Evidence Queen Elizabeth I, Is Reborn And Her Spirit Lives In The Body Of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas.

She Pronounces To Reshape And Take Back The Glory Of Her Kingdom again To Prepare the Land for Resurrection of All Dead Kings And Queens Of England Whose Seed are Scattered everywhere to be re-born by Sons Of Men to correct 21st Century British Parliamentarian Insanity to run her Kingdom like Muller’s and Fullers, turning Her Ordinance Statue into a Political Joystick.

QUEEN ELIZABETH I, VOICE WHALES AS SHE SPEAKS: The British People Why Have You Brought Disgrace and Destruction Upon My Kingdom and My Commonwealth Her Voice Echoes.

  • 24th March 1603
    Queen Elizabeth I

    Queen Elizabeth I, died on the 24th March 1603.The Greatest Monarch who single handedly ruled Great Britain without Parliament and sent Sailors to discovered the Commonwealth Nations to bring Civilization to Nations of Commonwealth who she felt God denied them knowledge. Her love for Nations of Commonwealth made her enshrined their Existence in her Reign. She is the Mother of Commonwealth, endowed with so much Wisdom, died a Barren and could not produce an Heir to the Throneship of England. The Secret of her Amass Knowledge to protect the World from her own destruction to Teach Love and shrined Justice and Equality was taken to the Grave. There were Successors who sat on the Throne shortly King Charles I, Reigned. The British Rebels refused to accept King Charles I, a Successor and rebelled to over throw his Kingship. The demise of King Charles I, led Sons of Britain refusing to return Home and from their Protectorate Colonies of America, Canada and Australia. Queen Elizabeth I is re-born to bring back Home the Sons of Britain by abolishing their Sovereignty enacted through Democracy, unjust Destructive System of Government and Create the Amalgamation of Britain, America, Canada and Australia while it shall be a Protectorate of United Kingdom again.

  • 2nd June 1953
    Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth II, was coronated on 2nd June 1953, which is 500 Years after the First Queen to bear Elizabeth died. The Queen Year of death is 1603 and the Second Queen on the Throne was corronated in 1953. The Mystic reveals it significance but Man is too blind to see. Queen Elizabeth II, was not supposed to be the Heir to the Throne of England, but her Uncle Edward VIII, feared that the Germans will defeat United Kingdom in the 2nd World War, so he denounced his Throneship and chose his Mistress over his Kingdom an American divorcee Ms. Wallis Simpson. Edward VIII rejection to continue the Royal succession after the death of his father King George V, led to his younger brother George VI, father to Queen Elizabeth II, accepted the Kingship Throne. The death of George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II, gave her the Task to hold a Kingdom at the advent of destruction because the last Monarch who had dominance and ruled without Parliament, Queen Elizabeth I died a Barren, hence not able to produce an Heir to the Throne, King Charles I occupied the Throne and got headed by bandit Oliver Crowmwell and gave themselves a Government of their own called Democracy. Queen Elizabeth I, death led to the Collapse of Monarchy Powers as Institution.

  • 2nd March 1973
    Elizabeth Ihenyen

    Born Elizabeth Ihenyen on the 2nd March 1973. She changed her Name through Deed Pool to Alexia Thomas after separation from her Ex-Husband as a result of his infidelity. She sworn never to remarry as she will not subject to any Man’s Authority as Service to her Commonwealth is first. She is known as Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas, is the re-born of Queen Elizabeth I, reincarnated in the Continent of African in disguised as a Black Woman and named at birth as Elizabeth Ihenyen. The God of Life allowed Queen Elizabeth I, a Second Life as enshrined in the British Rituals Book the Rise of the Kings. She visited earth again in the 19th Century for 21st Century Transformation to use her Solomonic Wisdom to reshape Great Britain on the verge of destroying herself, whose Faith has faced Wars from Europe hunt to take British Land. Queen Elizabeth I, as an Ancestral Spirit realized her British Land had harbored Bastards and Children of Anomalies who want to destroy her Nation. She was reborn again to Save the Enclave of Universe whose Kings and Queens will all be re-born to stop the World destruction as the Sons of America will destroy the World. Queen Elizabeth II, is not capable as she lacks the Wisdom of the Kings and Hence do not know the Rituals of the Thrones denied of Her by the Legislation of Act of Parliament, so she lacks the Parlance of British Heritage only travel to the Light History she received through Education at Home

  • 24th June 2016
    Ex-PM David Cameron

    David Cameron resigned as the Prime Minister on the 24/06/2016 appointed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Mr. Cameron was equally possessed by the Arcus Poison the Spirit of Death which is the reason he enshrined Despotic Laws during his Reign so the Ancestors of Great Britain cursed him. So Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas pronounced the mandate that his Government must dissolved and disband and his Conservative Party shall have no Peace until they destroy themselves, Collapse, Abolished and be disband. This happened as she predicted telling him to vacate Office unfailing 24/04/2016 and he vacated as pronounced 24/06/2016.

