Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), An Opposition Government in United Kingdom, Chairman of the Commonwealth Alliance Treaty Commission and President of Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC). She is the Executive Director of the IDC, “A Government In A Government” and is the Central Government of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP). The First British Political Party To Oppose Democratic Government in her Pursuit to Enforce Authority of Divine Right of the Kings for Enforcement of Act Of Politics Government in the 21st Century by 2021. As a Government, not in Power, it simply means we have no access to print Money, so, Members cannot get our Services for Free. They must be paid for, so our Products are available online and prices Unveiled to guide against Fraud. British Naturalized Citizen whose face is very familiar in most homes in United Kingdom (UK) through her regular legal assistance to hundreds of Commonwealth citizens entering UK having various Immigration issues or court representation through her sound litigation attorneys who offers several assistance to citizens of Commonwealth inside UK that are having challenges with either the British Police, Immigration or Home Office over illegal arrests or detention. The Commonwealth Liberation Party’s Myth can never be defeated as it is controlled by the Powers of the Thrones of Great Britain Kingdom. The Myth of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas and her Headship of The Commonwealth Liberation Party has come to Stay, Live and Reign and any attempt by Syndicates and Government Surrogates to stop the Peoples Freedom and Justice will be Stopped. The Truth Is Above Mud Of Lies, United Kingdom Civilization Can No Longer Be Mocked.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas practise Democratic Government of the rooted Myth. She is highly revered for her Political stance, economic acumen, human rights concepts amidst Commonwealth communities for her rich and deep knowledge repertoire all over Europe and UK revealed that she renounced her Nigerian nationality officially January 12, 2015, due to spiritual ideology of Queen Elizabeth 1 living in her which led to her belief, She States —- “I have renounced my Nigerian nationality on January 12, 2015, for British citizenship. I still retain my Nigerian heritage with ancestry rights. My skin may be black, but my mentality is that of a white person due to my deep spiritual inclination with Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, Her Majesty described in Hall of Fame as royal monarch whose name was epochal in world history for her sense of duty, preserving English peace and stability at a personal cost.” She believes in a World A World free of Human Degradation, Freedom for Man, Justice for Man, Liberation, Man’s Dignity with Honour, Man’s Rights to Social Securities and Social Amenities, Government Sustainability for Man’s Bedrock, Eradication of Government insanity of Oppressive Injustice, Elimination of Alien Laws, Human Empowerment, Human Social Dependency on the Government and a Price paid for Human Value. She recalls the Definition of Constitution — “We Hold These Truth To Be Self-Evident, That All Men Are Created Equal, That They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Inalienable Rights, Which Among These Are Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness. That To Secure These Rights That Governments Are Instituted Among Men, Deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed. That Whenever Any Form Of Government Becomes Destructive Of Those Ends, It Shall Be Right Of The People To Alter Or Abolish It, And To Institute New Government, Laying Its Foundations Upon Such Principles, And Organizing Its Powers In Such Form, As Shall Seem To Them Most Likely To Effect Their Safety And Happiness”./ — By Thomas Jefferson (3rd US President 1743 – 1826). She Quotes: — United Kingdom is an Empire whose Myth is founded by the Knights and Knowledge of the Aristocrats. United Kingdom is now a Police State as No One Is safe/ — People of United Kingdom are warned to be Vigilant as ‘Evil is working in the Shadows of Light’ because ‘Injustice is Chartered as Laws’ – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas./ — Truth Is Above Mud Of Lies, so United Kingdom Civilization can no longer be Mocked – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Government as Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party and (ii) The Chieftain of The Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission and (iii) The Royal Mother of Nations of Commonwealth, she stand strongly to protect the Virtues of her Office and People and has just three (3) main objectives — (i) Dissolve the European Club and Reinstate the Power of the Divine Rights Of King./ — (ii) Kill Democracy an Institution and institute the Acts Of Politics because Democracy is a Bandit Style of Government stolen by British Rogue Politian’s after the beheading of King Charles I./ — (iii) Create the Amalgamation of Britain, America, Canada and Australia and return home our lost Colonial Sons who force mastered themselves to claim a destructive Sovereignty by the institution a Democracy from their Lust Ideologies because a Terrorist Oliver Conwell robbed King Charles I, of his Throneship of the great Kingdom of Britain leading to the false separation that lead to American Independent.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the Greatest Revolutionary of the 21st Century, a Genius in the Myth, the Greatest Knowledge on Earth and the Greatest Philosopher History has ever known. Institutions created evolved from Her Knowledgeable Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thought for 21st Century Revolutionary Change. She founded and Pioneered the Following Multinational Outreach Service Providers Listed Below:

1 The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) April 2011 Political Party Politics And Governance
2 Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) May 2007 Political Party Politics, Governance And Legal
3 Santism Religion (SR) December 2015 Religion Humanity, Spiritism And Divinity
4 Protectorate Police Commission (PPC) March 2009 Policing Citizens Protection
5 Protectorate Identity Commission (PIC) May 2015 Identity Identity Card Service
6 Magna Carta Compensation Commission (MCC) August 2014 Insurance Welfare Service
7 Union Of Journalist Patriot (UJP) October 2015 Broadcast Information Distribution
8 Manifesto Mandate 21st Century August 2014 Political Platform Campaign Service
9 Instruments Of Law Packs (IOL) September 2014 Legal Legal Service
10 International Migrant Association (IMA) March 2010 Legal Immigration Litigation
11 Advocacy Consultants (AC) November 2008 Legal Civil Litigation
12 CWC Prisoners Advocate (CPA) March 2009 Legal Criminal Litigation
13 Parent Voice Advocate (PVA) July 2014 Legal Family Litigation
14 Council Of Justice Commission (CJA) June 2014 Legal General Litigation
15 Mental Health Justice (MHJ) September 2013 Legal  Mental Health Litigation
16 Masters Of Discipline Database (MOD) August 2014 Job Platform Employment Service
17 National Liberalism Platform (NLP)  October 2014 Self-Advocacy Platform Advocacy Service
18 CWC Civil Police (CCP) August 2014 Security Civil Policing
19 Independent Watchdog Police (IWP) August 2014 Security Criminal Enforcement
20 Employment Bureau (EB) October 2014 Agency Employment Service
21 Agent Bureau (AB) May 2014 Agency General Contracting Service
22 Black Race Light Association (BRLA) April  1997 Charity Social Care Service
23 Independent Universal Academy (IUA) August 2003 Academy Educational Services
24 NUAB SCHEME April 2000 Charity Human Rights Service
25 PEOPLES BILL October 2015 Politics Enforcement Reform
26 PATRIOT BILL October 2015 Politics Enforcement Act
27 EQUALITY BILL October 2015 Politics Enforcement Act
28 MANIFESTO BILL October 2014 Politics Legislative Act
29 CHARTER May 2007 Governance Public Administration Service
