide of which Commonwealth Citizens died in Detention Centres. She worked as a Political and Human Rights Advocate and Powered by the Freedom Of Information Act 1998, UK Border Agency Detention Services Directorate revealed to her in a Letter Ref: FOI 9564 dated 24/06/2008 and signed by Mr. David Goggin that 12 People died in their Care from 1989 to 2008 in which 8 were Self Inflicted Injuries. She has Murder Cases against Immigration Officials and in a working collaboration with the UK Counter Terrorism War Crime Team to bring the Perpetrators to Justice, so they Plotted to subjugate her Justice Quest. In an Administrative Scam played by Immigration Rogue Masters to keep her in a Psychiatric Facility in November 2010 just to Silence her Voice citing a Mental Case, failed, still all Jeopardy against her, she proved indestructible. The reason for their Insanity is because she is Black and a Woman who supersedes their Academic and Professional intellect. Her Party, The Commonwealth Liberation Party has legitimate autonomy and Independent Diplomat Commission are all reputable organisations Founded by Her. The actions to declare her Most Wanted was promulgated by White Supremacist insane sycophants acting as Immigration mercenaries. To be declared most wanted under the Criminal Code simply means the Subject must be captured Dead or Alive.  She realised the dangerousity of the Public Announcement and as an Encyclopaedia of Knowledge and Oracle and being a Mother of Saint, her instinct prompted her ability to control the Police and their misconduct. Till date, she has still not received any Apology because the Police knew the implication of their actions. In her pursuit of Justice for Dead Victims’ Families to be Compensated, She requested to know their Graveyards so they can be given befitting Burials, but in an Entrapment, Immigration Rogue Masters apprehended her Justice Quest and set up Criminal Scams to have a Vigilante Organisation ‘Office Of Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC)’ with Equivocally Status with her Organisation ‘Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC)’ to have her Falsely Imprisoned in August 2010 for 18 Months through a Private Prosecution because the State Police and Crown Prosecution refused to take the Case since they knew she acted in accordance with her Profession as a Rights Advocate. She still awaits Apology from the Office of Commissioner of Police for the inappropriate behavior of the Metropolitan Officers. The City of London Police has taken down the Story from their Website and in apologetic term informed Prof. Alexia Thomas, it was not their Case and they equally have no Case against her. The City of London Police said they cannot guaranty other News Media will do the same. As the Task is left for her Media Team.


In March of 2015, She became the Leader and Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, a Registered United Kingdom Political Party, and now have Powers to work with the Office of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to reopen the Investigation of Dead Victims Hidden in Secret Graves and Commonwealth Citizens Rights Violation in Detention Centres. The Case Dossier re-opened under Ref: 2016030000062 for Investigation and Prosecution and the matter allocated to the SO15 – Counter Terrorism Command War Crimes Team, New Scotland Yard, 10 Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG. The only reason she renounced her Nigerian Nationality for British Citizenship is to have Equal Authority to recoup the Justice desired for the People of Commonwealth Free Border Entry to the UK. She defined Nationality as simply – ‘Stigmatisation of Limitation’ – so it will be Prohibited in the 21st Century Politics. She said it is time the ruling Conservative Government stay off her Boundaries, though they will collapse very soon and demand her immediate Recognition because stopping her is an impossibility because she is a Living Oracle. Therefore, all Agencies of Government must recognize the existence of her Political Party putting her on an Equilibrium Podium with Leaders of Conservative Party, Labour Party amongst others. She asserts that the Conservative Ruling Government are Political Gangsters which is the reason they are in violation of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 Treaty enforcing the acceptance of European Convention Of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950 cloned from the UDHR 1948.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, a British Political Party in opposition to the Government of Prime Minister David Cameron. She has proposed regulations that the ruling Monarch to use Royal Prerogatives to abort the Tenureship of the Ruling Conservative Party Government if their Ministers fail to behave themselves. She opposes the Deportation of illegal Migrants from the United Kingdom, affirming that behind the deportations are Secret Plot to rid the United Kingdom of Coloured People. She affirms that illiterates now governs Britain and she will not watch the Dragon of Hell use the Parliamentarian to destroy the Values of the Children of Grace who are the Commonwealth Citizens that United Kingdom Government bothered their isolation in the 15th Century. In one of her quest for fighting slavery, injustice and dehumanization of United Kingdom border agency, UKBA against commonwealth citizens happen to hit rock as the strides she has made in nearly two decades seem not to be going well with some people at the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). In some of her moves, she wrote letter to commissioner of police, metropolitan police, new Scotland Yard Titled: “UKBA personnel plot, decoy to assassinate me and eliminate my family”- 24th July 2008. She narrated that her life was threatened daily by some personnel of UKBA, especially from Oakington and Collinbrook detention centers, because I fight against the injustice orchestrated on commonwealth citizens.” She exhibited strong political will as such in Local Election./ —- In her quest to lead the ‘Movement of Liberation’ and ‘Prepare Men and Women for the Battle of Armageddon an ‘Enforcement of the Manifesto Mandate 21st Century of 2021, for a ‘Face of Change, ‘She Faced Challenges And Trials’, ‘She Faced Death’, ‘She Got Oppressed’, ‘She Was Imprisoned’, ‘The System Humiliated and Manipulated Her’, ‘She Wrote Free Nobles Of Consciousness Of Man’s Will For Government’, ‘Her Reforms were passed in to Law’, ‘Her Ideas Were Stolen’ And ‘She Was Denied Recognition’. To understand the Myth of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in finding a lasting solution of the problems of the Countries of the World and healing the pains with her Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thoughts, to treat the psychological torture Men, Women and Children have suffered for years from generations to generations, ‘Her Actions, World, Command, Authority and Power Can Be Interpreted For Man To Understand That Her ‘MISSION’ in the World is AN ORCHESTRATION OF A SYMBOLIC SUPERNATURAL BEING THROUGH THE FILM TITLED ‘THE CLASH OF THE TITANS’.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Quote: —- “Mr. Commissioner, your office cannot be in denial of the death toll of Commonwealth citizens. The British Immigration officers have been destructive as their views of the Commonwealth Citizens are human bugs…” She wrote the British Police Commissioner a letter dated 26 February 2016 over Rights Abuse and queried Why Commissioner of Police must open up on historical and current Cases of Homicide and copied Queen Elizabeth II, Prince of Wales, Prime Minister, Buckingham Police Department, Parliament, House of Commons, Foreign And Commonwealth Office. In a bid to bring to their attention all salient issues raised, Professor Alexia Thomas said: “The Police should stop the Immigration Officers commissioned as Cameron’s stormtroopers to stop killing the Commonwealth Citizens and to stop destroying their Values as they are not the British Peoples’ problem but instead the British are their own muggers because they cannot survive without the Commonwealth Countries. She Quote: —- “Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, as a Law Graduate, I would have expected that you challenge the obscenity of Cameron’s Government, rather you will see it has nothing to do with you and you refuse to expose the atrocities committed against the citizens of Commonwealth. Your officers must check themselves, they have failed their strangers unequivocally and your land, their settlement. She elaborates; Why Commissioner of Police must open up on historical and current Cases of Homicide for the purpose of Truth, Justice, Fairness and Posterity. “The whole British Police Force needs serious overhauling of their institution as their criminality has brought dis-reputation to Law Integrity. You have soaked yourself in a Political mud of corruption. The British Police as a Force now confraternised and using deceit diplomacy to imprison People. She brought to his attention the need to open historical and current Cases of homicides, hence No Man is above the Law. “Failure to open these investigations becomes evidential Race Superiority complex is a sicken trait, therefore Britain rather is an Island of its own, so Commonwealth Nations must not be cheated in a white man’s deceit to steal their Gold and give them rubbles. “Evidence proving that Immigration Officers killed unlawfully are in a letter on our server which in its re-investigation is a Cold Case as justice is required for the unlawful death of the Commonwealth Citizens and Ignorance of Duties is a Death of Service.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas adjudicate pursuit for Commonwealth Peoples Justice. She Staff her Authority as the Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), UK, in her pronouncement she ascertained this New Demand is Justice for the People of Commonwealth both Home And abroad who are Victims. She accused the UK Banks decision nailed Commonwealth People in Coffins, intentionally to Depower their Civilization Enrichment in dictatorship from the embattled Conservative Party Monstrosity Bills enshrined as Law, purposely implemented to destroy the Welfare and Well-being of the People of Commonwealth in stringent circumstances to De-Value them as a People. From time to time, Banks and Building Societies inform Customers of Account Closure and instruct them to make alternative Banking Arrangements. The Banks purport reasons they are unhарру with the wау Customers are using their Aссоunts or that rеlаtiоnѕhiр with the Customer hаѕ broken down irretrievably. This is quite different from the closure of the Bank Accounts belonging to Cоmmоnwеаlth Citizens from Nations of Afriса, Asia and Caribbean whоѕе Bank Aссоuntѕ have bееn unlawfully closed and Monies seized. The United Kingdom Banks closure of Cоmmоnwеаlth Pеорlеѕ Accounts with no relevant rеаѕоn is a Criminal Offеnсе and their actions соntrаvеnеѕ Equality Act 2010 (C.15), Part 2 Chарtеr 1, Section 9 and Rасе Relations Act 1976. The Commonwealth Victims whose Bank Aссоunts are ореnеd legitimately, if element of Identity is an incrimination, definitely it should not be Barrier to Warrant a Clоѕurе or Mоnеу ѕеizurе. Actions of the Banks ferociousness is evidential Commonwealth Citizens in disguise to ореrаtе Bank Aссоunts are motivated by Conservative Party Drасоniаn Laws denying Commonwealth Citizens individualism of self-Recognition as a result of the Ruling Government Anti-Semitism Policies, a mоnѕtrоѕitу to dеѕtrоу the Wеlfаrе and Well-being of Commonwealth Pеорlе./ —- She affirm the Bank are guilty of fеrосiоuѕ Criminal arrays of Offences under the Rulеѕ of Mоnеtаrу Equilibrium; if a Cоmmоnwеаlthiѕt (Pеrѕоnѕ’) (i) Livеѕ in the UK, (ii) Livеѕ in an Apartment (iii) Paying Landlord (iv) Pауing Council Tax (v) Came into the UK from the Prоtесtоrаtеѕ and Territories of Grеаt Britain, (vi) Criminаliѕеd bесаuѕе of Conservative Pаrtу Draconian Pоliсiеѕ (vii) Denied Hоmе Office Documents to sustain their requirement of Life to be Pеорlе without саuѕing Mayhem to the Sосiеtу; If the Bank ѕеizеѕ their Mоnеу on whatever rulеѕ, then the Banks have Pеrреtrаting Crimes of Injuѕtiсе. The Citizens from the Commonwealth Nations of Africa, Asia and Caribbean whose Money have been Seized by the Banks or Bank Accounts unlawfully closed; The closure of Commonwealth Peoples Accounts or Seizure of their Monies as a result of clumsy excuses is a Criminal Offence and contravenes Equality Act 2010, (C.15), Part 2, Chapter 1 Section 9 and the Race Relations 1976. She mandated the Banks are now under a Mandate to recall their record of Persons named in such circumstance and are under serious mandate to release their Money and reinstate the functioning of their Bank Accounts illegally closed.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas indict the Banks are guilty of ferocious Criminal arrays of Offences under the Rules of Monetary Equilibrium; The British Banks for the past 25 years have enshrined their Institution in disguise of Legislative Policies denying Commonwealth Citizens Rights of Treaty as compelled by the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 rather respecting the European Convention Of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950, a 40 Years Bond revoked on the 24/06/2016; Shame on Injustice is Apology to Victims of Injustice the Victims of Legislative Policies of Hate Crime Bills. The Demigod profoundly called Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas cautioned the UK Banks must be very careful as ‘Politics a Turmoil of Men’s Insanity to changing the Rules when the Policies prescribe not will result in Banks closure as the Inscription of Policies cannot relegate the Legislative Decree of Static, possibility the Banks could lose their License’ as Merchants if facts emerge they partook in the Injustice caused on the Citizens of Commonwealth through accepting the illogical Policies created by Politicians to segregate the Coloured Peoples’ Right. She demanded they release Commonwealth Monies or risked being sued for Abuse Of Power Ambit Penalization or else the Banks will pay out serious Compensations, hence being regulated by Financial Institutions are not above the Law; If the UK Banks within 14 days fail to come to term with Reality and Resolution mandate that a Criminal like PM Theresa May who they admired had coerced them to betray the Commonwealth Peoples Money patronage of Security, rather Banks’ monstrosity to suppress them under the Rules of European Union over the Treaty of Britain and her Commonwealth, The Commonwealth Liberation Party(TCLP) will legalize a Pursuit for Commonwealth Citizens Compensation of Financial Concierge. She Quote:— Party Bureaucracy To Segregate Person By Colour, Race And Language Is An Obscenity, Shame It Out – By Professor Alexia Thomas