  • 2nd June 2014
    Marvin Nelson

    Marvin Nelson is the 6th Child of Prof. Alexia Thomas born on the 2nd June 2014 at St. Thomas Hospital. Marvin’s Pregnancy was conceived without Sexual Intercourse. Marvin Nelson ‘Day and Month’ of Birth is same Date and Month Queen Elizabeth Birth II was coronated to the Throne of United Kingdom. Prof. Alexia Thomas after regaining her Freedom from 18 Months Prison Incarceration as Revolutionary in May 2012 and desperately in need of a Child to prove to the World irrespective of being a Victim of Legalised Despotism and after 4 Years of being Separated from Ex-Husband Who Fathered her 4 Daughters, so while still in Prison before her Freedom, she omen a Fruit of the Womb as a Divine Power to be Ever-Green will be a Secrecy to reclaim her Glory and Greatness. In May 2012 Prof. Alexia Thomas met her New Partner in a Cherubim Church, having had 3 miscarriages for him, in October 2012, Prof. Alexia Thomas (Mother Marvin) had a dream she conceived and gave birth to a Male Child and was told his Name will be named Marvin. In January of 2013 she informed her Partner her decision to abstained from Sex and they must have no Sexual intercourse for 3 Months to enable her observe Holiness as A Saint for her quest for Power to take back her Stardom denied of her by False Imprisonment of Legalised Despotism and for her Reward of Greatness, Money, Power and Fame. He respected her Will and after 3 months only to be told by the Doctor after another 2 Months she was 5 Months Pregnant. Marvin’s Father recalled her Memory of the Mystery Dream, Birth of the Misery Child and his Mystery Name, so he was named Marvin Nelson. Baby Marvin is exhibiting his Trait as Genius and Mythological Characteristics like his Mother. Prof. Alexia Thomas pronounced while preparing her Departure in her Living that her Son Marvin Nelson is one of the England Dead Kings Reincarnated by Birth through her the Reason she had conceived him by Mystery without Sexual Intercourse.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas born to the Continent of Africa as Elizabeth Ihenyen. She pronounces she is a White Spirit disguised as Black Woman. — She Quotes: “The Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I, lives in me, so do not question my Myth or else you will continuously be hunted in your Dreams as I am a Living Oracle. MY WORDS ARE ALIVE”. She confirms she is an an Ancient Spirit of the Great Kingdom of Britain as from the Voices of the Dead Kings and their Spirits in which their bodies are laid to rest in the Westminster Abbey and Cathedrals all over Britain. I have been asked to reclaim their glories back and reinstate their Great Kingdom and clear the Name of King Charles I and reinstate the Divine Rights of the King. So, no one can come against me. I will only die when my Mission on Earth is Finished. The British Kingdom Dead Kings and Queens will Rise and be born again. — She Quotes: “I am preparing the Kingdom for Service so the Land can receive the Myth of the Kings to be reborn as Sons of Men to save the World in generality and save Germans from their own destruction as since their land is infiltrated with Curse. I may be able to help the Germans cleans their Land before my Death only if the Angel of Hope inform the Wise Ones of in the German Land of my existence”.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas affirm the British Rituals of why Kings and Queens are buried indoors and not in the Open Cemetery. I will Educate you, it is simply because their Spirit will Rise again and be reborn for their continuity of a Second Life, to continue protecting their Children and Kingdom, for this reason, we call them Ancestors. The Americans are on the verge of destroying themselves and the World, for that reason the God of Universe has given all the Dead Kings of Queen after 10,000 BC to return back to and as restore Wisdom upon the People. In My Preparation For The Spirit Of The Kings To Be Reborn By Sons Of Men, My Government Cannot Watch Great Britain Dishonoured, So Mrs. Angela Merkel Must Be Stopped Form Intruding In To Britain’s Privacy And Land So Her Puppet Mrs. Theresa May Not To Run The Great Kingdom Of Britain Founded By The Aristocrats And Knights As Patent Republic. She pronounces that The Great Kingdom of Britain’s is the Supreme World Power of the Earth, endowed to Unify the World gave birth to Colony and her Commonwealth through enclave of the Wisdom of the Myth of Queen Elizabeth I, reborn in Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas. — Queen Elizabeth I, of the 15th Century who died 24th March 1603, Is Reborn And Her Spirit Lives In The Body Of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas born 2nd March 1973. She Pronounces To Reshape And Take Back The Glory Of Her Kingdom again To Prepare the Land for Resurrection of All Dead Kings And Queens Of England Whose Seeds are Scattered everywhere to be re-born by Sons Of Men to correct 21st Century British Parliamentarian Insanity to run her Kingdom like Muller’s and Fullers, turning Her Ordinance Statue into a Political Joystick. Her 21st Century Mandate she pronounces ‘Justice will Serve for the People of Commonwealth is a Mandate, because the Spirit Have Risen from the Graves to Earth, so is not clear why Men whose Bodies are not an Armor to Decay into Dust will fear no Retribution’.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Mind Archaeology was born, like a fairy too fake to be real, she had dream in August 1995, late Bob Marley with wife Rita and their children paid her a visit in her one room apartment in Ilogbo, Okokomaiko-Lagos. In her dream, she questioned the fact why the dead were paying her a visit. In her dream, she was sleeping while her guest arrived as she woke up in her dream sleep to receive her guest, she woke up in reality and realised it was a dream. Ever since that night, her generic being as a genius was born. She has powers to do everything through her mind apart from waking up the dead. For the first time in 1995 her School of Taught was born “The Mind Science Regression”. Her ability to travel back to time using the focus of Natural Mystic, as a result, her pen has been her sword. She writes the write, craft the craft, draft the draft and as an idealist her redemption is the world free of Human Torture and Life Equality between the rich and poor. At age 26, her phenomenon gift of mind science healing began. She realised she could heal the sick from the mysterious sickness. She could heal stroke patients. Her gift advanced to Hybrid Psychic. She sees you deeper than a mere two eyes. She could see individual beings in the spirit and in the physical. She performed numerous healings. In 1995 she was confronted with a major task of delivering a female diagnosed with HIV. She delivered the female using her mystical doctrine but sadly in payback she lost her two months pregnancy because of her failure to comply with the doctrine ethics hence non-compliance practise. She delivered her chairman Dr Ola Oki from his stroke in the year 2000 which paralysed his entire body. Prof. Thomas finally abandoned her mind science healing till she is 57 years old in 2040, but on special invitation by close friends and associates, she still exercises the use of her gift of mind science healing.


