Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is a Philosopher, Politician, Bureaucrat, Humanitarian, Writer, Curator, Socialist, Counsellor, Teacher, Rights Advocate, Political Advocate, Legal Practitioner, Idealist and Realist. She is most Revered Icon of Politics, Greatest Revolutionary of the 21st Century, a Genius in the Myth, Greatest Knowledge on Earth and Greatest Philosopher History has ever known. Her Knowledgeable Institutions evolved from Her Knowledgeable Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thought for 21st Century Revolutionary Change. She founded and Pioneered the Following Multinational Outreach Services, Commission, Organisations and Corporations Listed Below:

1 The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) April 2011 Political Party Politics And Governance
2 Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) May 2007 Political Party Politics, Governance And Legal
3 Santism Religion (SR) December 2015 Religion Humanity, Spiritism And Divinity
4 Protectorate Police Commission (PPC) March 2009 Policing Citizens Protection
5 Protectorate Identity Commission (PIC) May 2015 Identity Identity Card Service
6 Magna Carta Compensation Commission (MCC) August 2014 Insurance Welfare Service
7 Union Of Journalist Patriot (UJP) October 2015 Broadcast Information Distribution
8 Manifesto Mandate 21st Century August 2014 Political Platform Campaign Service
9 Instruments Of Law Packs (IOL) September 2014 Legal Legal Service
10 International Migrant Association (IMA) March 2010 Legal Immigration Litigation
11 Advocacy Consultants (AC) November 2008 Legal Civil Litigation
12 CWC Prisoners Advocate (CPA) March 2009 Legal Criminal Litigation
13 Parent Voice Advocate (PVA) July 2014 Legal Family Litigation
14 Council Of Justice Commission (CJA) June 2014 Legal General Litigation
15 Mental Health Justice (MHJ) September 2013 Legal  Mental Health Litigation
16 Masters Of Discipline Database (MOD) August 2014 Job Platform Employment Service
17 National Liberalism Platform (NLP)  October 2014 Self-Advocacy Platform Advocacy Service
18 CWC Civil Police (CCP) August 2014 Security Civil Policing
19 Independent Watchdog Police (IWP) August 2014 Security Criminal Enforcement
20 Employment Bureau (EB) October 2014 Agency Employment Service
21 Agent Bureau (AB) May 2014 Agency General Contracting Service
22 Black Race Light Association (BRLA) April  1997 Charity Social Care Service
23 Independent Universal Academy (IUA)  August 2003 Academy Educational Services
24 NUAB SCHEME April 2000 Charity Human Rights Service
25 PEOPLES BILL October 2015 Politics Enforcement Reform
26 PATRIOT BILL October 2015 Politics Enforcement Act
27 EQUALITY BILL October 2015 Politics Enforcement Act
28 MANIFESTO BILL October 2014 Politics Legislative Act
29 CHARTER May 2007 Governance Public Administration Service
30 WORLD NATIONAL ANTHEM October 2014 Governance National Service


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder, the Chairman and the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) set up April 2011. Is a Freedom Party enacting policy on Human Sociological grading of Social Ability, Social Dependency, Social Economic, Social Race, Social Value, Social Plural. The Party is a Civil Marshal Party as Brigadiers Steering the Affirmation of the Battle Of Armageddon with sole aim to Disband Democracy and Mandate the Act Of Politics in adherence to Pioneer the Law Of Legal Compromise and Enforce the Bill Of Citizens Equality Rights and Abolish all Alien Laws. The First British Political Party To Oppose Democratic Government in her Pursuit to Enforce Authority of Divine Right of the Kings for Enforcement of Act Of Politics Government in the 21st Century by 2021. As a Government, not in Power, it simply means we have no access to print Money, so Members cannot get our Services for Free. They must be paid for, so our Products are available online and prices Unveiled to guide against Fraud. The Party at her Mandate is Protocolled to Enforce Justice and Propagate the Human Rights Police an Enforcement of the Manifesto Mandate 21st Century compelling Justice Bill and Rights of the Peoples Appraisal.