30 WORLD ANTHEM October 2014 Governance National Service


Justification to the Peoples Will and your Service of Truth is expected and non-connivance with Politicians to enforce Hate Crimes Legislations. All Men of this Era are Coward Babies buttered by Piece of Paper Money from the printing machine, so they like their comfort and watch United Kingdom as a Country turned into a Game of Chess, by Men from Bandits background like David Cameron an Ancestral product of Slaves ownership. The worst profession is Human Slavery, so the British People allowing Mr. Cameron rule them is a Cartelistic flaw waiting to destroy United Kingdom just as Hitler destroyed the German People. United Kingdom Government has brought shame to her Citizens and Commonwealth. The Monarchy has brought shame to her Commonwealth and failed the Commonwealth. The Police Institution is lust for Political Appointments allowing herself Institutionalised into Political Confraternity. —- She Quotes: “We cannot blind the People, deny them Eyesight; the vague is a cartelistic flaw because illiterates now govern Britain, and this insanity of Men dangerousity to Human Race will not grow their Gem in Place of great Eye Men in which I am the Headship of 21st Century Total Transformation and my silent will bring Jeopardy, denying Humans Protection and Security the values I so believed must be defended till my death, so I will not compromise Truth for Corruption, and playing in my field is a bomb of Truth”./ —- PARLIAMENT ARE POWERED BY THE BRITISH BILL OF RIGHTS 1686 AND SAME CONFERS TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE AND HER COMMONWEALTH. THE PEOPLES BILL OF WILL UNCOMPROMISABLE MUST STAND AS ENTHRONED BY THE DEFINITION OF CONSTITUTION. RETROGRESSING TO MYTHOLOGY, UNITED KINGDOM ALMOST LOST THE 2ND WORLD WAR BUT SURVIVED IT WITH THE AID OF THEIR AMERICAN FAMILIES.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas wrote the World Anthem for Justice Commensuration in Dignity of Service to Man in adherence the future hold only by the myth of the Heroes Past. To Serve in Nobility. The Anthem Lyrics: —- Our Heroes Past – We Obey Thy Will – Dignity The Pride Of Honour – Your Command Is Our Protocol Observance – We Obey Thy Commands As Our Forefathers – Any Man Who So Ever Dares The Ark And Act Of Justice – We Shall Pursue Justice For The Oppressed Man – We Honour The Land Of Great – Upholdment Of Justice As Singled Upon Us – As A People, As A Nation And One World – As Justice The Will Of The People We Stand – Freedom The Rights Of The Nation – Liberty The Songs Of Grace – Solidarity Our Must Mandate – Long Live Our Heroes Past – Grace Be Upon Us – As We Declare Truth In Honour Amen.


To Heal The Wound And Pains Of The Oppress which is now enforceable, because it is evidential that the Magna Carta Compensation Scheme is the only Appraisals that must be consented and payment duly rewarded and awarded to the Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries who are the Sons of Grace AS THE WILL OF MAGNA CARTA HAS BEEN BROKEN AND MAGNA CARTA THE LAW OF MAN’S FREE WILL LIBERTY TO BE FREE HAS BEEN BREACHED AND THE GOD’S OF THE WORLD MUST BE APPEAL TO FORGIVE HIS SONS OF RULERSHIP to breed the Sanity to live and their Souls be allowed eternal life for rebirth. Therefore, to Appeal the Vengeance of Magna Carta which is the Hunt of the Ghost of King John of 1215 and the Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I (who died over 500 years), then Appraisal must be consented and sacrifice of dues to be paid to man is a must mandate. OPPRESSIVE INJUSTICE HAS DENIED MAN THE SANITY TO BE HUMAN’S AND HAS MADE MAN LIVE IN AN UNREAL WORLD AS SUCH MAN HAS BEEN INHUMANE TO MAN. We All As A Race Must Be Very Careful As The Creation Of The World And All The Gods And Main God, Obey And Observe Their Individual Doctrines. MAGNA CARTA DECLARATION 1215; No Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disposed of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will. We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, by lawful judgement of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land. We shall sell to no man; we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right. We shall sell to no man; we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.

THE WORLD BELONGS TO NO ONE!!! THE GOD OF VENGEANCE IS WAITING TO FIGHT THE GOD OF POVERTY AND THE SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE IS WAITING TO WAR THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY and THE CONSEQUENCES ARE THE HEADS OF GOVERNMENT WILL FACE RETRIBUTION WITH KAMAR in revenge of their stupidity and THE SINS OF THE WORLD WILL BURY THEIR CONSCIENCE IN FOOLISHNESS and their soul will not be given a second chance to have their dreams of the afterlife. ASSUMED MEN OF HONOUR AND MEN OF GREAT SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF MAN’S OPPRESSION AGAINST MAN IN THE 21ST CENTURY. NOW IS THE TIME FOR DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE TO EXCEL FROM PODIUM AND DEPLOY ITS STEM TO THE MARGINALIZED where the Human Ruins and the Poorest Concentrate. Your Eternal Visitation To Life On Earth By Birth and Your Eternal Liberation From Earth By Death After Departure From The World Is Evidence That Before Your Birth On Earth The World Awaited Your Coming And After Your Death On Earth The After World will also be Expecting Your Return. MAN MUST LOVE HIMSELF TO BE ABLE TO EXTEND LOVE TO ANOTHER MAN AS BROTHERHOOD BOND MUST NOT NECESSARILY BE BY BLOOD LINEAGE. People Soul, Spirit and afterlife is also at the mercy of Nature the MYSTERY that knocks on your door when your time to die is due. EVERY MAN HAS A BIRTH RIGHTS AS CITIZENS OF A COUNTRY BORN IN THE LAND OF THE WORLD.


The Demagogue Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Voice continues her Loudness wakening up the Values and Virtues of the People of Commonwealth, with her Amass Wealth of Knowledge, she confirmed that the British Conservative Ruling Government never gave the People of Commonwealth Independent rather they gave them Sovereignty. She heroes her Authority in submission, that her Party The Commonwealth Liberation Party gave the People of Commonwealth Nations Freedom by Unlocking the Code of Knowledge. She enshrined her Justice Pursuit as an Oracle, affirmed she is a British Ancient Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I Reincarnation from the 15th Century disguised in the Body of a Black woman. She declared her Silence will bring Jeopardy, as she will no longer be quite to watch her British Families Depower Colour Peoples Civilization Enrichment. Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Unveil her Scheme, The Commonwealth Regeneration Brigadier’ in her Mandate to relocate People of the Commonwealth Nations back to their African Continent, Asia and Caribbean for Nations Building, to recreate Heaven Towers Settlement in their Ancestral Land in preparation to purge them out of Europe working as Willing Slaves in a Conventional Deceit Diplomacy because of failures from their Government. She reveals that her White British and European Families do not know the Virtues and Values of Black People and Colored People. She pronounces predicted as an Oracle that in the Year 2035 the White Man will beg to see Colored People in their Land and Settlement. The Commonwealth Writ of Justice is now enforced by The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) and she has summoned the UK Banks must release aforesaid Monies frozen in coercion of Legislative Confraternity by Conservative Party to depower Coloured Peoples Civilization Enrichment. The Commonwealth Liberation Party has commissioned the Protectorate Identity Commission (PIC) her Agency who has now Unveiled the British Commonwealth Sovereign Card for Commonwealth Citizens identification, so on this basis, the Banks are able to verify Persons’ Identity and in quicken resolution to release Commonwealth Peoples Monies without causing them hardship.