The United Kingdom Banks have been confraternised and intentionally participating in coercion of Hate Crimes. On the Contrary, If Commonwealth Citizens opened Bank Accounts, Officials Banks or their Management has no Legal Authority to seize their Monies as not even the Court can decree such Authority if Funds are not from proceed of Crimes. All Commonwealth Nations Visitors who have Bank Accounts in the UK, had it opened legitimately, and if element of Identity is an incrimination, definitely it is not a barrier to warrant a closure or Money Seizure. Commonwealth Citizens disguised to operate Bank Accounts mainly for Salary purpose is motivated by Conservative Party Draconian Laws. The Banks have been Perpetrating Crimes of Injustice and as such have portrayed the Greed and Evil in the Hate Crime Bills which was orchestrated by Prime Minister Theresa May and her Government Extortion and Massacreration of the UK Economy. The Pоlitiсѕ as Pеорlе’ѕ Money and Pоlitiсаl Policies will аlwауѕ be in contravention. The People’s Mоnеу when not acquired from Fraud or from proceeds of Crime is their just Rights and no Legislative Confraternity can dеnу them access to their Rеѕоurсеѕ of Aррrаiѕаl. She Recalled the Quote of Fredrick Douglas — “Whеrе Juѕtiсе Is Denied, Where Poverty Is Enforced, Where Ignorance Prevails, And Where Any One Class Is Made To Fееl That Society Is An Organized Conspiracy To Оррrеѕѕ, Rob And Degrade Them, Neither Реrѕоnѕ Nor Рrореrtу Will Be Ѕаfе.

The Banks beckoning their actions on Commonwealth Citizens inability to prove their Identity when their Visas expire, protocoling their Accounts closure is an Act to alienate their Rights, injustice a derailment of Tyranny by Legalized Despotism. The Banks as Institutions stole from the People of Commonwealth using Deceit Diplomacy of Legislative Warrants; The Ruling Government is in Political Wars and as Such cannot give Command and their Conservative Party is in turmoil and on the brink of collapse as they have championed Human destructions She ascertained that Conservative Party intentionally denied the People of Commonwealth Residence Permits in Sham Enshrined Immigration Legislations, then the Banks should find their Box of Shame and stand independent of Politics for Peoples Money and Political Policies will always be in contravention; The Peoples Money when not Fraud or from Proceeds of Crime is their just Rights and no Legislative Confraternity can deny them access to their Resources of Appraisal. The Banks are necessitated by the Financial Regulations Policies because PM Theresa May could face Imprisonment for her unjust Protocols. The Conservative Party Ruling Government ordered the Banks and their Management’s monstrosity against illegal activities on Commonwealth Citizens Money seizure, at this junction the Banks illegality must be stopped.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas strong views of her 21st Century Model are those of Values and Virtues. She indicates Provision of House, Water, Light, Medicals and Amenities for People is not actually a Favour but a necessity of Life. What is life, is values and virtues. She makes it clear that for a Woman give Sex to a Man does not really mean anything, because sex is cheap. In the days Sex has been constitutionalised into Prostitution. Women use sex for Prostitution. So, if women use sex for Prostitution that means every Woman is Cheap. So, there is nothing for one woman to tell one Man she is important anymore because a Man can go into the market and buy Sex. Sex has been a Trade in the Era of the Greek, Greece and other Ancient Settlement. Sex has reigned in the Era of the Bible and Christianity. So, if sex is a Business, so Men should only respect a Woman that will give them Values and Virtues. A Woman that cannot impart in a Man’s life is should not be shown any importance because Who Is She, When a Man can go out and buy a better Woman than her? The White Brothers are not teaching the Black Brothers Virtues and Values. Since the Era of the Mohammed and Era of the Jesus, Sex has been a Business. So, if Men need Women because Sex, then many Men should not bother marrying, only if they can find a Women who will offer them Values and Virtues. Men are like babies and bad woman will feed them with false premise or lies, So Man no longer knows the Truth. What you call the African Culture is the African destruction, because Africans have no Brains as they create their own destruction. It is just like America invented Democracy to destroy themselves.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas says the difference between Women at Home and Women in Brothel is Values and Virtues the one at home possesses. The Values and Virtues are thoughts Hybrid Mind, Thinking, Love, Creation, Invention. Women giving Birth to Babies simply means nothing because every Woman with good ovaries with conceive a Child. Bearing Child does not make a Woman important, Rubbish! Having Sex with a Man does not make a Woman important, Rubbish! What makes a Woman important is her Ability to Make a Man, Ability to Inspire a Man, Ability to be a Business Partner with a Man, Ability to Mentor a Man, Ability to help Man execute impossible Task. A Women getting Pregnant and having Children or a Woman being a House Wife does not make her important. Sex has been tested in every ramification of Life and is Medicine equally cures a Man. So, Sex has been a Business since the beginning of Creation. A Woman who say I don’t sell my body, her body is not better than the ones that sell their own body, because it is actually nothing, that is why they sell it. So, as the World grows bigger, we shall relegate women by their Portion. Every Woman that wants to born a Child, then we put you in the barrack where you belong. Women who born Useless and Bastard Children and cannot teach them anything but Hatred and encourage them fight neighbours, to Steal, will be alienated from the Society. She says her Government will give values to Women that sell their Bodies, because they have made Housewives to know they are not important if they cannot add Values and Virtues to the Lives of their Men. The Women that sell their Bodies simply tell Women that you cannot use Sex to punish their Men. Every woman must actually up their games. Intellectualism and Knowledge will be the new Values and Virtues of the 21st century. Men to start divorcing their Wives with no Values and Virtues because useless Women would make useless Babies. We need Women to Think, Think, Think. We need Women to sit with their Husbands and be their Compatriots. Women have been so Negative that they try to even influence how Men should reason. Women are becoming Bad-luck. Women who control Men’s life, because they born Children? To born is cheap. There are a lot of Children in Motherless Babies home, they don’t even have a Mother to claim them. A Woman who cannot add Meritable values to a man’s life should not even hang around the Man in the first place, because Values and Virtues will teach Morals. A Woman with good Pedigree will teach the Husband not to fight, not to be angry, to believe in himself, to be Perfect


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas says you call the Muslim Jihadist Terrorist; No they are not Terrorist, as your Conservative Ruling Government is the Terrorist. You terrorize them with destructive Missile Bomb, for every Bomb you send to their Land, they die in their Thousands and when they attack back to kill few of our British Sons and Daughters, you are angry and give our Dead Sons befitting Burials. She disagrees with the decision to keep bombing the Islamic Nations whose Language you do not understand, is a Crimes against Humanity and, So Britain armed forces will be Prohibited from activities that does not against the Ethics of Truth. the use Of Missile Bombs to destroy the Islamic States as a Nation Less Powerful Must Be Prohibited. She Quotes: — “How Can We Fight A Nation That In Our Own Hand We Sold Them Destructive Weapon So Because The Destruction Of Men Is The Destruction Upon Ourselves. The Same Ammunitions We Sell To Them Will Be Turned On Us”. The Only Resolution Is To Disarm Them By First Disarming Ourselves To Give Them The Confidence We Equally Are Not A Threat To Them. Life Is Simple Only If Common-Sense The Commonest Logic To Understanding The Human Psychology Can Be Applied. She Quotes that: THE DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN RACE IS THE DESTRUCTION OF ONESELF; The Muslimism Ideology she says is a tormented Predatorship Quest as Death a Tabernacle of Death. But in our Civilization, we can show them Love and they will Love us back. If a Lion that has no brain can be tamed, then we should be logical enough to their observance as a People. We can Tame them and not kill them and if we kill them, and we should expect them to kill us too, because we are not better than them, rather God has given us a Bigger Brains and never again should United Kingdom destroy their Ancestral Land. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. THE MUSLIMISM RELIGION IS A DOCTRINE INSCRIBED IN THEIR GENETIC OF ABERRATION THAT MAKES THEM QUEST FOR DOMINANCE; They do not understand our Language so we equally as British People with Civilized Minds cannot reciprocate by returning a hurtful attack on them, because every Man is bone with a Dominant Traits.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas says British Missile Bombs killed and destroyed Islamic nations Ancestral Land and the Secrecy of our Weapons will equally be available for their Studies, as Wild Orchid will grow One day and Tomorrow they shall avenge the death of their loved Ones, therefore we cannot call them Terrorist because they are Avengers. If they bring Retributions upon us, does not make them Terrorist. Suicide Bombers are not Terrorist rather they are Avengers. She Quotes — How Can Be Destroy The Fathers Of Children Orphaned In Our British Land, No Matter The Wealth Invested On Their Development, They Will One Day Avenge The Death Of Their Families”. In her Letter to the Ruling Government she requested that changes must be Effected 28TH JULY 2016, The Criminal Code Must Be Change, In That People Called Terrorist Will Hence Forth Be Called Avenger. If You Kill Their Fathers And They Kill Your Families, Does Not Make Them A Terrorist, They Are Simply Avengers. The Law Of Ethical Justice Says Do Unto Other What You Want Others To Do Unto You. She pronounces that the Government Are Terrorist Because They Oppress The People They Govern, And When The People Fight Back, They Are Avengers And Because The Government Are Equally A People, The People Have Determinism To Avenge Injustice. If the Avenger By Homicide Or Suicide Equally Should Not Attract Capital Sentence As Dominancy Is A Generic Trait Every Man Possessed As Government who are Rulers of Men then are not different from the Lesser Men they make Laws for. DEFINITION OF TERRORISM – The Threat of a Government to impose Despotic Laws against majority to seize their Rights is Terrorism. — WHAT IS NOT TERRORISM – Avengers is When man bring Retribution Upon man with his own hand rather the Ark of God bring Karma upon Man. Those who bring retribution by Avenging the Death of their love ones is pays tribute to their Loves Ones by in turn killing Families of Men who equally killed their Love Ones unequivocally. She told the Government to pardon DETAINED TERRORIST to be set free; (I) Those Committed To Death, (Ii) Those Already Serving Capital Sentences, (iii) Those Awaiting Trials. She Quotes: — “NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO COMMIT ANY ONE TO DEATH; Hence No One Can Create A Man, Then No One Should Kill A Man” that “We Must Use The Law Of Common Sense, As We Have All Use Despotic Laws Made By Men Using Legislative Confraternity To Puppeteer Men Whose Duties Are To Protect Men To Kill Men”.