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of the Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) set up in May 2007 as a Limited Liability Company and a Third Party Political Campaigner. “IDC Is A Government In A Government” and is the Central Government of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP). The Commission is a Law Police and Enforcers of the Rule of Law, A Government Of Legal Compromise, Equality, Rights, Social Integration And Treaty Alliance Commission For Nations Of The Commonwealth And Non Commonwealth Countries And Compel Adherence Of Justice, Fairness And Enforce Human Rights Are Recognised, Observed And Obligated. The Commission is formed as a Diplomatic Citizens Bureau Outreach with Executive Powers to give Diplomatic Immunity to Citizens unable to access Legal protection from their Embassies Abroad. IDC Protocols are Channelled in Services of Justice Police to effect Rule of Law in Compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Treaty of 1948 and Justice Enforcers to Strive For Liberty, Justice, Rule Of Law and Provide Diplomatic Aid and Protection Services to Citizens from All Geographical Hemisphere of the World in Coverages Zones of the World Continents Of Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Antarctica and Australia. The mission also serves as Mediation Patriot for Government and Non-Government on as Political Reformer Commission to bring Good Governance in Compliance with Citizens Benefit of Social Ability and Social Plural and inclusion of Teaching Political Doctrines of 15th Century Elizabethan Era Great Britain.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder of the Independent Universal Academy (IUA), a School of Life for Education with Diversity of Knowledge Autonomy for gains of Salary Boost and Status Enhancement with Course of Study in the Disciplines of EDUCATION, CIVIL RIGHTS, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT for Certificates Obtainment of PRIMARY INTRODUCTORY BASIC CERTIFICATE (PIBC) and Equivalent to First Degree, SECONDARY INTRODUCTORY BASIC CERTIFICATE (SIBC) equivalent to a Master Degree and ADVANCE APPLIED DEGREE CERTIFICATE (AADC) an equivalent to a PHD Degree. The ‘IUA’ as Institution Enrol Civil Servants, Crown Servants, Workers, Non-Workers And Students to their Various cadet of Studies Who Wish to Enter the Administrative Academy of the Government and other Managerial and Non Managerial Positions in both the Public and Private Sectors.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder of the Protectorate Identity Commission which is an Agency of THE COMMONWEALTH LIBERATION PARTY. The Aim of the Commission seek to Protect the Identities of every Citizens of the World irrespective of Geographical Hemisphere where they are located and Secure their Rights of Recognition in the Globalised Sustenance of Economic Relations. The Protectorate is a New Face in the Culture of Biometric Credentials to Assist in the Identification of People from Geographical Hemisphere in Generality in the Integration of Information Technology of 21st Century Identity Act. We Facilitate Obtainment of Nationality Documents for Individuals of the Protectorate who are Legitimate Members of All Alliance Commission owned to THE COMMONWEALTH LIBERATION PARTY. We Facilitate Obtainment of International Passport from respective Countries on behalf of the Protectorate Members in Respective Countries and within Jurisdiction where Offices of the Protectorate are Located. The ‘PIC’ is an Identity Bureau Service commissioned by The Commonwealth Liberation Party for Sole Responsibility of issuing to Service Users the British Commonwealth Sovereign Card (BCS Card); An International Identity Card For Global Use For Nationals From Any Country and British National Sovereign Card (BNS Card); Identity Card For Protection Of Rights If Previous Nationality Is Denounced For British Nationality.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder and Chief Marshal of the Protectorate Police Commission. (1) The PPC is set up to give Protection to the Commonwealth Citizens in the United Kingdom and within the British Protectorate. (2) The PPC operations are both Civil and Criminal Enforcement providing Citizens a Third Eye for Cases Prosecuted by the State. (3) The PPC Operations involves Insuring Homes to guide against Privacy Intrusion and Restricting Unlawful Entry by grant of Property Prohibition Permit. (4) The PPC intervenes in matters of Domestic Violence encouraging Conflict Resolution. (5) The PPC issues Insurance Bond to Court on behalf of Offenders to be release without being Remanded in Prison before Trials. (5) The PPC Uphold Civil Right Justice for Citizens from Commonwealth Countries.