PM DAVID CAMERON GOVERNMENT WILL DISBAND; Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas’ announcement on 6th of January 2016 and officially released to the Media Press 12th January 2016 as a proclamation that Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron’ Government would be aborted, many received the awakening news with different perceptions but the fierce Chairman of Britain’s opposition party, The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) stood her ground maintaining Cameron will definitely be booted out of office on or about April 24. After warning Cameron’s Government of stealing through taxation of income Tax/VAT among other consequential allegations, she stressed the government lost its bid of representing the People by practicing Terror Justice and Tyranny against Members of the Commonwealth Nations. Not only that, a stern warning was similarly sent out to the People of England when the TCLP Chairman adjudicated and pronounced that Britain must leave European Union, during which she implored Commonwealth Citizens not to cast their votes for Britain to remain in EU. As the various campaigns for and against the referendum heightened, Prof. Thomas reiterated in an interview with her Press Team, saying Cameron knew his time was up because the Oracle had spoken. He had made up his mind top leave since April 24 but it was all a game for him to have remained to witness the voting yesterday”. At the early hours of today however, the World woke up with the News that Britain had claimed back her Birth Right by leaving the EU, a confirmation of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas’ April 6 proclamation and indeed, not only did Britain voted herself out of the EU, Ex-Prime Minster David Cameron at the break of the Elections Results, swiftly bowed out when he announced his immediate Resignation as the PM. Speaking with Press Team immediately after the pronouncement of Cameron’s resignation, the Royal Mother as she’s fondly referred to asserted that, “the World hasn’t seen anything yet, my revelations are out to open Peoples’ eyes and for Cameron, he knew his time was up. For Britain leaving the EU, it was something that must happen because Britain needed to take back its place to save its Monarchy from being quashed, the same way the UE had done to their domains”.

It is an open-secret that the present Conservative style of Governance being led by David Cameron, British Prime Minister is built on Injustice, Evil, Oppression, Enslavement Mentality of the Coloured People with the sole intentions to practicing Terror and Tyranny against the People of Commonwealth Citizens. Certainly, this secretive group Cameron belongs is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade the Coloured people. Another shocker as Prof. Alexia Thomas handed down is, “Those that have been married to EU Citizens as a result of the EU Club arrangements are in for a surprise. Such marriages will sure be revoked by the time I continue to open up the consequences of the Confraternity”. Here, we produce excerpts of Prof. Thomas’ pronouncement of abolishment of Cameron’s government on 24th April 2016. “WHERE Justice Is Denied, Where Poverty Is Enforced, Where Ignorance Prevails, And Where One Class Is Made To Feel That Society Is An Organized Conspiracy To Oppress, Rob And Degrade Them, Neither Persons Nor Property Will Be Safe”, Postulates Frederick Douglass./ — The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, UK flays the wickedness on-going in British Government under the watchful eyes of Cameron and why his Government would be abolished on or before 24thApril. Her press statement in London reads: “Your Policies are very contagious and destructive to Human Race, certainly denial is not an option. Her Press statement dated 22/11/2015 clearly defined Constitution of Democratic System of Government Principles and practice as taught by the founding fathers headship Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of United States. Your Party has been a very destructive one-killing the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Coloured People and you will agree with me it is fair to ask the Queen Elizabeth II to use her Monarchical Powers to abolish your leadership or alter it by simply transferring powers to Labour Party headship./ — She asked the “Monarchical Throneship of Queen Elizabeth II has Powers to abolish your Leadership as this may not have been used before or such Redress of Government Abolishment has not been used since the 16th Century after the beheading of the King Charles I, though his death gave Rights to Ordinary Men like yourself the privileges to come to Power through enacting the Bill of Rights 1689. As the Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) and the Chieftain of Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, I tell you today such Powers to abort your Government will be executed on or before the 24th of April 2016, if you and your Cabinets Ministers fail to behave yourselves. Mr. David Cameron, know your Government could be pardoned from Penalty of Guilt as your Ignorance of lack of Political Mythology could eliminate your accountability to the Destructive values brought upon the People of the Commonwealth./ —- On Cameron’s Government stealing from the citizens through tax exploitation, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas said: “Your Government is Power intoxicated as through the Peoples’ votes you have Audaciously run United Kingdom Nation as an Outlaw Bandit, exploiting the Taxation System of Income Tax and VAT Tax at 20%, very unreasonable as this is stealing from the Citizens. Mr. Cameron how dare you Slander the Citizens of the Commonwealth Nations with Immigration Law, a Sham Legislation knowingfully well Britain never had Permittal to make 53 Commonwealth Nations their Colonies but instead forced Mastered them through Fierce and Death. We should be fair as a Race to the Cores Values of Commonwealth Nations who Britain bothered their Isolation and forcefully coerced them to accept the British Heritage in 15th Century Ago.