The Demagogue Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas This is 21st Century Democracy is an Autocratic Government, in that Democracy must die by 2021 and the Mythological Truth will teach you Political Knowledge lacked, so Politicians of destitute Homes will no longer brainwash the Police. She Quotes: —- My Government visioned Britain’s Future, ‘Drag The Wagon Back To The Past Before Pushing The Concession Of The Further Or Rather Into The Future’ or else the Open Coffins shall grave our Unborn Children, if we allow Few Men dares our Iron Steel. —- The Prorogation Of Justice Requires Leadership Courtesy Of Impunity Law To Mandate The Rule Of Law Effectisation Of Equality Without Debarment Of Peoples Right To Overturn The Rulership Of Few Men Over The Majority Of Mass Submission – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas./ —- We cannot blind the People, deny them Eyesight; the vague is a cartelistic flaw because illiterates now govern Britain, and this insanity of Men dangerousity to Human Race will not grow their Gem in Place of great Eye Men in which I am the Headship of 21st Century Total Transformation and my silent will bring Jeopardy, denying Humans Protection and Security the values I so believed must be defended till my death, so I will not compromise Truth for Corruption, and playing in my field is a bomb of Truth.

The British Democratic Government Institution is not formidable enough to hold their Sovereignty and hence democratic Parliament is doom to collapse as the demise of the Kings Charles I, instigated the breakout of British American Civil War in triumph of the Nations of American’s Independent break away from United Kingdom; Hence British on American assignment rejected returning Home since the Kings Charles death and Democracy as Government was conceptualizes enforcing the British Monarch King Charles II to sigh and accept Constitutional Monarch automatically this values breached Kings Charles assertion of the Divine Right of Kings. The ASSIGNMENT and TASK and EXECUTION of its Justice Protocol Observance as a result of Britain withdrawal from EU Club is enforceable on the Police Commissioner and his Office intervention in and conjoint collaboration with State Security Services to hold United Kingdom on the break to collapse and secure her Sovereignty. Your Office involvement in this Political Cold Wars will turmoil Britain Reconnaissance of reborn to her Self-Governing without outside intervention and in turn assist the Politicians sorts their State of Insanity in deciding outcomes of way forward with our interest on Self-wants. DEMOCRACY DEATH AND ACT OF POLITICS BIRTH; In our pursuit and must and be enforced by 2021, the New System Of Government is invoked by The Commonwealth Liberation Party for Practice and effectisation by Queen and Country and her Commonwealth for British Heritage. Watch Full Video on Alexia Thomas Television at: http://www.alexiathomastelevision.net/democracy-death-and-act-of-politics-birth/. In adversary Parliament will agree, Democracy is less than 600 years old and has failed the People and Country and the World.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as a Genius invented and created Instruments of Law Packages a 21st Century Revolutionary Online Legal Packages for Enforcement of Migration, Nationality and Authority to use British Status And Title In The Global World which amongst are the British Commonwealth Sovereign Card (BCS Card); An International Identity Card For Global Use For Nationals From Any Country and British National Sovereign Card (BNS Card); Identity Card For Protection Of Rights If Previous Nationality Is Denounced For British Nationality. It Allotment is available for those interested to apply, can get directives from the Protectorate Identity Website at http://www.protectorateidentity.org/ to safeguard their Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Every Commonwealth Citizens and Non-Commonwealth Citizens are advised to Protect themselves by Enrolling for British Commonwealth Sovereign Card. Powered by British Bill of Rights 1689 for Recognition of Rights in A Globalised Sustenance Of Economic Relations in Compliance with Article 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 22 And 23 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948. The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Platform leverage Rights to integrate in United Kingdom with International Federalistic Political Approach. British Commonwealth Sovereign Card Protect And Save Guard Individuality. The 21st Century Revolutionary Online Legal Packages; Description of Instruments of Law Packages are Unveil on TheIDC System Technology Store At: http://www.theidc.org.uk/products/ – Register for Online Portal Account At: http://www.idcmember.org/ – Access Store At: http://packages.theidc.org.uk


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas told the British People and the Conservative Party Ruling Government that we will exist without the EU. They will and must be subjected to our Authority because we made them who they are after the 2nd World War. The EU cajoled us into a Club that was meant for the Generosity of Humanism, but little did we know their Club was a blood sucking Mongos to steal our Heritage and subject our British Nation to a Protectorate. On this occasion, going by the list of Candidates aligned for the, Theresa May is the best Candidate, the Greatest and the Mightiest and I therefore command every other Candidate to step down and do not match Prime Minister Theresa May for a Competition, because she has been chosen and ordained to lead the British People in their quest to take Authority as the Head of the World. She saluted her courage as a Tempestuous Woman who has so much Sagacity, Power, Authority that in no connotation I Pronounce that the Identity of the Woman Theresa May, that she may be as Feeble as a Woman, she is one woman that could match 1 Million Men./ — She told the British People to fear not. — “I say unto you, give your Votes to Theresa May and you shall have no cause to be alarmed”. She confirmed her announcement was divinely motivated as an Oracle, as a Messenger of Truth, the Goddess of Love and the Defender of the Universe, that on this occasion that the World is at War testing their Nuclear Powers with Dictators like President Donald Trump of America, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jun-Un the Leader of North Korea, there is no other person that could match the game of chess than the one and only English Goddess Prime Minister Theresa May. She affirmed Prime Minister Theresa May’s involvement in Politics is not by mistake, but it has been carefully ordained by divinity for the British War of the Battle of Armageddon, as history the Myth of the Future declares her to hold the Baton of Authority and reclaim British Authority and Sovereignty as a Free People and uphold their Voice in Ponderosity.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Quotes As Follows; —- Vote By Democracy Is Count Of The Majority And Unidentified Majority Will Mean The UK General Election Would Be A Sham./ — Our Bricks Must Be Solid, Our Walls Must Be Firm, Our Decision Is Ponderous And Our Will Must Be Tempestuous./ — Principle Without Emotion Is Not Cruelty, But The Act To Embrace Emotion Is The Destruction Of Self-Determinism; It’s A Me, Do Or Die Affair. — By Her Knowledgeable Prof. Alexia Thomas./ —- Embracing a Model and Government Reformation, the Security of the Leader is the Future and Greatness of the United Kingdom, because Prime Minister Theresa May is the Voice, the Hope and the Future to Turbine the Wheel of Authority./ — Men cannot be trusted, hence EU is facing a Disaster, hence the World is bemused that United Kingdom regains her lost glories lost in the slump of a failed ideology of European Union the jokers of Europe, hence Political Rivals could be a Threat, since everybody has Divided Ideologies, in that Theresa May’s Ideology cannot be contended with.