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as a Genius invented and created Instruments of Law Packages in November 2014; The Instruments of Law Packages is a 21st Century Revolutionary Online Legal Packages for Enforcement of Migration, Nationality and Authority to use British Status And Title In The Global World which amongst are the British Commonwealth Sovereign Card (BCS Card); An International Identity Card For Global Use For Nationals From Any Country and British National Sovereign Card (BNS Card); Identity Card For Protection Of Rights If Previous Nationality Is Denounced For British Nationality. It Allotment is available for those interested to apply, can get directives from the Protectorate Identity Website at to safeguard their Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Every Commonwealth Citizens and Non-Commonwealth Citizens are advised to Protect themselves by Enrolling for British Commonwealth Sovereign Card. Powered by British Bill of Rights 1689 for Recognition of Rights in A Globalised Sustenance Of Economic Relations in Compliance with Article 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 22 And 23 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948. The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Platform leverage Rights to integrate in United Kingdom with International Federalistic Political Approach. British Commonwealth Sovereign Card Protect And Save Guard Individuality. The 21st Century Revolutionary Online Legal Packages; Description of Instruments of Law Packages are Unveil on TheIDC System Technology Store At: – Register for Online Portal Account At: – Access Store At:


National Liberalism Platform is a Self-Platform set up to help the Advocates and Defenders of Justice to be heard for Power to Enforce the Rule of Law for Liberalism against oppressive Injustice and Human Right and Civil Liberties violations. The Platform is set up to aid Bodies, Union, People, Persons and others in the fields of the following: (1) Advocates of Justice. (2) Individuals of Justice, (3) Defenders of Justice, (4) Voice of Justice, (5) Enforcers of Justice, (6) Liberators of Justice, (7) The Guns of Justice, (8) Fighters of Justice, (9) People of Justice, (10) Unions of Justice, (11) Power of Justice, (12) Martyrs of Justice, (13) Individuals of Justice.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas founded the MCC in August 2014. It is an Agency of The Commonwealth Liberation Party. It MCC is a Justice Care Taker to Reward Civilians for Justice Prorogation. The MCC is A Human Reservation Funds Set Up Compensate Victim of Prison, Immigration Victim, Mental Health and others of Legalised Despotism, Tyrannical Laws, Extra Judicial Killings, Legislative Confraternity and Oppressive Injustice From Exceptional Laws. The MCC is a Payment Bureau Commission set up to give Momentary Aid, Relief Materials, Provisions and Welfare Support to Beneficiaries Victims of Government Sham Legislations.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas She founded the Mental Health Justice on 01/09/2013. A Commission set up to enforce Restorative Justice for 21st Century Civilisation to oust Injustice orchestrated on Mental Health Patients and Prison Inmate’s unlawful detention in Psychiatric Hospitals and Psychiatric Hospital Prisons by Sham Legislation Social Justice Abuse. The Mental Health Justice Reviews the State Legislative Prologues that is Contrary to the Rule of Law. Its Aim to eradicate Mental Health Despotism Legislations. The Commission Reviews Abuse on Patients and Redresses Constitutional Powers giving to Doctors and Nurses resulting to Victim Abuse, Victim Rights Infringement and Enforces Justice Correction of Ill-Bureaucratic Rules and Outlawtism of Ruthless Legislative Act.