500 MILLION COMMONWEALTH DEATHS; Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is an Oracle. a living god, a God that will die. She said her death will lead to Scientific discovery of the Medicine that will see Human dies no more, but that would see Human longevity, but before such invention and medicine will come to keep me alive, it would have come to me late. She pronounces that her death will lead to where the World to mourn. the Mountain, Nature will mourn for her death and Nature mourning for my death will lead Man to go into the deepest discovery of the sea-bed to find answers that can bring Human Longevity, but before such would be discovered it would be late for her. The death recording will start taking its eminent 14 years from today in the sense that People will just start dying, but within three years, the wrath of death will sweep through the Nations of the Commonwealth and 500million will be massacred. Half of the Commonwealth nations’ generation will die of famine and starvation. So basically, Europe has brought destruction upon the people of Commonwealth. She recalled Philosopher before her Time the Statement of Quotes: —- “The Irish Famine Of 1846 Killed More Than One Million People, But It Killed Poor Devils, To The Wealth Of The Country It Did Not The Slightest Damage” —- By Karl Marx./ —- “Consider The Problem Of Over-Population. Rapidly Mounting Human Numbers Are Pressing Even More Heavily On Natural Resources. What Is To Be Done? The Annual Increase Of Numbers Should Be Reduced. But How? We Are Given Two Choices-Famine, Pestilence And War On The One Hand, Birth Control On The Other. Most Of Us Choose Birth Control” —- By Aldous Huxley./ — She revealed as an Oracle with a third-eye into the future the Dangers and Disasters that awaits Commonwealth Nations as she predicts Europe Destruction Plot to exterminate 500 Million Citizens of Commonwealth Nations by means of Famine and Starvation to massacre their Victims in 2031 a Premeditated Plot orchestrated by Europe and executed by British Government of the Ruling Conservative Party against the Coloured People. It is a disaster, it is a destruction that humanity will never recover from in the next 1,000 years. United Kingdom government is championing the destruction of the Commonwealth. This is a mastermind of Angela Merkel and the whole European Union (EU) in generality. The EU people feared the Commonwealth people will be the biggest nation in the continent that will take over the world because the so-called Americans are the bastards who are of the black nation; who have left the shores. America as a Nation belongs to nobody, it does not even belong to the white man. So the likes of Donald Trump, Black American who think that they are an island without the black nation, they don’t even know that the great nation of America today is the offspring of the black brothers, the Coloured brothers who were stolen away as slaves made that Nation great./ — She has been singing as loud as the Whales in the sea. Whale is the biggest fish in the Ocean. The breath of the Whale when its take water is so deep, so also the tears of the whale, the sound can bring deafness to the ears, If Human does not understand the mystery of why the Whale will always shed tears because the Whale will hardly shed tears. She affirm she has been shedding tears and opening to the people of the Commonwealth. I have done my teachings through the video, different videos on YouTube; different videos on websites, I have done my teachings through the medium. But the white people have taken up the wrath of destruction upon the black nation. The Black Nation-the People of the Coloured Nation, it is sad that God failed them when creation was made. 15million Jews died, but 500million Commonwealth (citizens) deaths will be recorded. And I saw it very clearly.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas says the future of the Commonwealth Nations’ greatness has been seen. The World wants to bring destruction upon humanity which is called Apocalypse of Judaism. So, Apocalypse of Judaism will see 500million Commonwealth people massacred to death. They will die of famine and starvation. These are the layers of destruction upon the Commonwealth people. It starts with propaganda whereby the people are made enemies before the people whom they know. The propaganda simply means the Europe has set up an excavation. Excavation will mean the depth root of the Commonwealth people which has been a bug in them. The Commonwealth nations were not known to these people called Europe. The Europe people went to harness them. And in the harnestization of them, they had been in the European existence as a bug. The European nations want to evacuate them from their lives and their settlement. From 2016, the evacuation of Commonwealth citizens from Europe will begin. It has already started taking effect because it has come in the layers of mass deportation. So all European Nations will begin to excavate the Commonwealth nations. They will excavate them: there will be no mercy, it will be the bed of destruction. So from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, deportation of Commonwealth nations from Europe will continue. For six years, they have to complete the first phase of Commonwealth destruction. For six years, Commonwealth Nations will be evacuated from Europe. Those who do not have papers will be told they have to go. From 2023 to another seven years, by that time, the Commonwealth citizens who are now resident in Europe from their generic foundation, the mixed-race will also be evacuated and dumped in land they don’t even know. The next evacuation will be the revocation of residency. It will be called Generic Extermination of the Coloured inter-relationship. The Coloured who are not the pure race will be deported back to Africa. Africa will be the dumping ground. The pure white race that Hitler called the ‘White Breed’ are going to be excavated. They will also deport those who have their residence, who have their papers. It is a shame because human does not know that injustice to one is injustice to all. They will say: “it is none of my business, I have my papers”, because African man has been buttered to be selfish to themselves. They only like themselves and they don’t bother about their brothers. From next seven years starting from 2023, all those with Permanent Residence will be evacuated, excavated, deported, deployed and transferred to another land. Africa is currently called the Dungeon of Hell. It is called the Dungeon of Hell because it is only a breeding ground to harness gold and diamond. Once gold and diamond has been harnessed, there is nothing interesting again in the land. The white man is not interested about the beauty and development of the African nation, other than for themselves. As we go into the phases of 2030, Europeanism will now kill the economy of the Commonwealth Nations.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas prediction is that Europe will kill the Commonwealth Nations Economy by devaluating their Currency, because the economy is a ghostly operation where you hear $1billion, $3billion. It’s all pieces of paper. One person sits down, the Europe Zone decides. Have you asked yourself who decides what the valuation of money will be? Nigeria owes America $1billion that does not mean anything. $1billon simply means Nigeria needs to generate 1 million slaves to work harder to generate resources for America. Nigeria (foreign exchange market) valuation is N420 to One-pound sterling. Have you asked yourself who determines the money ration, money equilibrium? How do you know today Naira (in foreign exchange market) is N429 to One-pound sterling? Have you asked yourself who determines the ratio? But because the black man is not wise, Nigerian currency like N500 going to One dollar? Have you asked yourself, what that simply means is that the master decides the buying, selling capacity at the valuation of buying and selling. It is like an appraisal. What you see right now is: the European zone has masterminded a plot which the Jews called the ‘Holocaust’. But what will happen on the destruction of commonwealth nation is called the ‘Grandocaust’. The Jews suffered the Holocaust, the Commonwealth people will suffer the Grandocaust. In Grandocaust, 500million Commonwealth nations’ citizens will be destroyed. The destruction has started already because their currency is being devalued every day. Essence of the devaluation of their currency is to kill their civilization, exploration since every time the Commonwealth nations come abroad, they are there to harness knowledge. They don’t want them to harness knowledge anymore, they increase the currency to devalue their currency. If N500 is to One Dollar, what that simply would mean is that Commonwealth nations would not be able to buy, would not be able to sell. The Commonwealth nation has been busy dealing on crude oil. They have forgotten that there is nothing like crude oil. Crude Oil is a European Developmental Schemology to be able to empower their industry./ —- The Nigerian Central Bank I don’t know how people are kept there, they call themselves the Governor of Central Bank. They have no brains. They never asked themselves how could a white man be turning your currency and it is now N429 to One-pound sterling, and you are still there. Where are the Economists? Where are the professors of economy? Economics is nothing but because they are not wise. Have you asked yourself how is it rated? Who decides what should be what? It is just one person sitting in Buckingham Palace or somewhere controlling the money supply. They found similar resources in Africa which is related to their industry. They have so much suppressed the African government to continue to drill oil for them to take to their land. So when Nigeria sells 1 million barrel of crude oil, American gives them a billion dollar. That is a billion piece of paper. Have you asked them the oil you give them what do they use it for? To develop their own industry, but you sell your resources to them at the cost of piece of paper. It makes no sense. The Nigerian and the Commonwealth Nations