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as a Defender Of The Universe has pioneered the Death of Democracy and the Birth of Act of Politics to be actualised by 2021. – She States; “Democracy Is Not The Rule Of Law In Favour Of The People Rather It Is Conceptualise By Power Greed From Ordinary Citizens Of All Nation To Unleash Their Ideas Either Vague Or Porous”. THE REAL LEADERSHIP IS THE ACT OF POLITICS. The Act of Politics is an Academic Cathedral were Citizens who have views for Governance with interest in Leadership can be nurtured for Leadership just like the way Monarchs are nurtured for the Throne. The Act of Politics is a Country’s own Reforms where Politicians are being breed to better their Ideologies for the interest of their Citizens. THE ACT OF POLITICS DEFINITION: IS ‘LEADERSHIP BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE’. The Acts of Politics is an ‘Ideology Rebirth’ that fumed in the mind of Queen Elizabeth I, the Mother of all Commonwealth Nations before her death in the 15th Century. The Meaning Of Leadership, The Truth In Leadership, The Culture Of Leadership, The Birth Of Leadership, The Merit In Leadership, The Growth Of Leadership, The Reward Of Leadership, The Commitment In Leadership. All Nations of the World Are Advised To Enforce The Act Of Politics for the grooming of Governments and Crown Servants before they can be allowed in Parliaments, House of Assemblies and Government Offices to lead the People for the Country’s Vision. The Qualities Of Politicians Groomed By The Act Of Politics Are: Leadership with knowledge, Leadership with Sincerity, Leadership with Integrity, Leadership with Purpose, Leadership with Vision. Democracy In Politics Is Leadership With Illiteracy. JUNTA POLITICS: Junta Politics is a Guerrilla Tactics Politics; when you wrestle your opposition by weakening their policies at the expense of your greed. This is 21st Century; ‘Junta Politics Will No Longer Be Permitted Because The Opposition Quest For Using Junta Politics Is Not For The Interest Of Government Of Any Nation’.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas wrote the “ENACTMENT MANDATE AND EXISTING ACTS RECONCILIATION in November 2015: The Bills Are: — (1) Open The Borders For Commonwealth Citizens And Their Nations For Global Social Integration. (2) Allow Commonwealth Citizens Unlimited Travel To All The Nations Of The Commonwealth And Compel Commonwealth Unity And Brotherhood Bond Hence Enforcing Bilateral Trade Dealings Amongst Themselves For Internship Development. (3) Enforce The Commonwealth Sovereignty Act Granting Provision Of Free Settlement In The United Kingdom. (4) Abolish International Student Fees. (5) Commonwealth Affairs Relegation To Commonwealth And Foreign Office And Debarment Of Secretary Of State For Home Office Intervention. (6) Annul Immigration Legislation Laws. (7) Grant Parents Act Empowering Their Right To Discipline Their Children As It Stands In 1935. (8) Enactment Of Humanity Studies In Educational Syllabus For Humanity Courses From Elementary Grade To Tertiary Grade. Enforcement Of Criminal Justice Act Impunity For Prison Penalisation Not Exceeding 5 Years Maximum. (9) Grant Prisoners Amnesty [Offences Of Murder, Drug And Paedophile Are Immune] (i0) Immigrants Detention Ban On Effect From The 28th February 2016. (11) Depoliticize Passport Office Association With The Home Office To Her Independent Status As An Executive Agency. Unionship With Home Office Is A Conflagration And Breached The Privacy Act Of Persons. (12) Taxation Reduction On Council Tax, Income Tax And VAT At 20% To Redemption Of 5% Capping Economy Drainship. (13) Parents Rights Enactment Depowering The State Powers To Adopt Children Of Living Parents but Relegated only To Adopt Children Of Dead Parents. (14) Enactment Of Communal Act Stopping The Powers Of Social Services Separating Children And Families. (15) Enforcement Of Social Communication Act For Prisoners Access To Mobile Phones And Laptops While On Penal Sentences. (16) Enforcement Of Prisoners Privacy Act For Prisoners Association With Spouses And Children (Maximum Bonding Time Is 72 Hrs) At Prisons Motels. (17) Abolishment Of The Mental Health Act.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Pronounce as the Election of 8th of June 2017 draws closer, barely six weeks to Voting, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas calls every Citizens of the United Kingdom, every Citizens of the Commonwealth Nations and all British Political Parties to stand at ease and give their Votes to the one and only Theresa May, that — She Will, She Must and She Would be British Prime Minister for 2017. She Declared that Theresa May is a “A Must Mandate UK Prime Minister For 2017, British And Commonwealth Citizens Cast Your Votes”. She Pronounces that “We as United Kingdom, her People, her Citizens, the Government and its VERITAS of Authority, we must not allow our Statute of Authority to be imprisoned by the EU monstrous illusion of Hypocritical Theory that without them we cannot exist as a Nation. She declared that History is about to be made as United Kingdom takes back her Sovereignty. The United Kingdom is the World, United Kingdom is the Globe, United Kingdom is the Giant and the Hunk that brought Civilization Cradle to the entire World in generality. She says The European Union (EU) are shanks because they live by the strength of the British People, the British Power, the British Economy and the British Industrialization.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas recognizes the Scars, Wear and Tear that Men, Women and Children have endured from Generation to Generation due to Government Despotic Laws. Her Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thoughts is instituted to recreate the New World of her Preposition. She Quotes: —- “Nature Is Unfair To Create Some Educated And Some Illiterates, Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Predators And To Make Some Preys, Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Rich And To Make Some Poor, Nature Is Unfair To Create Black People And To Create White People, Nature Is Unfair To Makes Some Tall And To Make Some Short, Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Fat And To Make Some Thin, Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Smart And To Make Some Dull, Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Men And To Make Some Women, Nature Is Unfair To Make Some Ugly And To Make Some Beautiful, Nature Is Unfair To Make Some People Die; Therefore Who Is Nature” Be The Thinker And Not The Looker!!!