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder, Royal Mother, and Chairman of the Black Race Light Association set up in 1997 in Nigeria to assists the Nigerian Government is Social Care Restructuring and Citizens Welfare Development. It is a Government in a Government, Public Independent Administration. Workers Status are Noble Servants in place of Government Workers with Status of Civil Servants. The Difference is in the Nobility of Men in Noble Servant Status are less Corrupt and devoted Work and Task Execution. The BRAL has at it Administration 22 Secretariats, 37 Department, 41 Divisions, 6 Units and 8 Bureau. “The Main Secretariat responsible for General Citizens Care is the Labour Secretariat Peoples Voice which has 8 Departments and 7 Divisions to Carter for the General Welfare needs of the Blinds, Lepers and Disable for Payment support with Social Security Payment”. The Outreach has a Unit the Cripple Savings Home Scheme for Citizens Statistic and Census Compilation of Beneficiaries List for avoidance of Payment Fraud. Its Mandate enforces the state Government pay Citizens Social Security. The Labour Secretariat Peoples Voice has the following Composition — “ (1) Family Department, (2) Aged Peoples Department, (3) Marriage Department, (4) Pensioner Department and Pensioner Division, (5) Widows Department and Widows Payee Division, (6) Sister and bachelors Department and Bachelors Frontier Club Division and Sisters Frontier Club Division, (7) Student Department and Allow the Student Forum Aid (ATSFA) Division and Allow the Forum Student Mouth-Piece (ATFSM) Division, (8) Disabled Department and Cripple Savings Home Division.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas founded the Siantism Religion in December 2015. She is a Supremist and Addressed as – Mother of Saint, – Defender Of The Universe, – Angel Of Hope, – Mother Of World Peace, – Royal Mother, – Goddess Of Love, – Messenger Of Truth, – Oracle. Saintism Religion is a Doctrine that compel the protection of Human Race, so in practice Saintists are Human Guardian Angels and the Founder is a Supremist. Saintism Practise is the Religion that appreciates the beauty of Human Creation. The Movement of the Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) gave birth to Saintism Practise. Saintism Religion is about using the Powers of Natural Mystic to regress to the Orthodox Teachings, perceiving Nature Equilibrium where Humans agree to accept other breeds by enacting energy from Mystic of Nature Philosophising Man as Angels of Men. Saintist see God as the Mystic of Nature, Spirit of Spell Bond, Inventor of Universe Unprecedented Substance colluded to make Life. Saintists gather in an Assembly. Saintism Assembly is called the Crest House. Saintist Practise is about Sharing One’s Wealth Equally with People they know and Strangers. Saintism Religion will transform Millions of Lives exposed to atrocities perpetuated by Religious Leaders exploiting the African Continent. Saintism Religion is the Birth of Realness in Human Oneness, Human Companionship without the bet of Blood Lineage, Human Love without the urge of Sex.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas founded the Platform in October 2015. It is a Political Concept Reformative Platform Teaching Politics, Governance, Principles, Doctrines, Ideology, Mythology, Conceptology, Law, Legislation, and Philosophical Pathway for Restorative Justice for Mases Protection in Upholdment of the Law of Magna Carta of the 12th Century of the British Orthodox.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas wrote the World Anthem for Justice Commensuration in Dignity of Service to Man in adherence the future hold only by the myth of the Heroes Past. To Serve in Nobility. The Anthem Lyrics: —– Our Heroes Past – We Obey Thy Will – Dignity The Pride Of Honour – Your Command Is Our Protocol Observance – We Obey Thy Commands As Our Forefathers – Any Man Who So Ever Dares The Ark And Act Of Justice – We Shall Pursue Justice For The Oppressed Man – We Honour The Land Of Great – Upholdment Of Justice As Singled Upon Us – As A People, As A Nation And One World – As Justice The Will Of The People We Stand – Freedom The Rights Of The Nation – Liberty The Songs Of Grace – Solidarity Our Must Mandate – Long Live Our Heroes Past – Grace Be Upon Us – As We Declare Truth In Honour Amen.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas a Human Rights Advocate since 1997 for over 18 Years is the Founder and Idealist of the NUAB Scheme meaning “Nigerians Unite Against Blood-Shed” a Movement set in April 1999 to give Nigerian Citizens Security of Lives and Property. The “Nigerians Unite Against Bloodshed” Scheme initiated under the banner of the Black Race Light Association, a Neo Political and Humanitarian Organisation Victims Advocacy of Inter Religious and Ethnic Violence. The Scheme successfully got two State Governments Recognition Lagos State and Delta State.