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas advised to the Commonwealth Government to start preparing their soil for fertilization because there will be famine and starvation in 2031. And if they don’t start preparing the land for fertilization, they will die in Massism, Famine and Starvation because Europe zone wants to destroy the Commonwealth Nations./ — She confirms 500 Million lives would vanish from the face of the earth. It is happening already. Our Coloured brother should look at Sudan famine. Have you asked yourself why is there famine in Sudan. There is farming in Sudan because Sudan, people have a generic trait, they are like camels, they have a generic diamond in the. They are unique breed of Africans. They are actually the wisest species of the African race. They are like camels, they never tired. You can work them for seven days without water. So the white man saw this great gift of God creating these people with that uniqueness. To kill them, they will firstly stampede their economy. How could you tell me that in the civilized 21st century, 1,998 people died of famine and disease? Go to the YouTube to watch Sudan’s starvation. People died. Their coloured brothers did not even know why they are dying. It is all masterminded by the Europe zone to bring destruction upon the Commonwealth Nation./ — She says the Commonwealth governments have no brain. Have you asked yourself what they mean by ‘Freeze peoples money’? They have frozen Iran’s money, as such Iran cannot buy or sell? There is nothing like money. Every economy can sustain on themselves, what is America, what is London? Every nation should begin to work their ways into independence. Nigeria as a nation can survive without America. Ghana can survive without America. Ghana does not need to do business with America, Nigeria does not need to do business with America: they should sustain their own economy. The reason for business relationship is called ‘Knowledge Exploration.’ Nigeria wants to build bridges, America has a talent to build bridges for them. They do what is called ‘Money-Equilibrium’. America will bring 100 civil engineers labour force, Nigeria will bring 1000 Labour force. What America does not need, what America needs from Nigeria, Nigeria supplies in terms of human labour. But the truth is that, there would be Apocalypse of Judaism which is the destruction of the Commonwealth race. The dragon of hell has possessed the body of men. There would be Apocalypse of Judaism. I called on the nations of Commonwealth today, to start preparing storage and reservation. They need to create storage just like it was said in the Bible where Joseph translated the dream, and the king stored for seven years, because the famine lasted for seven years.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas confirmed there will be serious Famine in Africa. And because this destruction will come upon the Commonwealth nations, Nigeria right now should start learning to be an island of its own, so that should this catastrophe come upon them, they can survive without crying to America. If Nigeria whose population is 180million and 90million dies, then Nigeria will perish. It is a premeditated master plan. The Commonwealth Nations’ governments have not created sustenance for their citizens because the white man gave them independence and taught them the lust of life. Lust of life means everybody wants to build house, everybody wants to build mansion, everybody wants to steal money to America. Every politics of the Commonwealth nations have no ideology./ — Democracy Death and Act of Politics birth on Alexia Thomas Television Online must be watched for Government guidance. I am using this opportunity to tell the Commonwealth Nations to go and watch the video of ‘Democracy Death And Act of Politics Birth’ at We need to give up Democracy and begin to practice Act of Politics. The sad reality is that Commonwealth Nations are producing…the Greatest Nation is a nation that have enough Massism. When the Population is densely, what normally would happen is that that Nation is blessed. But if the Commonwealth nations cannot sustain their citizens, I think they should start sterilizing their wives and sons, so that they do not lead to densely populated Human Race. The Commonwealth Race is leading to densely populated human race and they cannot cater for themselves. And because they cannot cater for themselves, the white European masters want to now reduce the race by causing famine and starvation. That is the easiest way to kill all of them. They died in their own waste. So, when they are now dying of famine and starvation, nobody bears the brunt, nobody carries the cross. It would-be like they cannot feed themselves, there is no food. She questioned the scarcity of food, to till a land for fertilization, can take like 6 months getting the land ready to crop seed, to be able to seed. And crop is the germination of the seed. The Commonwealth nations right now are not prepared for this catastrophe that is coming. They are not settled, all they want is the best things of life. American government is deceiving them to sell their crude oil. Blinding their eyes with the big calling of the money, $10 Billion, $11 Billion. They don’t even know themselves anymore. As earlier said, this famine and destruction will hit the World in (2031)./ — Lagos State is a big city. Have you asked yourself, the Food that sustain the people in Lagos, where does the farmer get it from? The Nigerian economy cannot sustain their nation, because they did not produce enough for them to feed themselves. Nigerians are eating food from abroad. If you now tell me that N500 is One United States dollar, what does that say to you? It only shows that the Nigerian economy cannot sustain because they cannot even eat, buy, sell and trade. It is a premeditated ploy to destroy the nation of Commonwealth. There is nothing like One United States dollar is 500 Naira, or Naira is 429 to £1 Sterling. Who decided the money valuation? One person sits in his bedroom controlling the money economy. Nigerians cannot fight back since it is a white man’s idea. If the white man tells them today, N500 is going to be One United States dollar, they cannot do anything because they are not the economists, they are not the one who decide who buys and who sells. It is very sad, there would be destruction.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas clarified, “the end product like I said are three layers of destruction”: the first layer are those without papers will be evacuated in six years, those with residence status will be revoked in seven years. As those without papers are being deported you can see the Naira being devalued so much. The Commonwealth Nations right now should know that the brothers that are deported, the shamefulness on one brother is a Shame on You. When they are deporting your brother, you are thinking…ohhh. But they criminalize the phases of their action, you don’t have a reason to see that they are playing a propaganda. They will start deporting those people they say they have no papers to the ones who have papers and relaxed. They will begin to deport the people that have papers, and nations of Commonwealth are relaxed. Then they begin to devalue the Naira, so nobody would be able to travel out of Nigeria anymore, by that time, those who will be able to travel to Europe will only be the Billionaires. And the Billionaires family members cannot begin to travel as they used to travel before because the Naira by then will become N5000 to One United States Dollar or N5000 to One-pound sterling. What is that? That just tells you that that is the master plan now. The only way now to stop them is not to come abroad because they don’t need the African nations any more, they have finished exploiting their resources. The Nations of Africa, if they cannot manage their Citizens’ productive rate and multiplication of human race, they should sterilize themselves and stop having more babies. The more you have more babies, you should be able to find a scheme because productivity and multiplication is a gift to nature. Every nation that has human being is the biggest nation. America right now is putting people to death because it does not know the value of human. Who decides which man dies or which man lives? I was watching the American court system, in the American high court of justice they have two sittings. They have the two parties having judges. How could that be? They are going to kill a prisoner, you could hear the politics in America. One of the political parties in the High Court agrees, the other disagrees. The justice system in America is politicized. How should that be? Why should High Court of Justice in America have two political parties with four judges in there? It is madness. It is insanity./ — She calls on the Commonwealth Nations to start working to be the Island of their own. They need to start getting their land ready for fertilization because there would be Apocalypse of Judaism. If they can stand in unity now, they can fight the white man’s decoy. They should not find themselves happiness. They should stop selling their mineral resources. They should now use it to develop themselves and sustain their human race, their race as a nation because there will be Apocalypse of Judaism, 500million Commonwealth citizens will perish. There will be serious famine and starvation. The famine and starvation in Commonwealth nations will lasts for 10 years, so we are actually looking at 2030 to 2040. If the famine lasts for 40 years, ¾ of the nations are all dead. Even the rich people that would have stored food, after a while the food will also finish. This is an eclipse of human destruction. It is sad.