As the Neighbourhood decision in the United Kingdom (UK) gravitates towards Thursday, June 23, 2016, The Commonwealth Liberation Party takes an alternate position. The Chairman, Her Knowledgeable Professor Thomas Quotes: “You Cannot Push the Wagon into the Future without Retrogressing into the Past.” She implies an uncover: European Union (EU) Treaty must be abrogated and the European Union must be broken down. Standing on truth, she commanded the Ex-Prime Minister David Camera, she explained: “Mr. Cameron, I say unto you Verily, Verily, Verily, your Government will be Disband and Disgraced out of Number 10 Downing Street. Know very well as I said this Words to you, we are Equal in Powers of Governance and the difference is your Vote gives you access to Print Money and control UK Money Supply and the Economy. The only reason you may gullibly assumed you are more Superior than myself is because the Police, Army, Navy, Immigration and Crown Servants are paid by your Government. Mr. Cameron I am your Competitor and as an Opposition Government, we “The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP)”, are not readily bothered about who Rules. In 20/04/2016, she sent a strong warning to the British people not to allow the “EU Club” to kill its Monarchy by taking to remaining in the EU. “In her published article- ‘The Secret Plot of the EU and the Hunt for Judaism’, her Mythological teachings illustrated the fierce Wars of the EU Criminal Masterminded plot, Rivalry fierce battle between the British Empire and the German Nation dates back to the Era of 18th Century when Queen Victoria, Great Grand Mother of the current Queen Elizabeth II had reigned. The propensity of the dispute leading to the War and the Marriage between the British Kingdom, the German Nation and all Countries in the EU started in 1914 of the First World War and 1939 of the Second World War.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas warned him to get some serious Education and your Cabinet Ministers should equally go for Mind Development Training on Humanity Courses or else they could possibly go to Jail ‘En masse’ in the next 15years because of the ‘Enormous and Ferocious Atrocities’ they have committed in the Term of your Government. What matters is who Rules the People of United Kingdom must have the Knowledge, the Principles, Respect, Compassion, Protection, Appreciation and the Values of the People with Rights of Sovereignty. Money is a Piece of Paper and the fact the headship of Conservative Party has made it more important than Human Lives, the need of changing School Syllabus is essential she advocates. The Amendment of School Syllabus and Curriculum Vitae is Mandatory, so Students will be taught Humanity and Human Values as a Course and the Consciousness of Resistance to refuse Cash, among others any Ruling Government must respect Human Values, Integrity and Dignity of Human Substance.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas on the 22/11/2015 released A Circular By World Press Statement Giving the British Government Deadline Ultimatum to Release All Nigerian Migrants In Detention Centres and All Over United Kingdom and Europe Or have their Citizens from Nigeria equally Deported back To United Kingdom. She introduced the International Federalistic Political Approach Resolution to Clamp Down on Conservative Government Ruling Party Hate Crime Motives Geared tt Depowering Coloured People Civilisation Enrichment. The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Pronounces the at 10.00pm as an Opposition Government, that in Truth and in Sincerity that we are unable to cover up for the Conservative Ruling Party Government secrecy of intention to declare War of Destruction against the People of the Commonwealth Nations. Nigerian Citizens are most populated amongst the Victims consisting of all Three Ethic Tribes (Igbos, Yorubas and Hausas). We declared Today that we have seen the Destruction upon Humanity and that the Conservative Ruling Government has lost it bearing and not fit to be a Government. We shall be calling for their disbandment by asking the Queen Elizabeth II of England the sitting Monarch to withdraw Powers from Parliament for the time being, possibly allowing Labour Government to head the Operations of Parliament until the current officials of the Conservation Government are brought to the drawing board because they have currently violated the UDHR 1948 Treaty of Article 9, 13 and 15, which automatically makes the British Government liable for Criminal Prosecution. The Conservative Party Government have lost their Political Mythology which is evidential through their initiating Hate Crime Laws to destroy the Ancestry Bond between the British Empire and her Commonwealth Nations.Until this matter are resolve, we are at Educational War of Correctiveness with the Conservative Ruling Party Government as through their trait of Tyranny to run the British Empire as their Fathers Vineyard. We revolt and exposes their lust concept as delusional Ideologies and Reasoning, is simply to Wage War against the Commonwealth Citizens which is evidential through a confession made by the Nigeria UK Ambassador Olakunle Akindele Bamgbose to the on the Guardian News Paper Published on Thursday at 09.45 GMT the 19/11/2015 shows the British Authorities compelled them to accept Non-Nigerians for deportation.


PART ONE — Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Reads: — “Queen Elizabeth II, Her Majesty The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AAGOVERNANCE MANDATE FOR 2016, PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON MONSTROSITY TO RUN UNITED KINGDOM AS AN OUTLAW BANDIT. Her Letter Reads — The matter for your attention is of serious Controversy and your Throne cannot be in denial of intentionally neglecting the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Commonwealth Citizens in Britain. Your Throneship is now under a Mandate to Reinstate and Enforce the Will of Magna Carta 1215 just as King Henry III Reinforced the Reading of the Charters of Liberties in Court on the 23rd June 1217. Our concerns about the Ruling Conservative Government Style of Governance is drawn for your attention. This letter is unveiled Publicly on our Party Website Investigation Page, so the attention of the People of Great Britain could be drawn to our openness on issues of deliberation. Your Majesty, as I reviewed the correspondence from Buckingham Palace signatured by Sonia Bonici your Senior Correspondence, I acknowledged your comments which I dutifully inform you today People of the Commonwealth believe their interest do not matter to you, despite the Injustice and Deaths of the Commonwealth Victims. Your Majesty, your negligence to the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Commonwealth Citizens in Britain is of concern as the outspoken reality is, you deem them less important of your Time. Your Majesty, if these Dead Victims at UK Immigration Concentration Camps were White British, your motherhood instinct will not deny your Guilt that you have failed them as Powers of your Throneship supersede the Powers of Parliamentarian Politics. Your Throneship the Buckingham Palace oversightedly allowed the Office of the Secretary of State to be bigger than the United Kingdom Monarch in that Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Home Office now Masters the Commonwealth Citizens with Terror Justice and still in their Tyranny fears no retribution. Your Majesty, I recall your knowledge to Britain Monarchical Wealth that your Ancestor King Henry VII in 1496 in his Hunger for Power and Wealth granted permission on Royal Commission for Global Exploration authorised John Cabot an Italian Explorer to find New Lands for England. This Mythological Truth about the Birth of the Commonwealth Nations Mythology can be watch on Alexia Thomas Television at Your Majesty, the fact not in denial is that the Coloured Peoples Race were not known to Britain but the greed for Power eroded the Thrones of Kings in Europe to explosively exploit the Nations of Asia and Africa and their Abandonment is an impossibility. Your Majesty, you will agree with me Britain cannot exist without the Commonwealth Nations because your Government is weakened without them. Their Wealth is why your Kingdom is the greatest today because of your Receipt of Royalty. What is good for your People must be extended to the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens you inherited. Your Majesty, the Commonwealth Nations Governance must be reviewed as the Commonwealth Charter a Working Guide lacked in-depth Goals and Objectives for reasons of United Kingdom relationship with the Commonwealth Nations”.

PART TWO — Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Statement Reads: — “Your Majesty, why have you allowed the Banner of Parliament and Ordinary Men with no Royal Lineage puppeteer your Honours and control United Kingdom Nation like their Neighbourhood Watch? Your Majesty, less I talk, the better not to accuse you further, because your Conscience knows the Truth and as a Great woman, I know your Values, for you must be Observance to the Peoples Will of Mandate. Your Monarchy Must Improvise Enhanced Analysis On The Motto And Objectives To The Commonwealth Charter Because The Charter Lacks Substance And Intensive Knowledgeable Syllabus. I Believe It Was Deliberately Omitted from the Commonwealth Charter And Commonwealth Nations Constitution To Mislead The Commonwealth Governments To Drain In Poverty. (i) Your Government Gave Them Constitution And Yet United Kingdom Do Not Use A Constitution. (ii) Your Government Claimed To Have Given Them Freedom But Instead You Gave Them Sovereignty. (iii) My Government Came And Gave The Freedom And Equality Through The International Bill Of Patriot Mandate (IBOPM). (iii) Your Government Denied Them Access To Your History Of Words Of Authority, Statues, Treaties And Court Judgement. (iv) Your Government Governance Allowed Your Leadership To Deny Them Basic Access To Rights. (v) Your Government Failed To Interfere In The Commonwealth Communal Matters, Knowingfully Well Your Government Forced Them Into Ethnicity Relationship; Hate To Love Each Other And Love To Kill Each Other So They Are Now Scattered Like Sheep Without Shepherd”./ — United Kingdom powered by Parliament and her Monachical Empire should not ignore the Commonwealth Nations Wellbeing as a People. Your Invisibility in Politics and Government and allowing Parliament Pen to draft your Statements and Declarations is against the Fundamental Values of the Commonwealth Treaty your Oath Ascertained in your Coronation of 1953; Promises Breached. Your Office negates matters of Commonwealth Values still assuming they are Slaves and Servants. The reason why their Affairs are pushed to the Office of the Secretary Of State for Home Office simply, Secretary of State symbolically in Blind Administration is their Slave Master and as such their Enrolment to your Kingdom is the Services of Servantry; In retrogression History is not in denial that the Black and Coloured People were Slaves though after Abolishment in 1833, this Significance still reflect in the 21st Century”