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as a Law Reformist prepared the Peoples Bill in October 2015 for the ENACTMENT MANDATE AND EXISTING ACTS RECONCILIATION. Her Legislative Review for Year 2016 to Year 2011 of the Bills Are: (1) Open The Borders For Commonwealth Citizens And Their Nations For Global Social Integration. (2) Allow Commonwealth Citizens Unlimited Travel To All The Nations Of The Commonwealth And Compel Commonwealth Unity And Brotherhood Bond Hence Enforcing Bilateral Trade Dealings Amongst Themselves For Internship Development. (3) Enforce The Commonwealth Sovereignty Act Granting Provision Of Free Settlement In The United Kingdom. (4) Abolish International Student Fees. (5) Commonwealth Affairs Relegation To Commonwealth And Foreign Office And Debarment Of Secretary Of State For Home Office Intervention. (6) Annul Immigration Legislation Laws. (7) Grant Parents Act Empowering Their Right To Discipline Their Children As It Stands In 1935. (8) Enactment Of Humanity Studies In Educational Syllabus For Humanity Courses From Elementary Grade To Tertiary Grade. Enforcement Of Criminal Justice Act Impunity For Prison Penalisation Not Exceeding 5 Years Maximum. (9) Grant Prisoners Amnesty [Offences Of Murder, Drug And Paedophile Are Immune] (i0) Immigrants Detention Ban On Effect From The 28th February 2016. (11) Depoliticize Passport Office Association With The Home Office To Her Independent Status As An Executive Agency. Unionship With Home Office Is A Conflagration And Breached The Privacy Act Of Persons. (12) Taxation Reduction On Council Tax, Income Tax And VAT At 20% To Redemption Of 5% Capping Economy Drainship. (13) Parents Rights Enactment Depowering The State Powers To Adopt Children Of Living Parents but Relegated only To Adopt Children Of Dead Parents. (14) Enactment Of Communal Act Stopping The Powers Of Social Services Separating Children And Families. (15) Enforcement Of Social Communication Act For Prisoners Access To Mobile Phones And Laptops While On Penal Sentences. (16) Enforcement Of Prisoners Privacy Act For Prisoners Association With Spouses And Children (Maximum Bonding Time Is 72 Hrs) At Prisons Motels. (17) Abolishment Of The Mental Health Act.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas wrote the “INTERNATIONAL BILL OF PATRIOT MANDATE in October 2015”. The LEGISLATIVE DECREE Are: —- (1) The Federalism Of The Commonwealth Union Goals Must Be Upheld. (2) The Government Obscenity And Legalized Despotism Undermines Legislative Integrity And The Status Quo Of Law. (3) The Adherence Of The Universal Declaration Of 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable And Commonwealth Government Disobedient Is Obscenity. (4) The United Kingdom Ruling Government Disregardment To The Commonwealth Treaty Is A Violation Of The Commonwealth Nation Sovereignty Act. (5) The Commonwealth Citizens Social Integration In The World International Relations Is A Justice Mandate And Any Hate Crime Pursuit To Oust Commonwealth Citizen Through Segregation Bills Must Not Be Condone By Any Commonwealth Government. (6) The Commonwealth Treaty Compels Commonwealth Nations To Observe Royal Reward To United Kingdom Monarch And Government; Hence Detention And Deportation Of Commonwealth Citizens From The United Kingdom Breaches Article 9, 13, And 15 Of The UDHR 1948 And This Makes United Kingdom A Failed State. (7) The United Kingdom Government From 1962 to 2015 Has Failed Her Federalism Oath Of Treaty With Her Commonwealth Nation; This Breaches Depicts Freedom And Sovereignty Is In Discrepancy And The Commonwealth Nations Must Stand For The Bills Of Citizens Equality Rights Of Their People Or Else Anarchy A New Face Of Change Will Throw The Mud At Reparation And The Commonwealth Citizens Uprise Shall Stand For Itself. (8) All Nations Of The Commonwealth Are Under Adherence To Observe Legislative Decree And Give Full Premise To The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 As This Supersedes Any Law And Constitutional Hindrance. (9) Commonwealth High Commissions In The UK Must Not, Should Not And Cannot Participate With UK Immigrations On Deportation Bills Regarding Their Citizens Or Failure Becomes A Confederalism Crime. (10) Pursuit Of Justice And Equality Rights For Nations Of Commonwealth And Their Citizens Home And In Diaspora Is A Mandate, Failure Means The Government In Power Lacks Political Mythology And Not Fit To Be A Government. (11) Government Ignorance Of The UDHR 1948 Treaty Is A Government In Ruin And The Lack Of Mythology Means Such Government Is Unfit To Govern. (12) The Mobilization Of A Commonwealth Unity And Their Compliance With The Universal Declaration Of UDHR 1948 Is A Mandate And Their Government Defection From Hate Crime Laws Of Exile And Deportation Of Their Citizens From The United Kingdom Must Not Be Compromise. (13) Commonwealth Nations Government Who Involves With Issuance Of Deportation Certificates Is Committing A Crime And From The 28th September 2015 Must Disengage From Hate Crime Coercion In The Diaspora Or Face The Squad Of Their Citizens Justice Uprise.