/ —- A Man Has A Mind. A Man Has A Brain, A Man Has Conscience, A Man Has Moods, A Man Has Anger, A Man Has Empathy, A Man Is Evil, A Man Is Wicked, A Man Knows The Rules By Reading And Understanding. A Man Observes Protocol By Observing The Doctrines. The Slates Of Teachings Is A Mandate, Government And People Obey As Directed. She pronounces that her Party The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) are the Brigadiers Steering the Affirmation of the Battle Of Armageddon. She Quotes —- “We are Duty Bound To Disband Democracy And Mandate The Act Of Politics. We are Pioneering The Law Of Legal Compromise And Enforce The Bill Of Citizens Equality Rights And Abolish All Alien Laws . We Are Enforcers Of Justice And Shall Propagate The Human Rights Police An Enforcement Of The Manifesto Mandate 21st Century. Justice The Bill And Rights Of The Peoples Appraisal Is Our Mandate”./ — She is also called the Defender Of The Universe views on POIGNANCY of Why Democracy as an act of Government must Die for the Resurrection of the Act Of Politics. She Quotes: — “Tyranny Of Government Is Their Disability Of The Mind, Mediocrity And Of Illusional Hypocrisy”./ — Death Of Constitution And Enforcement Of The Bill Of Politics — By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas — ‘ACT OF POLITICS’ to Replace ‘DEMOCRACY’; ‘BILL OF POLITICS’ to Replace ‘CONSTITUTION’./ — The Westerners Should Not Think Because They Speak English Makes Them Educated, Rather The Modern Day English Is Spoken Because Of Extinction Of The Aristocrats In The 16th Century./ —- The English That Held The Throne Of Britain And Colony Has Been Lost , As A Result Of Great Britain’s Prodigal Sons Quested To Rule The Kingdom Whose Foundation Was Formed From The Knowledge Of The Aristocrats — By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas./ — Since The Death Of Great Britain’s Aristocrats In The 16th Century, Civilisation And The Will To Enforce Relationship Amongst Other Nations Is A Game Of Chess Ridiculed As Parliament Has Been Run By The Men From Ordinary Homes./ — Great Britain Has Been Governed By Illiterates As Parliamentarians, Think Politics Is A Showmanship. In Their Lust Delusional Ideology Of Government Called Democracy And This Has Failed The People, Failed Humanity, Failed The Nations, Instead Brought Destruction Upon Humanity In Entirety./ — The Theory Of Democracy Evolved By Parliamentarians Ideology Due To Their Greed To Run The Kingdom Of Greatness Like A House Of Party Filled With Fillers And Mullers. It Is Time To Draw A Line And Educate All And Sundry./ —- Democracy Is Dead And Has To Be Buried./ — Politics Is Dead And The Rebirth Is The Acts Of Politics.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is the British First Coloured Woman with Embodiment to Leverage Black Inequality and slavery by enforcement of the global British nationalist movement (NBM) through Peerages and Prerogatives granted to Commonwealth Citizens by Honorarium assigned unto them by her Independent Universal Academy (IUA) and the Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP). She Quotes: — The Prorogation Of Justice Requires Leadership Courtesy Of Impunity Law To Mandate The Rule Of Law Effectisation Of Equality Without Debarment Of Peoples Right To Overturn The Rulership Of Few Men Over The Majority Of Mass Submission./ — My Government visioned Britain’s Future, ‘Drag The Wagon Back To The Past Before Pushing The Concession Of The Further Or Rather Into The Future’ or else the Open Coffins shall grave our Unborn Children, if we allow Few Men dares our Iron Steel./ — DEMOCR ACY DEATH AND ACT OF POLITICS BIRTH; In our pursuit and must be enforced by 2021, the New System Of Government is invoked by The Commonwealth Liberation Party for Practice and effectisation by Queen and Country and her Commonwealth for British Heritage./ — WE CANNOT BLIND THE PEOPLE, DENY THEM EYESIGHT; The Vague is a Cartelistic Flaw because illiterates now govern Britain, and this insanity of Men dangerously to Human Race will not grow their Gem in Place of great Eye Men in which I am the Headship of 21st Century Total Transformation and my silent will bring Jeopardy, denying Humans Protection and Security the values I so believed must be defended till my death, so I will not compromise Truth for Corruption, and playing in my field is a bomb of Truth.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as a Law Reformist prepared the Manifesto Mandate 21st Century Bills. It is a Governing Policies of the Reforms on Politics and Governance for all Countries of the Commonwealth and Non-Commonwealth and the World at large to adopt as governing principles of Law Antecedents in that a Movement is born to direct the value of Human Dignity were Countries are to price their Citizens at Birth, Sick, Mental, Disable, Able And At Death with no other way forward but to reject the principles and the rules of Alien Laws but rather TO ADOPT THE BILL OF CITIZENS EQUALITY RIGHTS AND THE LAW OF LEGAL COMPROMISE for the Merit of A World Free of Human Degradation, Freedom for Man, Justice for Man, Liberation, Man’s Dignity with Honour, Man’s Rights to Social Securities and Social Amenities, Government Sustainability for Man’s Bedrock, Eradication of Government insanity of Oppressive Injustice, Elimination of Alien Laws, Human Empowerment, Human Social Dependency on the Government and a Price paid for Human Value. The Bills — (1) Introduction Of Social Value For The Citizens Dignity. (2) Legal Aid Assistance For Citizens Legal Justice. (3) Introduction Of The Law Of Legal Compromise To Eradicate Alien Laws. (4) Empowerment Of Social Economic To Build A Sustainable Future. (5) Enforcement Of A Parliamentary System Of Government. (6) Re-Visitation Of Countries Constitutions And Enforcement Of The Rule Of Law. (7) Creation Of Employment. (8) Recognition Of The Voices Of The Unknown For Down Trodden Citizens. (9) Prosecution Of Head Of States For Crimes Against Humanity. (10) Eradication Of Total Poverty. (11) Treaty Alliance With Countries Of The Commonwealth, Europe, America And The World For Citizens Amnesty, Migration And Immigration. (12) Issuance Of Biometric ID Cards To All Citizens. (13) Enforcement Of Social Security And Social Amenities. (14) Citizens Birth Value: Price Paid At Birth For Every Child And Reoccurring Payment Till 18 Years. (15) Citizens Life Value: Price Paid For The Value Of Citizens After Death. (16) Build Social Housing. (17) Creation Of Schools And Academy. (18) Introduction Of Free Health Care System. (19) Introduction Of The Bill Of Citizens Equality Rights. (20) Enforcement Of The Mental Health Patient Rights Act. (21) Permanent Availability Of Power Supply. (22) Development Of Agricultural Industries For Source Of Economic Empowerment. (23) Enforcement Of Free Education For Primary And Secondary Schools. (24) Mandating The Use Of National Identity Cards. (25) Establishment Of Institutions E.G Police, Investigation Bureau, Police Academy, Science Laboratories And Forensic Science. (26) Enforcement Of Prison Reforms. (27) Active Service Of The Criminal Justice System. (28) Eradication Of Child Labour. (29) Enforcement Of The Children Rights Act. (30) Eradication Of Child Prostitution. (31) Prosecution Of Paedophile And Their Placement In A Rehabilitation Academy. (32) Establishment Of Local Industries. (23) Encouragement Of Foreign Industries Establishment. (34) Construction Of Roads And Over Head Bridges. (35) Construction Of Rail Network And Provisions Of Trains.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas wrote the “INTERNATIONAL BILL OF PATRIOT MANDATE in October 2015”. The LEGISLATIVE DECREE Are: — (1) The Federalism Of The Commonwealth Union Goals Must Be Upheld. (2) The Government Obscenity And Legalized Despotism Undermines Legislative Integrity And The Status Quo Of Law. (3) The Adherence Of The Universal Declaration Of 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable And Commonwealth Government Disobedient Is Obscenity. (4) The United Kingdom Ruling Government Disregardment To The Commonwealth Treaty Is A Violation Of The Commonwealth Nation Sovereignty Act. (5) The Commonwealth Citizens Social Integration In The World International Relations Is A Justice Mandate And Any Hate Crime Pursuit To Oust Commonwealth Citizen Through Segregation Bills Must Not Be Condone By Any Commonwealth Government. (6) The Commonwealth Treaty Compels Commonwealth Nations To Observe Royal Reward To United Kingdom Monarch And Government; Hence Detention And Deportation Of Commonwealth Citizens From The United Kingdom Breaches Article 9, 13, And 15 Of The UDHR 1948 And This Makes United Kingdom A Failed State. (7) The United Kingdom Government From 1962 to 2015 Has Failed Her Federalism Oath Of Treaty With Her Commonwealth Nation; This Breaches Depicts Freedom