PART THREE — Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Reads: — “Your Majesty, since 2008 I have continually drawn your Throneship’s attention to the Deaths and Harm done on the People of the Commonwealth by your Government Ministerial Bureaucracy. Your Majesty, as I revisited Communications received from your Office in 2008, it became obvious you allowed the Destruction on Commonwealth People as it could have been avoided. I came to the conclusion that Politics has limited your Powers to partake in Government Governance. Your yearly speech to the People of United Kingdom, in your declaration, you adduced Parliament Act of Justice a monstrosity that kills the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Black and Coloured People as your Pen signatured the Bill and Act of Britain Legislative Confraternity slaughtering the Black People and Coloured People Struggle for their Rights as a People. Ordinary Men from Homes with no Morals prepare a Destructive Bill for you, yet you have the Power to refuse it, as Politics cannot control ones Instinct of Justice Conscience, still their Perilous direct your State of Reasoning with their Monstrosity Bill of Warrants to Kill and execute the destruction of Commonwealth Citizens in your Name. I support Monarchy and your Kingdom is expected to Live for Ever. Compliment of the Year 2016. My Government, The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) will continue to play our roles of Educational Correctiveness to put Government Governance to Service of Humanity in compliance with Humility because this Era will not allow destruction on the Race of Life worthy of Happiness. Your decision on the Commonwealth Future is now your Principle or their Lust. I now expect your Thronship of United Kingdom to disband Prime Minister David Cameron’s Leadership of Government. The Ethics of his Government has breached the British Constitutional Governance, hence evidential adduced for His Governance Brutality to the Welfare of the Commonwealth People must not be compromised as being a Political science student his defence is unpardonable. Execute the Nation’s Justice and by mandating Mr. David Cameron to leave Power by Alteration Government means Labours Party holds Power or Cameron’s Leadership get Aborted without any Ceremony and a New Peoples Vote is Casted for the People Referendum their chance to appoint their choice of Leadership. Democracy is not the Will of Majority and hence Majority and Minority all have Rights of Equality Judgement of Justice, then Cameron’s Leadership must be disband as not even his Legislative Confraternists can stop his Disbandment. Your Majesty, My Words Are Alive, Hear Me In The Loudness Of The Sea, Hear Me The Treacherous Must Not Be Empathized With. This Mandate Upon Your Shoulder As Real As It Sounds Are The Quest Of Justice From The Kings Thrones Of The Great Kingdom Of Britain. ALLUM, ALLUM ALLUM, VERILY WELL SAID. THIS IS MY STATEMENT. Cameron’s Government And Leadership Must Go And Equivocally Must Be Halt Before His Governance Insanity Brings Fatal Retribution To United Kingdom”.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as the Leader The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) moved a Vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister Theresa May’s Government on the 12/07/2017 at 4.00 PM, she pronounced in Truth and Sincerity that her Party could no longer cover up for the Conservative Party Ruling Government Secrecy of intention to destroy the British Monarch and People of Commonwealth Nations. On the she On the 22/07/2017, she marked history by Prohibiting PM Theresa May Association With German Government And European Union, in her aforesaid she told Prime Minister Theresa May, First And Foremost, It Is Not Clear What Your Mandate Is About, that she will Pardon her Ignorance because she is a Puppet to Watch Over British And German Rogue Politicians Treasures Hidden In The British Land. She accused of her of living the Office of Government not up to 14 Days she got the Baton of Government as a Prime Minister to visit Mrs. Angel Merkel German Chancellor and Radicalised Nazist Crusader. Conservative Ruling Government are Political Gangsters, which is the reason they are in violation of UDHR 1948 Treaty enforcing the acceptance of ECHR 1950 cloned from UDHR 1948. Conservative Party agreed with the Germans to lock up Commonwealth Citizens in Immigration Camps in London, Scotland, Wales and Ireland inclusive with moving them to Europe out of Britain’s shores like Animals in various Schemes of Covert Operations, Shame! Shame!! Shame./ — As an Oracle, she believes the Conservative Party in 1968 sold into German Rogue Politicians having Share in Conservative Party as they have used Conservative Party Politian to Puppet Great Britain for over 50 Years for that reason they adopted the Fascist style of Government to destroy Great Britain and her Commonwealth. There intention is a premeditated attempt to “Depower Coloured People Civilisation Enrichment”. Their actions is “War Against Humanity”. The Government adopting Germans deportation of the Coloured People from the UK is an offences of Treasonable Politics buying into the Insanity of European Union Club and Legislative Confraternity to destroy the Ancestral Bond between UK and her Commonwealth Nations Queen Elizabeth II, inherited.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas exposed Conservative Party executed Sham Legislations, Despotic and Ferocious Policies killing and destroying the Well-being of Commonwealth Citizens; The Pieces of Paper Moines paid to White Immigration Mercenaries to lock down Commonwealth citizens in Immigration camps should be calculated daily for One (1) year and given to each Detainee to return back to their Countries. They are executing Policies scheduled as an Act. This is an Error Argument because they lack Political Education simply meaning Policies as an Act cannot override Treaty. Treaty Bond must Stand. Conservative Ruling Party is operating a Fascist Style Of Government that And Their Decoyed Agenda Is To Destroy The British Monarch And Her Nations Of Commonwealth. They lost their Political Mythology which is evidential through their initiating Hate Crime Laws to destroy the Ancestry Bond between the British Empire and her Commonwealth Nations. Until These Matters Are Resolved, The Commonwealth Liberation Party is at Educational War Of Creativeness With The Conservative Ruling Party Government. The intention is a premeditated attempt to “Depower Coloured People Civilisation Enrichment”. There actions is “War Against Humanity” and the Queen is called upon to caution the Conservative Ruling Government before they bring shame to the British Kingdom as their action to dehumanise Citizens from the Commonwealth Nations and treat them as Third Class Citizens denying them Equality means Third World War is looming. The TCLP pronounces that the World is yet to recover from the Second World War of 1935, that saw Fifteen Million (15,000,000) Jews and Others lost their lives and Jews were massacred and 100,000,000 Citizen of the World displaced and made Homeless. The Insanity of Conservative Ruling Government must be stopped or else Anarchy a new Face of change will Throw the mud at Reparation and the Commonwealth Citizens uprise will stand for itself. Conservative Ruling Government is seriously warned through the Press medium to stop all Hate Crime Abuses, Motives, Covert Operations and Mayhem being unleashed on Commonwealth Citizens.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas created and developed the on INTERNATIONAL BILL OF PATRIOT MANDATE LEGISLATIVE DECREE on the 28/09/2015. She mandated the Commonwealth Embassies in the United Kingdom obeyed the Patriot Compliance Ultimatum deadline’. The Mandate of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Circular Cautioned the World Leaders of Political Hatism of the UK Ruling Party Bureaucratic Law and the need to defer the Orders of Deportation in the assumption is as a Memorandum of Understanding./ — INTERNATIONAL BILL OF PATRIOT MANDATE LEGISLATIVE DECREE (1) The Federalism Of The Commonwealth Union Goals Must Be Upheld. (2) The Government Obscenity And Legalized Despotism Undermines Legislative Integrity And The Status Quo Of Law. (3) The Adherence Of The Universal Declaration Of 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable And Commonwealth Government Disobedient Is Obscenity. (4) The United Kingdom Ruling Government Disregardment To The Commonwealth Treaty Is A Violation Of The Commonwealth Nation Sovereignty Act. (5) The Commonwealth Citizens Social Integration In The World International Relations Is A Justice Mandate And Any Hate Crime Pursuit To Oust Commonwealth Citizen Through Segregation Bills Must Not Be Condone By Any Commonwealth Government. (6) The Commonwealth Treaty Compels Commonwealth Nations To Observe Royal Reward To United Kingdom Monarch And Government; Hence Detention And Deportation Of Commonwealth Citizens From The United Kingdom Breaches Article 9, 13, And 15 Of The UDHR 1948 And This Makes United Kingdom A Failed State. (7) The United Kingdom Government From 1962 to 2015 Has Failed Her Federalism Oath Of Treaty With Her Commonwealth Nation; This Breaches Depicts Freedom And Sovereignty Is In Discrepancy And The Commonwealth Nations Must Stand For The Bills Of Citizens Equality Rights Of Their People Or Else Anarchy A New Face Of Change Will Throw The Mud At Reparation And The Commonwealth Citizens Uprise Shall Stand For Itself. (8) All Nations Of The Commonwealth Are Under Adherence To Observe Legislative Decree And Give Full Premise To The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 As This Supersedes Any Law And Constitutional Hindrance. (9) Commonwealth High Commissions In The UK Must Not, Should Not And Cannot Participate With UK Immigrations On Deportation Bills Regarding Their Citizens Or Failure Becomes A Confederalism Crime. (10) Pursuit Of Justice And Equality Rights For Nations Of Commonwealth And Their Citizens Home And In Diaspora Is A Mandate, Failure Means The Government In Power Lacks Political Mythology And Not Fit To Be A Government. (11) Government Ignorance Of The UDHR 1948 Treaty Is A Government In Ruin And The Lack Of Mythology Means Such Government Is Unfit To Govern. (12) The Mobilization Of A Commonwealth Unity And Their Compliance With The Universal Declaration Of UDHR 1948 Is A Mandate And Their Government Defection From Hate Crime Laws Of Exile And Deportation Of Their Citizens From The United Kingdom Must Not Be Compromise. (13) Commonwealth Nations Government Who Involves With Issuance Of Deportation Certificates Is Committing A Crime And From The 28th September 2015 Must Disengage From Hate Crime Coercion In The Diaspora Or Face The Squad Of Their Citizens Justice Uprise

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas created the EQUALITY BILL AND JUSTICE ENFORCEMENT RULE on the 28/09/2015. The Circular Reads — “Commonwealth Government Compliance With International Bill Of Patriot Mandate (IBOPM), all Government of Nations of Commonwealth in the United Kingdom are to Adhere to the International Bill Of Patriot Mandate and the Equality Bill And Enforcement Rule. The High Commissioner is Under A Mandate to Seek Legal Advice, Communicate and Direct all Protocol to the Office of their Prime Minister or President and Uphold this Legislative Decree: (i) Refusal To Issue Deportation Certificates To The Uk Immigrations (ii) Disengagement From Hate Crime Bills And Laws. (iii) Refusal To Accept Deported Migrants From The UK,/ — EQUALITY BILL AND JUSTICE ENFORCEMENT RULE (1) Party Bureaucracy To Segregate Persons By Colour, Race And Language Is An Obscenity. Shame It Out. (2) Government In Breach Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Convention 1948 Is Committing A Confederalism Crime. (3) The Segregation Of Persons’ With Rights Of Sovereignty Is A Hate Crime. (4) The Detention Of Commonwealth Citizens In Immigration Camp Is A Criminal Offence And An Act To Depower Coloured People Civilisation Enrichment. (5) Hate Crime Bills And Laws Are Legalised Despotism; Stamp It Out. (6) The Law Of Magna Carta Is A Treaty Enforceable By The Ruling And Non-Ruling Party. (7) Article 9, “No Man Shall Be Exile Or Deported” and Article 13 and Article 15 Of UDHR 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable. (8) Crown Servants In Contravention with the UDHR 1948, Who Partake In Discrimination And Hate Crime Bill Is An Enemy Of The State, A Commonwealth Racist, An Inciter Of Hate Crime And A Committal Of Treason. (9) Commonwealth Citizens Rights Of Residence In The UK Is Not A Must But A Mandate. (10) Any One Who Deny Commonwealth Citizens Their Rights Of Residence Deserve It Not For Themselves. (11) The Free World Is For All And Sundry. (12) Any One Seen To Be Engaging In Criticising Commonwealth Citizens Rights Of Residence In The United Kingdom Is An Enemy Of The British Ancient Rights And An Extremist Of The Law Of Magna Carta. (13) In Recognitions Of Rights, All Are Born Free. (14) Government Who Execute Hate Crime Laws Is An Enemy Of The People.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas recalled that Germans have never been friend to the British kingdom, so after 72 Hours of receiving this letter, you are Prohibited from speaking to Mrs. Angela Merkel the German Chancellor because she is an Enemy to the British Kingdom. The Germans were the first to attack Britain in the Second World War of 1935 and their British Colonial American brothers aided Britain to defeat the Germans, so German had wrecked in Poverty, but foolishness a Syndrome of Nepatic desires, Sons of Britain again sold their Rights of Motherland by Funding Germans unconsciously aiding them to recoup their destruction, for the Third Time within the 19th and 21st Century against the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth. She says the German Territories is harnessed by Deities of Hell cursed back to the land they occupied, so superiority has been their Caxozone War that make them the Bandits and real Enemy of Europe; In this regard, the Dragon of Hell has possessed the Body of Men to destroy the World. British relationship with Germans must be Prohibited to avoid the spread of Arcus Poison the Spirit of Death, because Sons of Britain have been bought over by a Piece of Bread in deceit of Trade. British Government allowed the Germans Insanity of the World War 2, to continue till date. They foolishly allowed Germans into United Kingdom to continue their Human Destruction that saw Fifteen (15) Million Jews massacred; If she has lost her reasoning, I recall her concentration that UK Detention Centres are named in German Dialect as Observed in the list below for her recollection: (i) Dover Removal Centre, (ii) Collinbrook Removal Centre, (iii) Oakington Removal Centre, (iv) Hamasworth Removal Centre, (v) Dungavel Removal Centre, (vi) Campsfield Removal Centre, (vii) Lindholam Removal Centre, (viii) Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre (ix) Haslar Removal Centre, (x) Tinsley House Removal Centre, Etc. The World is yet to recover from the Second World War of 1935, that saw Fifteen Million (15,000,000) Jews and Others lost their lives and Jews were massacred and 100,000,000 Citizen of the World displaced and made Homeless.