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas wrote the “EQUALITY BILL AND JUSTICE ENFORCEMENT RULE in October 2015”. The Bills Are: —- (1) Party Bureaucracy To Segregate Persons By Colour, Race And Language Is An Obscenity. Shame It Out. (2) Government In Breach Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Convention 1948 Is Committing A Confederalism Crime. (3) The Segregation Of Persons’ With Rights Of Sovereignty Is A Hate Crime. (4) The Detention Of Commonwealth Citizens In Immigration Camp Is A Criminal Offence And An Act To Depower Coloured People Civilisation Enrichment. (5) Hate Crime Bills And Laws Are Legalised Despotism; Stamp It Out. (6) The Law Of Magna Carta Is A Treaty Enforceable By The Ruling And Non-Ruling Party. (7) Article 9, “No Man Shall Be Exile Or Deported” and Article 13 and Article 15 Of UDHR 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable. (8) Crown Servants In Contravention with the UDHR 1948, Who Partake In Discrimination And Hate Crime Bill Is An Enemy Of The State, A Commonwealth Racist, An Inciter Of Hate Crime And A Committal Of Treason. (9) Commonwealth Citizens Rights Of Residence In The UK Is Not A Must But A Mandate. (10) Any One Who Deny Commonwealth Citizens Their Rights Of Residence Deserve It Not For Themselves. (11) The Free World Is For All And Sundry. (12) Any One Seen To Be Engaging In Criticising Commonwealth Citizens Rights Of Residence In The United Kingdom Is An Enemy Of The British Ancient Rights And An Extremist Of The Law Of Magna Carta. (13) In Recognitions Of Rights, All Are Born Free. (14) Government Who Execute Hate Crime Laws Is An Enemy Of The People.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as a Law Reformist prepared the Manifesto Mandate 21st Century Bills October 2014. It is a Governing Policies of the Reforms on Politics and Governance for all Countries of the Commonwealth and Non-Commonwealth and the World at large to adopt as governing principles of Law Antecedents in that a Movement is born to direct the value of Human Dignity were Countries are to price their Citizens at Birth, Sick, Mental, Disable, Able And At Death with no other way forward but to reject the principles and the rules of Alien Laws but rather TO ADOPT THE BILL OF CITIZENS EQUALITY RIGHTS AND THE LAW OF LEGAL COMPROMISE for the Merit of A World Free of Human Degradation, Freedom for Man, Justice for Man, Liberation, Man’s Dignity with Honour, Man’s Rights to Social Securities and Social Amenities, Government Sustainability for Man’s Bedrock, Eradication of Government insanity of Oppressive Injustice, Elimination of Alien Laws, Human Empowerment, Human Social Dependency on the Government and a Price paid for Human Value. The Bills —- (1) Introduction Of Social Value For The Citizens Dignity. (2) Legal Aid Assistance For Citizens Legal Justice. (3) Introduction Of The Law Of Legal Compromise To Eradicate Alien Laws. (4) Empowerment Of Social Economic To Build A Sustainable Future. (5) Enforcement Of A Parliamentary System Of Government. (6) Re-Visitation Of Countries Constitutions And Enforcement Of The Rule Of Law. (7) Creation Of Employment. (8) Recognition Of The Voices Of The Unknown For Down Trodden Citizens. (9) Prosecution Of Head Of States For Crimes Against Humanity. (10) Eradication Of Total Poverty. (11) Treaty Alliance With Countries Of The Commonwealth, Europe, America And The World For Citizens Amnesty, Migration And Immigration. (12) Issuance Of Biometric ID Cards To All Citizens. (13) Enforcement Of Social Security And Social Amenities. (14) Citizens Birth Value: Price Paid At Birth For Every Child And Reoccurring Payment Till 18 Years. (15) Citizens Life Value: Price Paid For The Value Of Citizens After Death. (16) Build Social Housing. (17) Creation Of Schools And Academy. (18) Introduction Of Free Health Care