What the Commonwealth Nations should do right now is we need to summon the Europe zone and the American economists who determine the money equilibrium into a round table. Nigeria will no longer accept the devaluation of their Naira, Africa does not owe the Europe zone. The Europe zone saying Nigeria is indebted is a premeditated decoy to suppress them to slavery. You don’t owe the Europe. There is nothing like they owe you money, we write off your debts, it actually means nothing. Every time you hear Nigeria is owing America money, it only means helping Nigeria to generate more slaves to do America’s Free Labour. America could say we want 100 barrels of crude oil, Nigeria you owe me money. And then Nigeria begins to get men from their homes. The economic system is a ghostly operation. It is just money from the printing paper, printing machine being printed. It is sad that if other race do not like you, for instance in the animal kingdom, you are not going to see the cat fish moving with the snake fish. You are not going to see the tiger fish moving with the tilapia fish. All fishes look the same, fishes that look alike, move alike. The nations of the Commonwealth is not going to force themselves on the white man. The white man had been very premeditated in their decoy. The only Black and Coloured brothers who could have been able to fight for the beauty of the black had been catapulted to be bastards. The blacks in America are like bastards because they don’t know their roots. So if they don’t know their roots, the unity to fight for their brothers is not there. The Nations of the Commonwealth should start preparing for the famine and starvation in 15 years from now which will lasts for 10 years. Now that they know this revelation, I call myself an Oracle, as I am actually an Oracle. The world should know that I am a living god, that will die. It is sad that I am going to die. This human-god called Professor Alexia Thomas Her Knowledgeable is going to die one day. I am happy that I have been able to stop the human destruction, I have seen with the third eye. The eyes that sees with the wind, cries with the wind. And I am revealing what I am seeing. I think the Commonwealth nation has neglected my voice. I think they commonise me in their minds I am not in power, I am not the one that run the economy, but they don’t even understand the economy themselves. They are the most idiotic leaders in the world I have ever seen. How could they be deporting your citizens? I told the world Nigerians were going to be deported January 26, 2016. What did Nigerian government do? What did the Commonwealth nation do? Nothing. They still managed to take some of them to the airport. This destruction is on-going, it is a matter above the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. He is the headship of the destruction, because UK is championing the destruction of the Commonwealth. They are the Commonwealth colonial masters. They are put in front to excavate them, to take them to their country of destruction to take them to destroy them.