Queen Victoria sent her grandson Prince Leopold Charles Edward George, Duke of Albany, Duke of Saxe-Coburg to Germany to rule her Empire. Prince Leopold Charles Edward, second Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence and Baron Arklow, was born at Claremont House in Surrey (1884). He was Queen Victoria’s favourite grandson. He got married to a German woman Viktoria Adelheild, Princess of Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Gluckburg on 11thOctober 1905 in Glucksburg Castle, Gluckstadt, Slesvig-Holstein, Prussia. They had five children namely: Johann Leopold-Hereditary of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Sibylla-Princess of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Hubertus Dietmar Friedrich Wilhelm- Prince of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Caroline Mathilde-Princess of Saxe Coburg Gotha and Friedrish Josias Carl Eduard-Prince of Saxe Coburg Gotha. He joined the German Nazi Party and served in a number of positions in Nazi Germany, and in 1930s to 1940s was President of the German Red Cross. He was the maternal grandfather of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and the younger brother of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. This Royal Prince born in Buckingham Palace, London created Earl of Clarence, and Baron Arklow. The Germans called him Karl Eduard. Queen Victoria died and in that era the German Nation fought the British Kingdom in the First World War and Prince Leopold Charles Edward joined the German to fight against his own Country. The German lost the First World War and the Royal family of The Duke in England believes the act of The Duke to take sides with German was Traitorship. He was stripped off his Royal Peerages. In 1918, Prince Leopold Charles Edward George was forced to abdicate his ducal throne after he joined the German Empire during World War I to fight against Britain. He was never forgiven by his cousins, as he was seen as a traitor for the role he played in First World War 1. He was banished from England. He was denied his Birth Right by the ruling British Empire, deprived of his British rights denied his title of Prince and Royal Highness in British honours in 1919. The competition amongst the Royal relatives of UK Monarchy and banished relatives of the late Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha settled in Germany and different nations of the EU will see the Commonwealth Nations annihilated. In that vengeance of the Duke is to annihilate the Commonwealth Nations which naturally end the Sovereignty of the UK and Her Monarchy. British Empire, denied of his British rights, denied his title of Prince and Royal Highness in British respects in 1919. He joined the German Nazi Party and served in various positions in Nazi Germany, and in 1930s to 1940s was President of the German Red Cross. He was the maternal granddad of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and the more youthful sibling of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. This Imperial Prince conceived in Buckingham Palace; London made Earl of Clarence, and Baron Arklow. the Germans called him Karl Eduard.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas confirm the Germans have been weakened after the Second Word War, but because the Deities of Hell are cursed back to Earth, the land occupied by Germans, so superiority has been their Caxozone War that make them the Bandits and real Enemy of Europe; In this regard, to avoid the spread of Arcus Poison the Spirit of Death, the Ancestors of Great Britain do not want them in their land. So all they have and all they kept in our Treasures must be paid back to them but a gesture of Humanity can still continue because the Border Passage is a bridge amidst all Sovereign Nations and Visitors are Free to Pass by. Her Mythological teachings delineated the furious Wars of the EU Criminal planned scheme, contention wild fight between the British Empire and the German Nation goes back to the period of the eighteenth Century when Queen Victoria, the Great Grand Mother of the present Queen Elizabeth II was on the Throneship. the penchant of the debate prompting the War and the Marriage between the British Kingdom, the German Nation and all Countries in the EU began in 1914 of the First World War and 1939 of the Second World War. She clarified in a-20 pages article report titled ‘The Secret Plot of EU Agenda and the Hunt for Judaism’, her educative messages have conveyed colossal illumination to Members of the Commonwealth Nations in her Mythological instructing, she states “Judaism Theory is the annihilation of Commonwealth Nations through the Power of the Occultic Unions of the EU Treaty.” For Judaism Sacred, she raised a couple of fakes that “Subsequent to the “Whom” and the “Whose” from Commonwealth Countries are Clones from the British Empire, the Nations of Commonwealth Shall Be Marked Down To be use as the Sacred Lamb for Sacrification, to be Burnt, Dehumanized and Killed with Provisions to Wipe their Generations.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas on the 19/01/2016 unlocked the Code of Knowledge for the Development of Commonwealth Peoples Sovereign Rights. Freedom Is Unlocking The Code Of Knowledge; So United Kingdom failing to give Commonwealth Government their Practises Of Statutes, Court Judgments, Works Of Authority And Treaties a Module for adoption for Good Governance, simply means they have given them the Right to commit Homicide on their Citizens. Freedom has now been given to the Commonwealth Nations through the International Bill Of Patriot Mandate (IBOPM) released September 2015. The Truth is all Men and Women are Equal by their Race no matter their Religion. The Commonwealth People in the United Kingdom having been brainwashed to believe European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950 protected them as advised by their Lawyers for Point of defence, instead the Laws that stood their Justice is the Universal Declarations of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948. The Commonwealth Citizens have Rights to reside in the UK and their Rights to Life without interference with their Privacies and Treaty violation of Articles 9, 12, 13, and 15. King John of Great Britain Paid for the Freedom of Liberty From Oppressive Injustice. He has paid for your Rights of Freedom from Human Degradation. He has paid for your Rights to travel freely within all the Nations of the Commonwealth Countries. He has paid for the price of your Migration and Immigration. He has paid for your price to be amongst all and sundry and to access the Basic Rights of your Will as any other Man on Earth. All Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries; you must know you have a Right of your own free will to travel within all Nations of the Commonwealth Countries. All Men and Women have been born as Free People from the day the Law of Magna Carta was signed. It should be noted that the Price of your Freedom has been paid for by King John in the year 1215. The Birth of the Commonwealth Heads of Government which Powers the Queen of England to sit with the Leaders of the Commonwealth Countries through the forum of the Commonwealth Members Inauguration since the insertion of the Independence giving to the Commonwealth Countries with their Citizens having the Sovereignty Rights and Powers the Countries of the Commonwealth to run their individual Republic with Powers to control their borders, territories and jurisdiction. Why has foolishness rubbed the God of Truth to displace his Sons of Grace by adoption through Colony that gave her the Country of her Greatness and engraved in her greatness till date?

The Commonwealth Countries Government pays the United Kingdom Government Royalties and hence, the United Kingdom as a Country receives Royalties from the Countries of the Commonwealth, then it is evidential that Appraisals have been consented through the Treaty Rights of Independence. Therefore, the Treaty Bond must stand and Policies cannot override the Treaty signed by the United Kingdom with her Commonwealth Countries’ Subjects. The United Kingdom as a Country is under a must mandate to allow Citizens from the Commonwealth Countries by Nationals of their New Names of Independence and their Old Names as Citizens of the Former British Colonies to live in the United Kingdom. Thus, the Myth behind the adoption and the heritage of the Commonwealth Nations of Countries, gives every ‘Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries Legitimate Ancestry Rights as Nationals of the Former British Colonies’. The Commonwealth Citizens have Legitimate Rights to call themselves British Citizens for their acceptance of Integration amidst the British People in order to avoid prejudice against them. If Commonwealth Countries Citizens introduce themselves as British Citizens, then it is not a Crime because it simply means that they accept the British Culture and Heritage. The Commonwealth Citizens love for the Great Kingdom of Britain is evidential in their Love for the British Heritage through their Speaking of English Language which is a Statute inscribed upon them as a People of a Republic before Colony and engraved upon them as a People after Colony and they are identified in the World Map as their name adoption as Countries through independence was named by them in the English Language. To be free men and women have been accorded unto Commonwealth Countries Citizens by the Law of Magna Carta as they are allowed to give themselves if they desire, or choose to accept or renounce any identity or accept by being labelled by an Identity if not in their interest. The Minds and Thoughts of the Commonwealth Citizens will be well understandable as they are the Best Aid to the British People and their Government Immuned in Distress. Any Commonwealth Country Citizen who speaks English has been indoctrinated into the Great Britain Heritage and therefore it will be a Verbal Assault to force them to claim Nationals of their Countries if it is not their desire as their free will freedom accorded unto them by the Law of Magna Carta permits their integration as British Citizens. They should be allowed to call themselves British Citizens with the phrase ‘British by Ideology and Heritage’ if they so choose. Commonwealth Countries Citizens are allowed to identify themselves as British Citizens not by Birth in the British Land but by Colonisation and Ideology. The British Government Colony in her enforcement to make Commonwealth Countries speak English Language is an image banner Inscribed and Engraved in their Thoughts, Language, Culture and Economy and as such the Commonwealth Citizens are British by ideology endowed upon them by a must mandate of the Great Britain Kingdom Government of the old era. Hence, the Myth of the commonality between United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Countries cannot be erased off from history, then the Commonwealth Citizens will, must be and are to be allowed to enjoy the Rights of Free Trade within any of the Commonwealth Nations Member States and Free Movement within all Countries of the Commonwealth. The United Kingdom Collects Royalties from Countries of the Commonwealth, then it is therefore a must Mandate that Commonwealth Countries Citizens are allowed Freedom of Entry into Great Britain without being compelled to obtain a Visa. Visa and Visa fees will and must be abolished. Commonwealth Citizens have gained Liberty to be Free Men and Women since the Seal of Magna Carta Assent on the 15th June 1215 ever before the Commonwealth Nations were discovered waiting to be nurtured and schooled by the Sons of the United Kingdom, their Colonial Masters.

The Commonwealth Countries Citizens from today are born Free Men as the Ghost of King John, the Father of Freedom through the Price he paid for all People of the Commonwealth by his Assent given on the Law of Magna Carta and the Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I, the Mother of all Commonwealth Nations in her effortless conquer of the Commonwealth Nations as a Rulership through the Great Britain Kingdom have come to protect the People, Citizens, Government and Countries of the Commonwealth from the Apocalypse of Judaism to protect their blood from being used as a Sacred for the Apocalypse of Judaism. Why has shame not realized that Liberty the Ark of Freedom that gave the Citizens of all Britain the Right to be Free Men today is also a Right that is an adoption Right owned to their Subject the Commonwealth Countries Citizens. The Insanity of Oppression against the Commonwealth Countries Citizens is a Legalised Despotism. The ‘Mission’ Of The Ghost Of King John And The Sprit Of Queen Elizabeth I, Is To See That The Commonwealth Countries Excel In Their Strength And Excel In Their Freedom Of Liberty And To Be Free Once Again In The United Kingdom Which Is Their Country Of Grace. ‘The Eyes That See The Wind Cries With The Wind’. The Citizens of the Commonwealth Counties should not be locked up in any Detention Centres; Free them, Allow them, Give them the Visas, Allow them to Renew their Visas, Let them Work and Let them Enjoy the Grace of the Mother Land as promised unto them by Queen Elizabeth I, when she sent Sailors on Voyage to Commonwealth Nations to conquer their Lands and Liberate them from their Primitiveness. The truth not in denial is that, the wealth inherited by United Kingdom Government from the Commonwealth Nations made United Kingdom the Greatest Empire in the World and till date and the British Government are still in ‘Continual Receipt of Royalties Payment from the Commonwealth Countries. Queen Elizabeth I, loves the Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries, which was the reason she initiated the scheme of Colonies. If Queen Elizabeth I (who died over 500 years ago) should wake up from her grave, she would banish all Crown Servants and Subjects that have initiated Policies and Reforms that have brought pains and sufferings upon the Commonwealth Countries and their Citizens. The tears of Queen Elizabeth I, flow from the grave like rain drops due to the pains, sufferings, and hardship the Commonwealth Citizens have been put through. She desires greatness for all her Commonwealth Nations and to be Free People of the World. Commonwealth Nations must be free from today henceforth as “Truth The Bitterness Of Self Consciousness Will Not Allow Injustice To Deny Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries And Their Government To Enjoy The Grace Of Sanity To Be Humans And Not Treated As Third Class Citizens”. It is not late though many have died but the living will Pave the Way for the Next Generation not to Suffer Tomorrow.