System. (19) Introduction Of The Bill Of Citizens Equality Rights. (20) Enforcement Of The Mental Health Patient Rights Act. (21) Permanent Availability Of Power Supply. (22) Development Of Agricultural Industries For Source Of Economic Empowerment. (23) Enforcement Of Free Education For Primary And Secondary Schools. (24) Mandating The Use Of National Identity Cards. (25) Establishment Of Institutions E.G Police, Investigation Bureau, Police Academy, Science Laboratories And Forensic Science. (26) Enforcement Of Prison Reforms. (27) Active Service Of The Criminal Justice System. (28) Eradication Of Child Labour. (29) Enforcement Of The Children Rights Act. (30) Eradication Of Child Prostitution. (31) Prosecution Of Paedophile And Their Placement In A Rehabilitation Academy. (32) Establishment Of Local Industries. (23) Encouragement Of Foreign Industries Establishment. (34) Construction Of Roads And Over Head Bridges. (35) Construction Of Rail Network And Provisions Of Trains.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in her Service as an Independent Diplomat, prepared the Charter to ‘Enforce the Adoption of Independent Diplomat Commission Preambles, Principles and Doctrines’ for the Opencity of her Government in abiding to the Modus Operandi on the Commission Works, Rules, Motto and Goals./ DUTIES OF INDEPENDENT DIPLOMAT COMMISSION IS BOUND: To Observe Legislation Of The States Where IDC Branches Exist As Well As Commonly Recognized Norms And Principles Of International Law That Are Relevant For The Domain Of IDC Activities And The Provisions Stipulated By The Present Charter And Other Constituent Acts. To Collect Data Base Of Common Wealth Citizens Living In The UK, Home And Abroad And Issue Them With Biometric British Commonwealth Soverign Card (BCS Card). IN ORDER TO FULFILL MISSIONS AND PURPOSES STIPULATED BY THE PRESENT CHARTER, IDC May Conduct Other Activities That Are Not Contrary To The United Kingdom Legislation In Force Or Legislation Of Countries Where IDC Branches Exists. THE IDC MEMBERSHIP: MEMBERS RIGHTS AND DUTIES. THE MISSION OF THE IDC; THE PRIMARY MISSIONS OF THE IDC ARE THE FOLLOWING: (1) To Assist All Commonwealth Citizens In The United Kingdom And Elsewhere And Members To Achieve Their Aspirations Without The Unlawful Interference Of The Machineries Of The State. (2) To Promote Mature Civil Society And Democracy Based On The Rule Of Law And Thus To Prevent The Return To Dictatorships. (3) To Assist Formation Of Public Consciousness Based On The Values Of Democracy And Law. (4) To Get Rid Of Dictatorial Patterns And To Establish Firmly Human Rights In Practical Politics And In Public Life. (5) To Promote The Revelation Of The Truth About The Historical Past And Perpetuate The Memory Of The Victims Of Repression Exercised By Dictatorial Regimes In Common Wealth Nations. (6) To Ensure That The United Kingdom Continues To Foster Human Rights Ideals In All Aspects Of Civil And Political Society./ TO FULFILL THE DECLARED MISSIONS, THE IDC SHALL: (7) Coordinate The Activities Of IDC Branches And Member Organizations. (8) Reveal, Publicize And Consider The Information On Those Past Crimes And Mass Human Rights Violations Committed By The Governments That Has Their Direct Or Indirect Ramifications In The Present Time. (9) Assist In The Revealing Of The Truth About Crimes Against Humanity Committed By Governments, About Arbitrary, Illegal Terror-Based Methods Of Governments; Investigate The Causes And Effects Of These Methods. (10) Promote Public Access To The Information Sources (Archives, Library And Museum Collections Etc. (11) Promote Full And Public Moral And Legal Rehabilitation Of Political Repression Victims And Necessary Measures By Government As Well As By Other Parties To Compensate These Persons For The Damage Inflicted On Them And To Grant Them Necessary Social Benefits. (12) Deliver Charitable Assistance To The Needy Victims Of Repression And Legal Representation For These Persons And Their Family Members. (13) Reveal, Publicize And Analyse Information About Nowadays Violations Of Human Rights.14) Participate In Development And Implementation Of The Projects Aimed At The Creation Of Strong Safeguards Against Human Rights Violations. (15) Exercise Peace-Making Activities For Settlement Of Ethnic And Confessional Conflicts. (16) Promote Formation Of Free, Open Democratic Societies Based On The Rule Of Law In The Countries Where IDC Branches Operate.