And Sovereignty Is In Discrepancy And The Commonwealth Nations Must Stand For The Bills Of Citizens Equality Rights Of Their People Or Else Anarchy A New Face Of Change Will Throw The Mud At Reparation And The Commonwealth Citizens Uprise Shall Stand For Itself. (8) All Nations Of The Commonwealth Are Under Adherence To Observe Legislative Decree And Give Full Premise To The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 As This Supersedes Any Law And Constitutional Hindrance. (9) Commonwealth High Commissions In The UK Must Not, Should Not And Cannot Participate With UK Immigrations On Deportation Bills Regarding Their Citizens Or Failure Becomes A Confederalism Crime. (10) Pursuit Of Justice And Equality Rights For Nations Of Commonwealth And Their Citizens Home And In Diaspora Is A Mandate, Failure Means The Government In Power Lacks Political Mythology And Not Fit To Be A Government. (11) Government Ignorance Of The UDHR 1948 Treaty Is A Government In Ruin And The Lack Of Mythology Means Such Government Is Unfit To Govern. (12) The Mobilization Of A Commonwealth Unity And Their Compliance With The Universal Declaration Of UDHR 1948 Is A Mandate And Their Government Defection From Hate Crime Laws Of Exile And Deportation Of Their Citizens From The United Kingdom Must Not Be Compromise. (13) Commonwealth Nations Government Who Involves With Issuance Of Deportation Certificates Is Committing A Crime And From The 28th September 2015 Must Disengage From Hate Crime Coercion In The Diaspora Or Face The Squad Of Their Citizens Justice Uprise.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas wrote the “EQUALITY BILL AND JUSTICE ENFORCEMENT RULE in October 2015”. The Bills Are: — (1) Party Bureaucracy To Segregate Persons By Colour, Race And Language Is An Obscenity. Shame It Out. (2) Government In Breach Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Convention 1948 Is Committing A Confederalism Crime. (3) The Segregation Of Persons’ With Rights Of Sovereignty Is A Hate Crime. (4) The Detention Of Commonwealth Citizens In Immigration Camp Is A Criminal Offence And An Act To Depower Coloured People Civilisation Enrichment. (5) Hate Crime Bills And Laws Are Legalised Despotism; Stamp It Out. (6) The Law Of Magna Carta Is A Treaty Enforceable By The Ruling And Non-Ruling Party. (7) Article 9, “No Man Shall Be Exile Or Deported” and Article 13 and Article 15 Of UDHR 1948 Is A Treaty Enforceable. (8) Crown Servants In Contravention with the UDHR 1948, Who Partake In Discrimination And Hate Crime Bill Is An Enemy Of The State, A Commonwealth Racist, An Inciter Of Hate Crime And A Committal Of Treason. (9) Commonwealth Citizens Rights Of Residence In The UK Is Not A Must But A Mandate. (10) Any One Who Deny Commonwealth Citizens Their Rights Of Residence Deserve It Not For Themselves. (11) The Free World Is For All And Sundry. (12) Any One Seen To Be Engaging In Criticising Commonwealth Citizens Rights Of Residence In The United Kingdom Is An Enemy Of The British Ancient Rights And An Extremist Of The Law Of Magna Carta. (13) In Recognitions Of Rights, All Are Born Free. (14) Government Who Execute Hate Crime Laws Is An Enemy Of The People.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Voices — “ Justice I strive and The Commonwealth Liberation Party I steer the Ship, I am not the Problem instead but the Solution to Resolve the Problems of United Kingdom and her Commonwealth Nations Migration Crisis as our Party Name clearly Signifies”. — “Regarding Mental Health, I Pronounced, I have never been Mad at No Time, though accused of having Delusion Disorder, a coined name to destroy my Credibility and in my Quest of Justice and in my Pursuit of Truth. I came against Tyranny of Men whose intention is to steal my Honours. I am the Sanest Woman and the Greatest Philosophy to emerge in the 21st Century. The World has awakened in my New Ideology” – ‘Humanity and Human Race’. — She Quote: “I, the Justice Pioneer should not be undermined as they should have known my Barriers are not their Platform; This is serious Ridicule and Mockery to British Civilisation”. The God of Men should watch out as the Dragon of Hell is being controlled in the Body of Man to destroy the World. All Criminal allegations me failed because ‘THE VOICE OF JUSTICE WILL ALWAYS RISE ABOVE THE TIDES OF TYRANNY AND TRUTH IS THE MEEK OF AUTHORITY’.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in her Service as an Independent Diplomat, prepared the Charter to ‘Enforce the Adoption of Independent Diplomat Commission Preambles, Principles and Doctrines’ for the Opencity of her Government in abiding to the Modus Operandi on the Commission Works, Rules, Motto and Goals. DUTIES OF INDEPENDENT DIPLOMAT COMMISSION IS BOUND: To Observe Legislation Of The States Where IDC Branches Exist As Well As Commonly Recognized Norms And Principles Of International Law That Are Relevant For The Domain Of IDC Activities And The Provisions Stipulated By The Present Charter And Other Constituent Acts. To Collect Data Base Of Common Wealth Citizens Living In The UK, Home And Abroad And Issue Them With Biometric Commonwealth National Identity Card (CNI). IN ORDER TO FULFILL MISSIONS AND PURPOSES STIPULATED BY THE PRESENT CHARTER, IDC May Conduct Other Activities That Are Not Contrary To The United Kingdom Legislation In Force Or Legislation Of Countries Where IDC Branches Exists. THE IDC MEMBERSHIP: MEMBERS RIGHTS AND DUTIES. THE MISSION OF THE IDC; THE PRIMARY MISSIONS OF THE IDC ARE THE FOLLOWING: (1) To Assist All Commonwealth Citizens In The United Kingdom And Elsewhere And Members To Achieve Their Aspirations Without The Unlawful Interference Of The Machineries Of The State. (2) To Promote Mature Civil Society And Democracy Based On The Rule Of Law And Thus To Prevent The Return To Dictatorships. (3) To Assist Formation Of Public Consciousness Based On The Values Of Democracy And Law. (4) To Get Rid Of Dictatorial Patterns And To Establish Firmly Human Rights In Practical Politics And In Public Life. (5) To Promote The Revelation Of The Truth About The Historical Past And Perpetuate The Memory Of The Victims Of Repression Exercised By Dictatorial Regimes In Common Wealth Nations. (6) To Ensure That The United Kingdom Continues To Foster Human Rights Ideals In All Aspects Of Civil And Political Society. TO FULFILL THE DECLARED MISSIONS, THE IDC SHALL: (7) Coordinate The Activities Of IDC Branches And Member Organizations. (8) Reveal, Publicize And Consider The Information On Those Past Crimes And Mass Human Rights Violations Committed By The Governments That Has Their Direct Or Indirect Ramifications In The Present Time. (9) Assist In The Revealing Of The Truth About Crimes Against Humanity Committed By Governments, About Arbitrary, Illegal Terror-Based Methods Of Governments; Investigate The Causes And Effects Of These Methods. (10) Promote Public Access To The Information Sources (Archives, Library And Museum Collections Etc. (11) Promote Full And Public Moral And Legal Rehabilitation Of Political Repression Victims And Necessary Measures By Government As Well As By Other Parties To Compensate These Persons For The Damage Inflicted On Them And To Grant Them Necessary Social Benefits. (12) Deliver Charitable Assistance To The Needy Victims Of Repression And Legal Representation For These Persons And Their Family Members. (13) Reveal, Publicize And Analyse Information About Nowadays Violations Of Human Rights.14) Participate In Development And Implementation Of The Projects Aimed At The Creation Of Strong Safeguards Against Human Rights Violations. (15) Exercise Peace-Making Activities For Settlement Of Ethnic And Confessional Conflicts. (16) Promote Formation Of Free, Open Democratic Societies Based On The Rule Of Law In The Countries Where IDC Branches Operate.