ISLAMISATION OF NIGERIA – Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas pronounced by 2024, there would be nothing called Boko Haram. The Boko Haram will migrate into a New Uniformism and they shall be the Muslim Caliphate and the Muslim Caliphate are breeded to wipe every dark energy in their eyes. Christians are dark energies, so, when they wear their Robes and be called the Muslim Caliphate, it would become the Religious War whereby for the first time in the history of the World, the Europeanism, they have been fighting Religious Wars, whereby Britain would go and attack Saudi Arabia because of Religious War. So, Countries shall be fighting because of Religionism. So, all the Americans, all the British will all be beheaded by the Muslim Caliphate. So, the World must thread carefully because Blood will become Water, whereby for the first time, Humans will see a reason to realise that they have destroyed themselves. The destruction of Syria is little, the destruction of Nigeria will be five times above Syria. So, everybody really needs to be ready and do not sell their Birth Rights and they should mind the Illusion of Donald Trump./ — She assert that in Religionism, Europeans have been winning the Religious Wars because they have been so Powerful with their Gun Powder. But because of the Children of the Europeanism of the 21st Century and 19th Century have become too greedy, they started selling the secret of Motherland, which is their Weapon. So, they sold the secret of the Gun Powder to the Northern Emirate and the Northern Emirate has now known the secret of the Gun Powder that the Europeanism have been using to dominate their Ancestors. So, the secret that made you kill my Father, I already know it. But the one I know is the old one you have faded away and the new ones you have I may not know it. But the little ones of the old ones you use is still as strong as the new ones you are creating./ — She says Donald Trump is like a Master, though, she is a bigger Master than him. Mr. Donald Trump is an Evil Genius because he has Money, he can control anybody, Japanese Prime Minister and then his Spirit is domineering. So as he talks, you must Listen, as you don’t Listen, you are being told get out of here, take him away, lock him up, immediate reaction, you can feel the energy. Now, Donald Trump is already angry with the Northern Emirate. So, he’s going to come up with what they call the Evil Geniusism Scheme to eradicate the Muslim Nation, and in the eradication of the Muslim Nation he is going to play genius role that will not implicate him as he is the Master that set it up. Starting with Nigeria, he is going to summon the Eastern Region and the Western Region, but in summoning them, he is going to shoot a Video Propaganda. In the Video Propaganda, he is going to pretend that they came for him and he is going to talk to them, trigger their thoughts and then Men for example Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State and Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State, they will start confessing, because he is going to start by saying but you were part of him, they are going to put a defence, no we are not part of him, what can we do? If we don’t follow him, they will kill our wives, they will kill children, so I have to play the Deceit Diplomacy. I love my People, but if I show I love my People, they will kill my own family. So, what do you expect of a Man that need a bread, they defend themselves. 