POWERS OF THE IDC To Fulfil The Declared Missions And Purposes, IDC In Accordance With The Law In Force May: (17) Disseminate Information On Its Activities Unchecked. (18) Assist In Decision-Making By State Authorities And Local Self-Government Bodies As Provided By The Law. (19) Organize And Conduct Meetings, Rallies, Seminars, Parades, Processions And Pickets As Provided By The Law. (20) Fund Mass Media And Run Publishing Business As Provided By The Law. (21) To Represent And Defend Before State Bodies And Local Self-Government Bodies, The Courts Included, As Well As Before Public Organizations Both Its Own Rights And The Lawful Rights And Interests Of Its Members And The Citizens Who Are Members Of The Organizations As Well As Other Citizens. (22) Collect, Scrutinize And Disseminate Information On Human Rights Violations. (23) Exercise In Full Measure All The Powers And Prerogatives By The Current Legislation On Public Associations. (24) Join Public Associations As Their Member; Participate In Public Associations, Form Leagues And Associations With Other Non-Profit Organizations. (25) Maintain Directly International Contacts And Relations, Engage In Contracts And Agreements With Home, Foreign And International Organizations And Private Persons To Run Joint Projects. (26) Engage In Business Operations So Far As It Serves Fulfilment Of Declared Missions And Purposes That Were The Rationale For IDC Creation. Income From IDC Business Operations Shall Be Employed To Fulfil Missions And Purposes Stipulated By The Charter. (27) Establish IDC Personal Scholarships, Prizes and Trophies. (28) Acquire, Trade, Lease Both Material And Other Assets To Outside Organizations And Private Persons That Accomplish Some Work Or Services For IDC. (29) Constitute Business Partnerships, Societies And Other Business Establishments And Acquire Assets For Business Operations. (30) Admission To IDC Membership Is Open For Public Associations Existing As Legal Entities That Are Interested In Joint Realization Of The Missions And Purposes Declared In The Present Charter As Well As Private Persons- Adult Citizens Of The UK, Common Wealth Countries’ Citizens And Persons Without Citizenship But Who Identify With The Aims And Objectives Of The IDC. (31) Membership In IDC Promotes And Encourage National, Ethnic, Religious And Social Integration. (32) Admission To IDC Shall Be Decided By The IDC Board And Shall Be Fulfilled On Voluntary Basis By A Written Application, That Is: [i]Written Application By The Steering Body Of The Public Association, Submitted To IDC Board (For Public Associations). [ii] Individual Written Application By Way Of Completion Of The Relevant Forms Submitted To The Steering Body Of IDC Branch Or Organization (For Private Persons) And Payment Of Registration Fees. (33) IDC Members (Private Persons Or Legal Entities Operating Via Their Authorized Representatives) Have Rights To: [a] Participate In The IDC Activities. [b] Present Suggestions To Any IDC Body On The Matters Concerning Its Activities. [c] Obtain Information Regarding The IDC Planned Actions. [d] Participate In Actions Run By The IDC. [e] Use The IDC’s Recognized Symbols. [f] Participate In The IDC Conferences. [g] Elect And Be Elected To The IDC Governing Council.