POWERS OF THE IDC To Fulfil The Declared Missions And Purposes, IDC In Accordance With The Law In Force May: (17) Disseminate Information On Its Activities Unchecked. (18) Assist In Decision-Making By State Authorities And Local Self-Government Bodies As Provided By The Law. (19) Organize And Conduct Meetings, Rallies, Seminars, Parades, Processions And Pickets As Provided By The Law. (20) Fund Mass Media And Run Publishing Business As Provided By The Law. (21) To Represent And Defend Before State Bodies And Local Self-Government Bodies, The Courts Included, As Well As Before Public Organizations Both Its Own Rights And The Lawful Rights And Interests Of Its Members And The Citizens Who Are Members Of The Organizations As Well As Other Citizens. (22) Collect, Scrutinize And Disseminate Information On Human Rights Violations. (23) Exercise In Full Measure All The Powers And Prerogatives By The Current Legislation On Public Associations. (24) Join Public Associations As Their Member; Participate In Public Associations, Form Leagues And Associations With Other Non-Profit Organizations. (25) Maintain Directly International Contacts And Relations, Engage In Contracts And Agreements With Home, Foreign And International Organizations And Private Persons To Run Joint Projects. (26) Engage In Business Operations So Far As It Serves Fulfilment Of Declared Missions And Purposes That Were The Rationale For IDC Creation. Income From IDC Business Operations Shall Be Employed To Fulfil Missions And Purposes Stipulated By The Charter. (27) Establish IDC Personal Scholarships, Prizes and Trophies. (28) Acquire, Trade, Lease Both Material And Other Assets To Outside Organizations And Private Persons That Accomplish Some Work Or Services For IDC. (29) Constitute Business Partnerships, Societies And Other Business Establishments And Acquire Assets For Business Operations. (30) Admission To IDC Membership Is Open For Public Associations Existing As Legal Entities That Are Interested In Joint Realization Of The Missions And Purposes Declared In The Present Charter As Well As Private Persons- Adult Citizens Of The UK, Common Wealth Countries’ Citizens And Persons Without Citizenship But Who Identify With The Aims And Objectives Of The IDC. (31) Membership In IDC Promotes And Encourage National, Ethnic, Religious And Social Integration. (32) Admission To IDC Shall Be Decided By The IDC Board And Shall Be Fulfilled On Voluntary Basis By A Written Application, That Is: [i]Written Application By The Steering Body Of The Public Association, Submitted To IDC Board (For Public Associations). [ii] Individual Written Application By Way Of Completion Of The Relevant Forms Submitted To The Steering Body Of IDC Branch Or Organization (For Private Persons) And Payment Of Registration Fees. 931) IDC Members (Private Persons Or Legal Entities Operating Via Their Authorized Representatives) Have Rights To: [a] Participate In The IDC Activities. [b] Present Suggestions To Any IDC Body On The Matters Concerning Its Activities. [c] Obtain Information Regarding The IDC Planned Actions. [d] Participate In Actions Run By The IDC. [e] Use The IDC’s Recognized Symbols. [f] Participate In The IDC Conferences. [g] Elect And Be Elected To The IDC Governing Council.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas endorsed Prime Minster Theresa May’s Government for the July Election 2017, because she has the Political will and Political sagacity to dictate the Pace between Russia, America and European Union. She has a Ponderous Will and she is not a feather. She can malign the Brass or Center-Brass of any Political figure in the World. She is best known for her Prindle Policies that dictate the Pace. At times, Men can be governed by enforcement of Authority. She did not endorse the Opposition Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn because he is too old, weak and too sick, most especially, he is disabled in the mind because he lacks the British Political Mythology most especially of the Elizabethan era of the 15th Century, the reason he cried like a baby when Britain got their hallmark to leave the European Union./ — She revered her Theresa May, she recalled her past disdain with her Government. — She States, “In the Past I have dragged Theresa May with the Pen and I dusted her with my Words, irrespective of what I think about her, Politics has no Sentiments. She is a better Candidate that will take the British People to the mark of History and bring back their Values and Virtues”. She carved her Name in the Sand of Time as Marbled her Quotes depicting the Real Leadership Undoubted. She Quotes: — Prime Minister Theresa May is the Eagle to bring back the Glory and Honour to keep the continuous existence of the British Monarchy as it is Willed in the Authorities of the Divine Rights of the Kings. Theresa May must win and must be UK Prime Minister. She must win for the United Kingdom to Live and Rise again./ — There shall be no ‘Political Cajole Of Malice, There Shall Be No Political Jeopardy, There Shall Be No Political Hindrances, There Shall Be No Political Menaces, There Shall Be No Junta Politics, There Shall Be No Rivalry Hunt Fierce’. Any attempt to deny her Wilful Authority to climb British Leadership of Prime Ministership 2017, failure to appraise her will see the destruction of the United Kingdom./ — Theresa May Is The Eagle To Bring Back The Glory And Honour To Keep The Continuous Existence Of The British Monarchy As It Is Willed In Authorities Of Divine Right Of The Kings./ —- No leader is Mad, at times she finds herself in a Position where strict decisions have to be taken, that doesn’t make her a Tyrant or does it make her Wicked or Mad. No! No! No! A Bad leader of Yesterday could be a good Leader Today, depending on her Advisory Council./ — The Tempestuous Of Liberty Is A Man’s Birth Rights Not To Be Subjected To Another Man’s Will, If The Rule Prevails Not. — By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas — The Menaces Of Politics Should Never Really Put A Blame On A Leader Because The Actions Of The Government Is The Actions Of The Cabinet, Simply Democracy In The Political House. / — Theresa May May Be As Feeble As A Woman, She Is One Woman That Could Match 1 Million Men./ — The Perch Of An Eagle Is The Gorgeousness Of Its Wings That Hold The Stable Of Its Feet. Prime Minister Theresa May Do Not Need To Convince Anybody To Pitch Their Vote As The Truth Is Known Already. The Best Brain Wears The Crown. So, She Is.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Salutation to Prime Minister Theresa May; — I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas rest my Case because Prime Minister Theresa May’s Government will now sit and decide sooner than later after their meeting with Advisory Council, Her Cabinet, Her VERITAS of Authority will address the great Nation of United Kingdom./ — I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas leave Theresa May’s Government in your hands because they are equally as Knowledgeable as myself. They are Women and Men of Leadership, I am just a Wise one to aid them with Light spoken through me as a Messenger of Truth. I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas, Thank Theresa May for standing for the Values and Virtues of the Great Nation of United Kingdom for bringing yourself forward in the Selfless Service of Government. Your Reign shall never be forgotten in History./ — I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas, Thank the Government of Theresa May, Thank you the Advisory Council, Thank you the VERITAS of Authority. All your Names shall be enshrined in the History of the Great Empire of United Kingdom./ — I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas say to the World, I have found peace inside of me in releasing the Truth and Substance of Truth in that ‘Every judgement I have made against the Conservative Party in the Past, I withdraw them. They shall Count No more and has no defection on them’./ — I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is an Eagle, a Guardian Angel in the Realm of the English Orthodox. My Spoken Words are inscribed on the Slate for Conventional Men to learn the way of the English Orthodox./ — I Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas say to you Woman of Honour Theresa May the British Goddess of a New face of British Politics, that henceforth, ‘You must abstain from every Public Function, Contact with Rivals and avoid Contact with EU Negotiators, instead give Authority over the Phone, use the medium of Skype and other Social Media Platforms to Commune Your Message.