PART ONE — Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas on the 26/06/2016 demanded Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner Of Police, New Scotland Yard, Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG to Prosecute Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron who vacated the Seat of Government on the 2/06/2016. The Circular Read — “PM DAVID CAMERON TO SERVE 6 YEARS IMPRISONMENT FOR FRAUD”; For Justice Commiseration For King Charles I, Beheaded By Parliamentarians On 30th January 1649. Accomplices To Be Indicted With Him Are (i) Theresa May (MP) And (ii) George Osborne (MP). Crimes Committed Ranges From (i) Abuse Of Legislations, Extortion And (ii) Massacreration Of The UK Economy. The Prorogation Of Justice Requires Leadership Courtesy Of Impunity Law To Mandate The Rule Of Law Effectisation Of Equality Without Debarment Of Peoples Right To Overturn The Rulership Of Few Men Over The Majority Of Mass Submission – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas. The Ousted Prime Minister David Cameron and his Cabinet Ministers of the Remain Campaign rigged the election and as such, we The Commonwealth Liberation Party pronounces our pursuit to enforce Writ Of Justice an Ark of National Ornament and in our Hail, we intervened to halt 19th Century Boys Scott British Politicians from running Great Britain in the 21st Century like their Father’s Vine-Yard. We The Commonwealth Liberation Party, invites the Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard into the Political Cold War of Rivalries of EU Remain Campaign and EU Leave Campaign and as such, Citizens of Britain are in distrust and distress of their Future uncertainty. My Government visioned Britain’s Future, ‘Drag The Wagon Back To The Past Before Pushing The Concession Of The Further Or Rather Into The Future’ or else the Open Coffins shall grave our Unborn Children, if we allow Few Men dares our Iron Steel. Mr. Cameron on the 24/06/2016 seek for 3 months’ period for his Government Handover and European Commission President Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker overturned that his time asked will defect the whole process of New transition and EU is not in consensual. In our analytical view, Mr. Cameron is currently in a State of confusion hence seeking for 3 months is a decoy to cover his track and is now an effective time to oust Mr. Cameron’s time buying, he must now vacate 10 Downing Street not exceeding 8 days from the receipt of this letter so to restrict him from rigging the evidence to be collated at his residence. On this Justice, we seek demand and amendment to the situation and call on the State Security Service to seal the nation’s Vault as the Bank of England Governor Mr. Mark Carney is a Canadian and cannot be trusted because his demeanor when he addressed the Nation to observe calmness on the 24/06/2016, it became obvious he equally entangled himself in submission to give the British Peoples sovereignty to the EU, so he must step down equally for a handover of his Office Powers to a different commander. Questions need to be answered why a Non-British is appointed to the Post of such task of a Nations treasury. The killing of King Charles I, led Parliamentarians enacting the Bill of Rights 1689 and this gave the likes to Mr. Cameron’s audaciousness to rule the Kingdom founded by the Knights by Tyranny and propaganda with his coalition of Kindergarten Politician who lacked Political Mythology. The British Democratic Government Institution is not formidable enough to hold their Sovereignty and hence democratic Parliament is doom to collapse as the demise of the Kings Charles I, instigated the breakout of British American Civil War in triumph of the Nations of American’s Independent break away from United Kingdom; Hence British on American assignment rejected returning Home since the Kings Charles death and Democracy as Government was conceptualizes enforcing the British Monarch King Charles II to sigh and accept Constitutional Monarch automatically this values breached Kings Charles assertion of the Divine Right of Kings. The Commonwealth Liberation Party demands David Cameron faces the gallows of Justice for his involvement in playing Kingdom of Britain Monarch and her Citizens and Subjects in Joystic Joinder Politics as a Traitor and in Treason of Deceit Diplomacy.

PART TWO — Mr. Cameron’s ferocious atrocities committed as acting British Prime Minister from 11/05/2010 to 24/04/2016 is now indictable under the Criminal Act for his Crimes of FRAUD, TAX EVASION and RIGGING ELECTIONS; The Law, as compelled by Legislation and aforesaid Penalty be communed. MR. CAMERON’S OFFENCES OF TAX EVASION; Allegation Of 2016 was swept under the Carpet because he sweet spoke People of Britain by his charms using deceit Diplomacy. The Man Cameron is not as smart as People assumed, cos his Political cajole shank Politicians in Government for the gains. The Justice Pursuit to compel Mr. Cameron is punished severely for Tax Evasion, it is highlighted under the Practice for evasion of Income Tax Section 106A of the Taxes Management Act 1970. The Police Commissioner is a Law Graduate and should not allow himself be brainwashed by any Crown Prosecution, hence the any deterrent to frustrate the Law of Joinders in a Liberal Democracy itself is a Criminal Offence punishable by imprisonment. The Police Commissioner is to seek guidance on what Penalty he must apply to get Mr. Cameron punished for his offences. Mr. Cameron hidden Finance Documentations and Extortion can be exhumed for investigation and possibly he be placed on House Arrest to restrict him concealing evidence relevant for his trials. The Police Commissioner is directed to apply for High Court Confiscation Order for permittal to seal up the entire Premises of Number 10, 11 and 12 Downing Street Government Residence Quarters for Minimum of 28 Days and Maximum 45 days to enable entrapment of evidence relevant to make History that will reshape and rewrite how Parliamentarians shall now govern Great Britain as the Pursuit to now kill Democracy is evidential that our 19th Century Politicians are buttered for Bread hence acting as Cowards will ruin the Future of United Kingdom. The ASSIGNMENT and TASK and EXECUTION of its Justice Protocol Observance as a result of Britain withdrawal from EU Club is enforceable on the Police Commissioner and his Office intervention in and conjoint collaboration with State Security Services to hold United Kingdom on the break to collapse and secure her Sovereignty. Your Office involvement in this Political Cold Wars will turmoil Britain Reconnaissance of reborn to her Self-Governing without outside intervention and in turn assist the Politicians sorts their State of Insanity in deciding outcomes of way forward with our interest on Self-wants. The Task Force must not have undermined all element of Prime Minister Crimes and being ‘knowingly concerned’, for matters of Election Rigging which is why Remain had 48% and Leave had 52 %, fraudulent evasion of income tax and Fraud. The action of your Office with allowing an evidence escape through the radar for the First Time will prove Democratic Government is the most corrupt and as such our Pursuit to awake a New system of Government called Act Of Politics an start invocation while Power is restored back to Monarchy by the Divine Right of the Kings an authority stolen from the Monarchical Throneship after beheading of King Charles I on the 30th January 1649. MR. CAMERON IS ALSO BREACHED COMMUNICATIONS ACT 2003; Another to his array of Criminal Offences; and this is a very serious legislation that has limited over 200 UK Political Parties inability to arise above suppression in recognition compares with old Parties (Conservative Party and Labour Party) deceptively adopted the Communications Act 2003 to keep this Old Parties in Rulership of continue their tenure in Tyranny can continue to restrict the British People Up-Rise Parties and now same Conservative Party is in breached of the Act.

PART THREE — Parliamentarian have confraternised the existence of New Political Parties to arise above the old existing Once through enacting Communications Act 2003 making UK an only two Party Decree. Mr. Cameron punishment ensued for his violation of Communications Act 2003. We call on the Justice System and Parliament to revoke and banned the Communications Acts 2003 in which Conservative Party Members equally breached. COMMUNICATIONS ACT 2003, is a Confraternised Legislation that kills the Wellbeing of Political Parties and Paralysed their Locus Standi. Illustration – Rule 7 of the BCAP Code – Prohibition For Advertiser: (a) Influencing the outcome of elections or referendums, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere; (b) Bringing about changes of the law in the whole or a part of the United Kingdom or elsewhere, or otherwise influencing the legislative process in any country or territory; (c) Influencing the policies or decisions of local, regional or national governments, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere; (d) Influencing the policies or decisions of persons on whom public functions are conferred by or under the law of the United Kingdom or of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom; (e) Influencing the policies or decisions of persons on whom functions are conferred by or under international agreements; (f) Influencing public opinion on a matter which, in the United Kingdom, is a matter of public controversy; (g) promoting the interests of a party or other group of persons organised, in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, for political ends.The Dangerousity of Communications Act 2003 Legislation is why the ruling Government has never faced challenges on their destruction to the People; because the Government operates a Legalised Despotism and the Media are not allowed to broadcast the truth in the radar for avoidance of their License Revocation. EU Referendum: £9m Taxpayer-Funded Publicity Blitz Pushes Case To Remain – Header liner Published by Guardian News Papers Thursday 7 April 2016 07.14 BST. Every household in England receive a glossy 14-Page Booklet through their letterbox for the Case for Britain to remain in the European Union, this automatically is a Criminal |Offence because he influenced Legislation that automatically means Mr. Cameron rigged the Election because of Power intoxicated and assumed he is above the Law. MR. CAMERON EMBEZZLEMENT OF £9,000,000.00 to campaign Britain Remained in EU and Print Flyers and now that his illogical views failed, he has indebted the Tax Payers Coffers, therefore we Mr. Cameron influenced Legislation and funded his Conservation Party Agency with Tax Payers Money. The Commonwealth Liberation Party demands the Money be paid back into the Treasury either by Mr. Cameron himself or his Conservative Party. He has campaigned in the Banner of the Government whereas in decoy, it was a Conservative Party Campaign Propaganda. The Office of the Police Commissioner is requested to recover this Money back and pursue it remittance or failure, Mr. Cameron should consider receiving additional 6 years in Prison sentence. Punishment of guilt and penalty administered must be executed under the Fraud Act 200, Section 7 Chapter 2(b) for conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for Term not exceeding 10 years and we are demanding on behalf of Great People of Britain, that the State Prosecution to seek 6 years Prison Sentence to teach Mr. Cameron and Parliamentarian a lesson as payback for Justice for King Charles. We cannot blind the People, deny them Eyesight; the vague is a cartelistic flaw because illiterates now govern Britain, and this insanity of Men dangerousity to Human Race will not grow their Gem in Place of great Eye Men in which I am the Headship of 21st Century Total Transformation and my silent will bring Jeopardy, denying Humans Protection and Security the values I so believed must be defended till my death, so I will not compromise Truth for Corruption, and playing in my field is a bomb of Truth. THE MONARCHY AND PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN WILL AGREE THIS IS THE ONLY RESOLUTION TO RIPEN THE FRUIT OF JUSTICE DENIED OF KING CHARLES I.


PART ONE — 19th July 201 Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner Of Police, New Scotland Yard, Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG Immigration MERCENARIES IN A COVERT OPERATIONS TO SILENT THE VOICE OF PROFESSOR ALEXIA THOMAS ON FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF FRAUD Mr. Police Commissioner, my Name has been released by Staff of the Metropolitan Police to the News Media as Caption 10 most wanted alleged UK Con Artists, it sadness me that such inappropriate behaviour of your Officers show that your Officer who ever they are have brought disreputation to the Police Institution. As a Chairman and Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party gives me autonomous Powers to care for the People Of Commonwealth who Conservative Government have used contagious Legislative Law Brutality to destroy their Future. The Metropolitan Police cannot deny they do not know of my Justice Pursuit, but because all Police Officers equally suffer from Race Inferiority it is now obvious the Police Allegation of fraud against me is all premediated decoy by PM Theresa May’s puppet paid to exploit and falsely use the British Media to bring me down. Mr. Police Commissioner, Hear Me In The Loudness Of My Voice, I Will Stand, I Will Win, I Will Defeat Theresa May And Not In My Living Will Mrs. Theresa May Be Allowed To Destroy United Kingdom Greatness. ON BEHALF OF THE MONARCH AS AN INSTITUTION AND REAWAKENING ENFORCEMENT OF LAW OF MAGNA CARTA; Unequivocally Freedom Hailing British Peoples’ Sovereignty, The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Moves A Vote Of No Confidence For Theresa May’s Appointment On Reasons That Conservative Party Leader Is Appointed By Rogue Politics. available on our Party Server I must say, I am appalled that this insane Woman could be allowed the Position of a Prime Minister because I have seen her Video where she threatened Police Officers, if they fail to work she will work them down using Legislative Confraternity. Mr. Police Commissioner, your Officers should stay of me. Theresa May is a Woman and I am above her and because I am the Chairman Of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, she should know I am Supreme as my Stand to Liberate my Commonwealth Nations cannot be stopped. Mr. Police Commissioner, I expect your Officers to get serious Education by overhauling your whole Institutions because my Only One Duty is to put an end to Theresa May Prime Minister Appointment she attained by Rogue Politics. I am a Leader of the Opposition Party and it is Time the Ruling Conservative Government though they will collapse very soon and Agencies of Government must recognise our Existence as a Party who Electoral Commission registered as a UK Political Party, so we not different from Conservative or Labour Party. You can access the Electoral Commission Official Website - Theresa May Government must collapse for the People of United Kingdom not to be destroyed in the 3rd World War against Russia and equally her Shank Advisers will be debugged and shamed out of 10 Downing Street. If Mrs. May thinks I am a Black Woman, so my Message to her is I am not but a Genius with Prodigies and my Acumen is Open – UNVEILING OF PROFESSOR ALEXIA THOMAS PERSONAL OFFICIAL WEBSITE – Read About My Prodigies – Share this Link To All.Mrs. Theresa May sent her Immigration Mercenaries to vandalise my Reputation as Wholly and Truly she is below me in Education and for that reason, I have called for a Vote of No Confidence against her on the 12th Of July 2016 available on my Party Website for this reason she believes her Sham State Mercenaries will put me down. The Metropolitan Police for pronouncing me Wanted should Hide their Faces in the Mud. This is a Shame on the Police as an Association, so the Police cannot claim I am wanted. First and foremost, my Photograph shown on the News Media is stolen by Immigration Mercenaries from the Home Office archive. In January of 2006, I claimed Asylum in pretence just to understand the hidden Operations of UK Border Agency, so I supplied the Photograph of myself, ex-husband and Children to the Home Office at 40 Lunar House and it was not return to me because they promised it will not be disclosed under the Data Protection Act 1998. I am surprised that my Photograph shown on the Media is over 10 years, and this is 2016, so Immigration Mercenaries are in a Conspiracy with Metropolitan Police Officers, so know my current Identity but choose to mislead Members of the Public. This actually shows their motives are not genuine