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas confirm Mr. Donald Trump will tell them, tell us what is happening and then they will begin to talk. The Northerners have been so heady… Rochas that knows the deeper secrets of the Northern Emirate will begin to talk. Then Donald Trump will say what do we do? Then, they will say what do we do Master, I think we should bomb them. Everybody will say, I think, I think, then the bombing goes out. Now, because it’s a Video Propaganda, Donald Trump again will show the Video to the World and say they came and asked me to Bomb them. As the Northern Emirates are sitting to watch the Video, they will say, what! Our brothers went to tell the evil genius to bomb us. Okay.  Now, the Igbos are happy that the Northern Emirates are weak, but the Boko Haram is just a Name title. So, for the first time, the Muslim Jihadists shall fight the Battle of Armageddon. The Battle of Armageddon can be fought in Lightness and Darkness. The Battle of Armageddon means when Men shall take their destinies upon their Hands. You either Live or you Die. Now, in fighting the Battle of Armageddon, Evil Genius believes in Evil. So, the Muslim, the Boko Haram shall reframe into a New Militarian Power, they shall be called the Muslim Caliphate./ — She says by 2024, the Muslim Caliphate will lead the Civil War in Nigeria. They will take the East and the West unaware. While the East and the West are busy waiting for Piece of Paper Money Donald Trump has promised them to put their Economy into a World Power, the Muslim Caliphate in their Three Million will go into the bushes of the East, South and West and lay ambush for them. Injustice to one is injustice to all. If your Father, Mother is not killed, your Father Brother, Cousin will be killed. So, in Onitsha Market, the Villagers stands to go to the Market, you come up, around 2.00am, 500 Onitsha Citizens are dead in Onitsha Market, they have laid ambush. As the Villagers are ready to go to the Farm the following day 2000 are dead on the Road, the Muslim Caliphate would be killing, by the time Nigeria would be ready to fight back, 40 per cent of Nigerians are dead by the Muslim Caliphate turmoil. Before Nigerians would regroup to fight back the Muslim Caliphate, they would be too weak themselves. How can you fight when your Mother is already Dead? How can you even fight when your Mother’s sister is already Dead, because if your Mother is not dead, your mother’s sister is dead, it already affects you, because your Mother’s depression is equally your depression. So, Nigerians would not be able to fight back. It will be a disaster and that is exactly what the Oracle has spoken this morning. So, Nigerians should be ready because the Muslim Caliphate will take them unaware and the death will continue./ — The Muslim Caliphate currently the Fulanis are Arabs and Black, but the Muslim Fulanis you see right now coming into Nigeria are the Black Fulanis and that is why it is not easy for Nigerians to be threatened because they are Blacks. So, you just accept that okay they are Nigerians, but the ones that will come in the War of the Muslim Caliphate, the Religious War that will purge Nigeria… Because in the Muslim Caliphate, Nigeria will either be a Christian or a Muslim State. So, this is the Battle of Armageddon War. If the Muslim Caliphate wins, Nigeria will become a total Muslim State, if the Muslim Caliphate are defeated, which is next to impossibility because the Christians are not a beast, so there is tendency that the Muslim Caliphate will win that will submerge Nigeria into submission. So, Nigeria shall become a Muslim State./

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas says her prediction is Analytical Report of an event Saga, the phases of how the events would show itself and the entrapment, what She has said is exactly what is going to happen. The only thing that can make it not to happen is Nigeria consenting to Free Liberation and Separation of each other, because America rules the World Economy, Donald Trump would not give Nigeria their own share of the Cake because of the anger of the Northern Region. So, it is better every Nigerian shun the invitation of Donald Trump. So, the Northerners and the Westerners should not find happiness… Well Donald Trump is not inviting the Northerners, so no Northern Governor will even see him, because the name Alhaji Mohammed Bado has given them away. So, the Westerners should turn down the invitation of Donald Trump and make sure that in any invitation Donald Trump invites them, the Northerners must be part of it, If not, there will be Apocalypse of Judaism. There will be no Nigeria. Nigeria will perish. The Civil War will reduce them to 20%, so, if Nigeria is over 180 Million, the Civil War will see them reduced to 50,000 Nigerians, It will be massacre, there will be no Nigeria, People will die./ — She confirms Iranians already has the Missile and in the Muslim Caliphate, Iran would join because Iran recognises their Brotherhood of the Northern Region and the Northern Region is a bigger settlement than the East and the West, so Iran would not be there to watch little miniature West and East destroy a whole Northern Region. So, the Saudi Arabia for the first time the War of the Muslim Caliphate will make Saudi Arabia and America to become Enemies. The diplomacy of the World has seen Saudi mind their business. But because it’s the Muslim Caliphate War, the Religious War that will decide whether Nigeria would be a Christian State or a Muslim State, the Saudis would not mind anymore whether America would bomb them, for the first time, they would come out and join Iran to bring Nigeria down./ — She illustrates the War between the Sunni Muslims and the Shia Muslims. Religion and Politics are different. It’s just because Men find communication with God through Religion, but in a real Politics and Democratic Politics, Religion is an idea. Religion itself is Politics. Somebody has a means of communicating with God and he comes up with a Doctrine. So, if you have the Shia and Sunni Muslims, it’s just War of Ideology among themselves, that actually has nothing to do with Politics. But because the Muslimism Occult has used Religion as their Governmentarian Parole, that is why you have the Sharia Law and because what the Sunni believes is different from what the Shia believes, so at one point, they need to first agree that both are serving one God and both have to come to a centre table and accept one Ideology. Shia might say we don’t believe in washing our Sins in the River and Sunni might say we believe in washing our Sins away with mud. So, because Shia believes in River and Sunni believes in Mud, they begin to think one is an infidel, one is not practising how the other one should go./ — She affirms Prophet Mohammed Books must be recalled to solve the discrepancies, he is Master that brought the Muslimism Religion. In his Era, was there a divided ideology? So, which simply means that as the Muslimism tradition grew bigger, may be the Shia have bought into European Conventionality and brought in their own Conventional Ideas which the Sunni, are thinking No, the Prophet Mohammed book says A, how can you now say it has to be A and B because you have now purge with the Whites. So, I think what is happening between the Shia and Sunni Muslim is a Religious Confraternity whereby one is Conventional and the other is Orthodox. So, at a point they must meet. The only way the Shia and Sunni can sort their differences is to go back to the Orthodox book. So, you either stick to the Orthodox and Principles of Mohammed or you find another Religion. Justice for Man, Dignity of Man, Truth and Protection of Human Race.