PART TWO — Mr. Police Commissioner, Why then did the Metropolitan Police Use a Photograph I have disclaimed? This is evidential Theresa May is behind this Scam of being Wanted to rob me of my Integrity. I withdrew my Asylum Application in 2006, having realised Home Office was Operating a Scam in which Commonwealth Citizens Monies are taken in the ranges £500 to £3500, yet Theresa May’s Office steal from them in the Banner of Government and would not give them a Common Piece of Paper just to intentionally make Home Office Bosses prosper in the Blood and Sorrows of my Commonwealth People. So my Government resolute to champion the Demolition of Detention Centres and Closures of Immigration Concentration Camps all over the United Kingdom and demand Conservative Ruling Government to return my People of Commonwealth lockup like Animal in Immigration Camps in Europe. Theresa May’s Government is in connivance with Angela Merkel’s German Government to have Commonwealth Citizens maliciously taken out of the United Kingdom under various malicious Schemes of Covert Operations. Mr. Police Commissioner, you must send my message to Mrs. May that she is under a mandate to release every Commonwealth Detainees within the next 21 Days from Europe Cell to their Colonial Land of Great Britain where they first seek Refugee Status. Enough is Enough.In 2010 Mrs. Theresa May sent Becket Immigration Mercenaries headed by Chief Immigration Officer Mr. Alexia Jay and his junior Mr. Douglas Chadwick in a Covert Operation acting as Immigration Bounty Hunters to Terrorise me. Mr. Police Commissioner, I am a British Citizen since the 12th of January 2015, and not a Nigerian but got my Citizenship through the UK Magistrates Court, so Theresa May and her Immigration Mercenaries cannot take me on a Combat. I was assaulted by Douglas Chadwick in 2008, and this incident was Recorded by Greenwich Metropolitan Police with Crime Reference. Immigration Mercenaries in deceit to have me falsely arrested and false charges to be indicted on me, shop around from Police Officers to Police Officers using Lewisham Police, Plumstead Police, Catford Police, Greenwich Police and Bexley Police but I was untouchable because my Knowledge Educate the Police the Mythology they Lack. Immigration Mercenaries in Becket House stole my file from Home Office Armadas building with my Photographs which they said will be kept in the Home Office Archived under the Data Protection Act and their Possession of my 2006 Photograph Splash in the Media calling be a Fraud is to maliciously brainwash all Police Officers in the UK who buys into the Covert Operations that I am illegal and a Nigerian. It is not Clear why 2006 Photograph is being Splash on British Media when the Mercenaries are in possession of my 2015 Photographs sent to Home Office Data Entry Department to update their System of my Current Status as British. The Only reason I renounce my Nigerian Nationality for British Citizenship is to have Equal Authority to recouped the Justice desired for the People of Commonwealth Free Border Entry to the UK, in my demand as the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party – Nationality is simply Stigmatisation of Limitation so it will be Prohibited in 21st Century Politics. Mr. Police Commissioner, everybody knows about me and the Values and Integrity I stand for, so your Officers being bribed and coerced to discredit my Reputation is upsurge, so I am demanding an Immediate Apology directly from your Office to be personally signed by you. Mr. Police Commissioner, the Officers behind this Scandalous accusation of my Person must be sacked from their Job without any compromise. They have errored their investigation so the Officers equally must apologise to me through the Media. This is because my Government will not entertain this Insanity of Police Recklessness in a System where Injustice is Chartered as a I am the Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party so your Officers should know I am above them, only subject to their Authority if I am faulted to Abuse Legislation, but because I am equally a Law Reformist, then it is against my Ordinance and forbidden to abuse my Office as the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party which I submitted to serve the People and Citizens of Great Britain in Sincerity and Truth. As the Leader of my Party, I am serving the People of United Kingdom through amass wealth of knowledge I possessed as the Greatest Philosopher of the 21st Century to bring Civilised Mind to reality. If UK have any Philosophers or Outside Borders, please call them out to challenge me but before they get disgrace direct them to my link . Mr. Police Commissioner, the Immigration Mercenaries are Bandits because they as Paramilitary Officers with the Sole Objective to Slaughter the Welfare and Wellbeing of Black and Coloured People. In my previous letter to you regarding Cases of Homicide of Commonwealth Citizens buried in Secret Graves, you are a Law Graduate so visit my letter dated on the 26th February 2016, available on my Party Server.

PART THREE — I am in quest for Justice to bring to Immigration Mercenaries to book for killings of Commonwealth Citizens buried in Secret Graves, hence Justice for my People is demandable, then your Office should know that no Covert Operation will be effective as I will come against any Police Officer as a Party Leader, so I advise you Caution your Officers to stay away from my Boundaries. Mr. Police Commissioner, your Officers were bribed to deform my Character, I advise you read more about me from my Personal Official Website Reading about me is to give you insight of Who I Am. Mr. Police Commissioner, You Must Educate Your Men Not To Attempt Such Rogue Assassination On My Character As This Is Just Another Political Propaganda From Conservative Party. It Will Not Work This Time, Because My Commonwealth People Are Educated Enough And I Have Drawn All Their Blind Eyes Into The British Politics. The Ruling Government Must Be Ready To Behave Herself Or The Uprise For Freedom Against Injustice Will Stand As My People Virtues Will Not Be Compromised. As the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, I will continue to serve the People of Great Britain and her Commonwealth Nations as the Name signify. Mr. Police Commissioner, you are under adherence to inform Mrs. Theresa May she cannot question my Authority as we all have same Powers. She is the Leader of Conservative Party and I am the Leader Of The Commonwealth Liberation Party.Mr. Police Commissioner, your office in the next 48 Hours on receipt of this Letter is under a Mandate to take down accusations of Fraud against my Name in the Media as Theresa May cannot use Junta Politics to play deceit Diplomacy. Mr. Police Commissioner, I equally will be sending a Strong Message To The Media For Their Abuse Of Ethics. Your Officers Using Covert Operation Is A Shame On You And The Police Institution And Federation. Call On You Again To Terminate The Appointment Of All Officers Involved In The Political Heist With Sole Motive To Assassinate Me. Mr. Police Commissioner your Officers from Today Henceforth must use their Common Sense and not Chase People for reasons of their Colour, know today there are white Spirit disguised as Black People. This must not happen again as it is Mockery to 21st Century British Civilisation. My Government mandate to Move A Vote Of No Confidence on Theresa May still stand. I need no invitation from any of her Ministers as I will only work with a New Elected Democratic Government because I do not recognise her Prime Ministership obtained by Rogue Politics. Mr. Police Commissioner, my Pen will seize now as the Hot Hours are coming against every British Rogue Politicians especially those that signed up British Land to German Government to lock up Commonwealth Citizens and bury them in a No Man’s Grave denying their families access to their bodies and failing to inform them. Truth is Truth so no body from Today should undermine my Words as an Oracle and my words are Alive. The Allegation of Fraud Story must be taken down from all Media website and Links immediately. I demand Apology and serious Compensation for damages done to my Reputation. My Pronouncement to People of Great Britain is Theresa May’s Government must be disband because she operates a Sham Government using Legislative Confraternity and Mercenaries to kill Coloured People and for the first ever a Voice is Speaking. She may mess about with other People in Government and her Puppets but not with me. Theresa May’s Conservative Party agreed with the Germans to lock up Commonwealth Citizens in Immigration Camps in London, Scotland, Wales and Ireland inclusive with moving them to Europe out of Britain’s shores like Animals in various Schemes of Covert Operations, Shame! Shame!! Shame!. Conservative Ruling Government are Political Gangsters, which is the reason they are in violation of UDHR 1948 Treaty enforcing the acceptance of ECHR 1950 cloned from UDHR 1948. This Letter is Unveiled on our Party Server so that the People of United Kingdom and Commonwealth will have access to Download and Read this Notice to your Office at:


PART ONE — Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas exposed the British Government (Conservative Party) False Criminalisation Of The Commonwealth Citizens, Human Rights Violation And Hate Crime Coercion And Brutality. The Circular Reads —“The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Pronounces this Declaration on the 19th Day of January 2016 at 8.30pm as an Opposition Government, that in Truth and in Sincerity that we are unable to cover up for the Conservative Ruling Party Government secrecy of intention to declare War of Destruction against the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens”. We The Commonwealth Liberation party (TCLP) declared before the People Of United Kingdom and the World at large that the Ruling Government is running a Fascist Style of Government and their decoyed Agenda is to destroy the Nations of Commonwealth. Mr. Cameron, Who Do You Think You Are And What Is Your Background That You Can Audaciously Allow The Destruction Of The Commonwealth Citizens To Continue Till This Very Minute. How Can We Lead In Blindness And Deafness When Power A Failure Of Indecency Will Not Allow You To Use Your Common Sense? I shall not continue to repeat myself, but will broaden my conversation to address matters your mind finds derogatory and this will not go away because you are mocking Humanity and shaming yourself for these reasons, you have brought disgrace upon the United Kingdom for failing to observe the Truth that Political Mythology was omitted from your Syllabus as a Political Science Student. Prime Minister David Cameron, If Common Sense Is Still Failing You, I Call You To Look Deeper In The Reflection Of Yourself, That Justice The Will Of Commonwealth Citizens’ Freedom Cannot Be Robbed Of Them. No Man Has The Right To Deny Another Man His Free Will Liberty To Be Free. No Man Has The Power To Use Legislative Confraternity To Destroy The Race Of Life, So You Will Agree With Me There Is No Smoke Without Fire. I Strongly Advise You To Stop The Deportation Of The Commonwealth Citizens On A Chartered Flight For The 26th And 27th January 2016, If Not The Wrath Of Justice Will Stand Against You For Coming Against The British Empire Core Values Whose Inheritance Of Commonwealth Nations Is The Reason Of Existence. It saddens me that Labour Party is failing to defend the values of the Commonwealth People because genuinely and sincerely the White Race still hate the sights of the Black Race, but allowed them to flood Britain to work as Labourers.

PART TWO —The Flight For The 26th January Must Not Depart From The UK, So I Request You Tell Your Secretary Of State And Immigration Minister To Cancel Titan Airline Chartered Flight Arrangement. I am willing to evacuate Four (4) Million Coloured People from the UK in the most decent way and not breaching Treaty of Article 9 of UDHR 1948 which currently proves your Government and Style of Leadership is Outlaw Bandit. Commonwealth Citizens Have Been Dishonoured By Your Government And Since You Know Not Their Values, My Government The TCLP Will See No Coloured People Slaved Anymore. Mr. Cameron, Trust Me, You Will Beg To See A Blackman Visit The UK Because Your Disdain Knowingly, Wilfully And Premeditatedly Refused To Enforce The Commonwealth Nations Government Pay Their Citizens Social Security Just As The British People Are In Receipt. Mr. Cameron, This Decoy Is Overlooked By Your Government A Fascist Movement. Conservative Party Is A Fascist Movement, So You Can Benefit In A Conventional Slavery Of The Black Race Continual Movement To The Britain, Mr. Cameron, You Decide The Bulk Of Migrants You Need And Throw Back The Human Excess Back To Their Countries. Instead Of Promising To Build Them A Social Welfare Scheme, You Pledged To Build Them Prisons In Your Destructive Mind Eccentrism. Mr. Cameron, You Need And Must Check Yourself As Your Dangerousity Will Make United Kingdom Wreck In Poverty. Your Mind Thinks of No Redress But Destructions! The Coloured People Are Prides, But Because The UK Still Needs Conventional Slaves In A Conventional Deceit Diplomacy, You Deny Their Government Civilisation Through Enforcing Them To Use Constitution When UK Do Not Use Constitution. The TCLP Is Willing To Swiftly Relocate The Coloured People Back To Their Countries Of Sunshine, So They Can Appreciate Their Race As A People. The Commonwealth Regeneration Brigadier Scheme Will Be Use By The ‘TCLP’ To Evacuate The Commonwealth Citizens From The UK Back To Their Countries For Nation Building Rather Than Your Government Continuing Disgrace Their Existence.

PART THREE — Commonwealth Citizens Sacrification Prey, The Faith Of The Jews Massacred By The Nazis Is Beginning To Unfold For The Citizens From Commonwealth Nations, As Gradually They Are Being Hunted For Their Vulnerability, Charged For Offences Not Committed By Them, Sentenced To Prison For An Unjust Penalty, Killed Silently For The Offences Of The Children Of Anomalies, Made To Work Tirelessly, Made To Work With No Hope Of Ever Claiming Their Benefits, Made Redundant In A Country They Only Visited As Labourers And With No Option Of Passport Or A Pass Issued To Them, They Have No Hope Of Ever Seeing Their Beloved Country. Sacred Layers Of Commonwealth Citizens Destruction. — Those With No Papers Are Returned To Their Countries. Those With Papers Are Not Allowed To Renew Their Visas. Those With Residence Status, Their Papers Are Revoked. The Plot For Mass Deportation. The Plot To Set Up Bigger Camps To House Them. The Plot To Kill Them Silently, If They Show Resistance. The Plot To Wipe Out All Their Generation. Mr. Cameron, your Government has brought so much insecurity to the Nation of Britain. Every one fears terror attack unconscious delusion which is for real as you firstly attacked Nations who choose not to be bothered and you believe there will be no revenge. United Kingdom Needs Peace And You Cannot Continue To Lead The People Of Commonwealth With Terror Justice. Commonwealth Citizens Deportation Must Not Proceed As This Action Is Not Britain’s Will But Conservative Government’s Will To Destroy A Slaved Continent Your Nation Tilled Their Wealth Of Greatness From. Mr. Cameron, Your Government Denies The Commonwealth Nations Their Resources Of Mother Land In Which Their Economy Drained Continuously As You Forced Them To Sell To Britain The Petroleum And Gas Meant For Their Development. Mr. Cameron, in your Deceit, you continue to Print your Pieces of Paper Money you Pay their Government in Reward, these reasons the Nations of Commonwealth has (i) Wrecked in Poverty, (ii) Seen No Civilisation, (iii) Dies In The French Sea, in their Quest for Survival as result of denying their Rights to Travel using Immigration Legislative Confraternity Sham Laws debarring their Humans Rights. Mr. Cameron, You Must Cancel The Chartered Flight For This Month And Never Again To Allow Such Occur, If You Are A Genuine British, Actions Expected Of You Is Not A Must But A Mandate Or Else The Commonwealth Citizens Uprise Will Stand For Itself. Mr. Cameron, You Must Stop The Deportation Of The Commonwealth Citizens Or Else Failure Will Bring Fatal Retribution As Your Citizens Are Equally Settled In The Commonwealth Nations, So Denial Is Not An Option. This Press Statement Mandate Is Made Available On Our Server So The People Of Great Britain Be Aware Of Our Position On Matters Of Deliberate Harm To The People Of Commonwealth. Mr. Cameron, Register The Quote: Party Bureaucracy To Segregate Persons By Race, Colour, Language Or Religion Is An Obscenity, Shame It Out! — By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

PART FOUR — On this account, the Conservative Party Ruling Government Policies are Contagious as the Health Industry to deny Commonwealth Citizens Treatment and Medical Care shows the British People have gone Mad as you have continually poisoned their Minds against the People of the Commonwealth, whose existence is their breath. Mr. Cameron Because Of The Illegal Actions Of Your Mercenaries, You Have Legalised Injustice As A Law So The Voice Of Justice Is Silent Mr. Cameron, The Commonwealth Citizens Are Dying Secretly In Their Homes As You Have Denied Them Access To Medical Treatment, So They No Longer Attend Hospitals Since You Have Brainwashed The NHS Doctors And Nurses To Call The Bounty Hunters On Them When They Come To The Hospitals In Their Most Deteriorated Conditions. Mr. Cameron, The British Empire Exploit The Commonwealth Governments Trade And Investment Inheritance And You Reward Them With Monetary Loans, Only If They Know Your Monies Are Just Pieces Of Paper From The Printing Machines Not Worthy For Human Sacrification But Lust In Their Fantasies. Mr. Cameron, In Decoy Agenda, Your Politics Destroy The Commonwealth Citizens But Their Government Lack Of Education Denies Them The Consciousness To Protect Their Citizens. Mr. Cameron, Your Mercinaries At Your Command Have Continually Killed And Still Not Account For These Death Tolls Since 1965 To 2015 Accrued By Immigration Sham Legislative Confraternity. Mr. Cameron, Your Mercenaries Continue To Kidnap Commonwealth Citizens At The Bus Stations, Train Stations, In Their Houses, On The Street And Humanely Treated Like Criminals And Even Handcuffed To The Hospitals From Their Concentration Camps When They Need Medical Attention. Mr. Cameron, Your Conscience Knows The Commonwealth Citizens Are Not Criminals Rather Your Government Is, As You Audaciously Brand Them The Enemies Of Great Britain.

PART FIVE — British People Have Been Brainwashed By You, Just The Way Mr. Hitler Brainwashed Germans To Welcome His Regime And By The Time They Knew It, They Swam In Their Own Destruction. Mr. Cameron, Is Still Not Clear Why Angela Merkel The German Chancellor Is Still Brandishing The Hitler And Nazis Style Of Government And You Accept Her Ill Policies, Accept Her Deceit Diplomacy At The Point Of Destroying Commonwealth Nations. Mr. Cameron, The Jews Died Foolishly Because They Failed To Resist The Destruction Of The Germans Hate Crimes Against Them. The Commonwealth Nations Are Not As Smart As The Israelites, But I Tell You Toady, They Are Protected By The Spirit From The British King Thrones And Their Elimination In Generality Is An Impossibility. Your Party Destruction Upon Them Must Be Stopped Or Else You Will Destroy Yourself And Your Party. You Have Buried The Uprise Of Many Political Parties Using Confraternity Legislative Bill. You Signed The Communications Act 2003 As A Law, So No New Party In United Kingdom Can Grow Even With Electoral Commission Registering Over 200 Political Parties, No One Hears Of Them. Mr. Cameron, I Strongly Advise You To Abolish The Communications Act 2003, So The British People Have The Opportunity To Know Other Political Rivals With Principles And Better Agendas For Great Britain, But Instead Conservative Party Has No Rivals, But Competing With Only 3 Or 4 Known Parties. So Your Government Continued Their Illicit Destruction On A People Of Coloured, So You Are An Outlaw Bandit. Mr. Cameron your Ministers, Home Office, Employees and contracted Agencies have continually committed Heinous Crimes against the Citizens of Commonwealth, previously known as British Citizens, but in your devaluation of the Black Race and Coloured People, you stigmatised them to downgrade their Civilisation in decoyed you still exploit their Human Resources. Justice Must Be Served As Injustice Is Punishable, But Your Government Eradication Of Private Prosecution Enforcing The Legislation Of The Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) Upon The People Of United Kingdom Has Continually Led To The Destruction Of The British People Themselves. The CPS As A State Service Weaken Legislative Powers And This Is The Reason Destruction On Humanity Goes Unchecked, If Not Most Of Your Bounty Hunters (Immigration Officers Killing Squad) Should Be In Jail ‘En Masse’ For The Ferocious Atrocities Of Homicide They Have Committed Against The Commonwealth Citizens In Your Name.

PART SIX — Mr. Cameron, I draw you to the Legislation of Section 6(2) of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, this enactment simply gives the State Powers to only Prosecute Cases. Also Section 23(3) of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, Cases prosecuted by the State can be dropped with no accountability so the State is allowed to drop charges even in disguise. Mr. Cameron, Your Government Confraternity Has Limited The Court Powers Of Independency Of Justice. All This Sham Legislation Must Be Abolished As The State Being The Only Powers To Prosecute Cases Simple Means We Are Not Practising Democracy In Britain But Instead Practising Autocratic Government Of Legalised Despotism. My Pen Will Brake Now, As The Hot Hours Are Coming Against You Or The End Of Your Regime Will Be Exactly Like Mr. Hitler Whose Style Of Regime You Now Exemplified In Governance. Know Now Britain Is Not Your Father’s Vine Yard. Mr. Cameron, You Must Stop The Chartered Flight Scheduled For January As For The Commonwealth Nations Government, They Lack The Education, Hence You Are Their Master, Then You Are My Priority As An Educationist, I Teach The Reinstatement Of Mind Disability Correctiveness, So You Will Be A Better Role Model For Them To Exemplify. Mr. Cameron, I Professor Alexia Thomas is watching you and I know my Pen ponders your conscience, yet daring the wrath of my challenges, well I am not alone as in the name of the Kings Thrones, We The Commonwealth Liberation Party Justice will stand. The birth of The Commonwealth Liberation Party is the Enforcement of the Rule of Law Centered at the controllable state of Queen Elizabeth I, of the 15th Century of Great Britain. The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) is a Circuit Link Heritage of the Queen Elizabeth I, ideological rebirth in finding a lasting solution of the problems of Commonwealth Nations amidst their Sovereignty in compliance with a Free Commonwealth Governments in Dignity of their Citizens and Enforcement of the Bill of Citizens Equality Rights where Government provides for their Citizens in generality. My Time will not be wasted but my Teaching are heavily merited as my assignment you may quest the Mystery of the TCLP. I advise you reform yourself and abolish Human Destruction Policies. Mr. Cameron, The Detention Centre Must Be Abolished And The Commonwealth Citizens At The Immigration Concentration Camps Must Be Freed, If Not Be Ready To Be An Island Of Your Own As The Powers That Be Which Hold The Values Of United Kingdom Will Abort Your Leadership And The Heat Will Lead To Monarchical Power Re-Instalment And Parliament Abolishment. Tyranny Of Government Is Their Disability Of The Mind, Mediocrity And Of Illusional Hypocrisy. — By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas. CONCLUSION: The Conservative Party Government have lost their Political Mythology which is evidential through their initiating Hate Crime Laws to destroy the Ancestry Bond between the British Empire and her Commonwealth Nations. Until these matters are resolved, we are at Educational War of Correctiveness with the Conservative Ruling Party Government as through their trait of Tyranny to run the British Empire as their Fathers Vineyard. We revolt and exposes their lust concept as delusional Ideologies and Reasoning.