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas predicted Cameron’s exit after warning Cameron’s Government of stealing through Taxation of income Tax/VAT among other consequential allegations, she stressed that the Government lost its bid of representing the People by practicing Terror Justice and Tyranny against Members of the Commonwealth Nations. She wrote on how Nigerians and other African Migrants die in the UK Detention Centres, in the letter from the Immigration Office in the UK affirmed 12 people died and that letter was written in 2008. People still die in these detention centres every day. In 2008, she set up a desk for people, especially Nigerians to know if their people are among those confirmed dead,” UK Immigration officers are losing it. They just kill these immigrants and hide under the story that they resisted deportation. When they kill these people, they do not tell their families that they are dead. What they do is to bury them in mass graves. These things are happening because African Governments do not care about their Citizens”./ — She exhibited strong political will as such in local election In United Kingdom. ‘Britain Must Leave European Union, Commonwealth Citizens Don’t Cast your Vote for Britain in EU’. She States — “Since Queen Elizabeth 1 lives in me, I strongly believe Countries of Commonwealth nations deserve total freedom through enforcement of free trade, travel and currency. We are to enforce Nations of Commonwealth in prompt obedience to upholding Articles 9, 13,15, 22 and 26 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 United Nations Members State Bonded Oath of Allegiance. I am in the know that based on my work as an Independent Diplomat, I’m a Citizen of the World. — She told People of England when she adjudicated and pronounced that Britain must leave the European Union, during which she implored Commonwealth Citizens not to cast their Votes for Britain to remain in EU in the coming UK Election, Britain Must Leave European Union or else they must be ready to kill Her Monarchy and destroy The Commonwealth. Commonwealth Citizens are advised not to vote Britain in EU.” She maintained that there is Secret Plot of EU Agenda and Hunt for Judaism Exposed and UK making an unending profit through Royalties for Commonwealth Nations. She stood by to agree that European Union (EU) Treaty must be abolished and the European Union must be dissolved. She quoted: “You Cannot Push the Wagon into the Future without Retrogressing into the Past.” She declared her support for Britain Must Leave European Union, Commonwealth Citizens Don’t Cast your Vote for Britain in EU by exposing the relationship that exist between EU and Chinese Government, according to her: “The EU are busy occupying the Agenda of Great Britain, so also the Chinese Government are busy occupying the Agenda of Commonwealth Nations. What do both the EU and the Chinese Government intend to achieve by plotting Great Britain and Commonwealth Nations? On the early hours of Friday, June 24, 2016, the World woke up with the news that Britain had claimed back its Birth Right by leaving the EU that she acclaimed her long maintained her Title as an ‘Oracle’ as a Predication, time and date happened as she proclaimed.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas opposed the Reasonology behind the Authority of the Government to have allowed — (1) The BRITISH AIRWAYS Headquarters is based in Germany. She disagrees as asked why a Sovereign Nation Airline should have their Headquarters in Germany and called on the Government to explain to the People of United Kingdom whose Mandate they pledged to Serve them in Truth./ — (2) She disagrees with the Bank of England Governor’s Appointment who is a Canadian and not a British Citizens. She asked why he is allowed the Position an Appointment based on False premise geared to help EU Masters to steal British Money to Germany, devalue the British Currency to make the Euro superior to the Pounds. Mr. Mark Carney is the 120th and current Governor of Bank Of England, appointed in 2013. He is the first Non-Briton to be appointed to the Post, but made a commitment to the Prime Minister to take up British Citizenship. She question Why did he make a commitment to take British Citizenship? Simply denotes his position was attained by lobbyist to Aid Movement of British Money to European Union without obstruction for evasiveness of shrinking the Economy of United Kingdom. A Canadian being a Governor of Bank of England is a shame on British Democracy, the most Ridiculed Monger of National derailment of Economic Servient for destruction./ — She opposed the Reasonology behind the Authority of the Government to have allowed: (3) British Immigration Mercenaries And Their European Counterparts To Have Commonwealth Citizens Moved From Out Of United Kingdom For Lock Down In Europe Concentration Camps. It is a foremost mandate that Coloured People must be released from every Immigration Locations in Europe by Theresa May and her Political Son PM David Cameron. Coloured People are so brutalised by the Europeans and treated like Animals, even a Dog have Rights than Coloured People with observance to Animal Rights Law. This is not the Vision of the British Commonwealth Movement of the 15th Century when British Colonisation of Commonwealth People bothered their isolation as they were never known the Europe but force brought as Slaves to develop Britain Civilisation of 21st Century.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas challenged: (4) Government extortion of Commonwealth Citizens Taxes of their Hard Earn Money, in which they deduct 20% Income Tax, 20% Vat on Purchases Money un-claimable and Council Tax. Sadly she said the Government do not know their Pains because they live at the expense of Free Tax Payer’s Money./ — (5) The Provisions Of Residence, If Married To A British Citizen, Itself Is A Confraternity. The Marriage Act of Residence a condition for Commonwealth Citizens settlement, should and must be Prohibited and banned. They must be allowed to settle without any Condition. I disagree on such Rules but will elaborated on the Teachings as a matter for another day. Coloured Men and Women deaths in UK Immigration Concentration Camps: — (6) Why did the Government allowed German Investors in Immigration Affairs? She assert the Government purposely allowed them to profit from the Blood and Sorrows of Coloured People./ — (7) Why is the Offences of Murder and Homicide committed on Commonwealth Citizens by her Immigration Mercenaries covered up till date./ — (8) Why has no Persons been convicted for the Coloured Peoples Deaths? If these deaths were committed by Black Culprits on White Victims, the UK Government will send them to Jail for life. Her Stance is that the Justice System have neglected the Well-being of Families of the Deceased Commonwealth Citizens till date, failed to inform their Families nor bothered to pay Compensation./ — (9) The dangerousity of Communications Act 2003 Legislation is why the ruling Government has never faced challenges on their destruction to the People; because the Government operates a Legalised Despotism and the Media are not allowed to broadcast the truth in the radar for avoidance of their License Revocation.


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas affirm that in the Apocalypse of Judaism, “EU Treaty is the Spirits of the Hitler and Nazis transferred in Men nurtured to finish the failed struggle of their Cruel ambitions to rule the World at the expense of killing the Jews the Sons of God whom they felt the race were not pure enough to live in the Face of the Earth. She dug deep into the springing well of divinity by explaining the intricacies surrounding the Second Apocalypse of Judaism. “The plan that led to Second World War to invade Britain by Nazis to rule the World is not yet over. The tears of the grandson of Queen Victoria, Prince Charles Edward of the United Kingdom, Duke of Albany (Leopold Charles Edward George) Duke of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha from 19th July 1884 – 28th March 1954 sent to Germany by Queen Victoria to Rule her empire and whose empire was later rejected and demolished by the revolution of Germans also he was denied his birth right by the ruling Monarch in Britain because his Cousins felt, his act as traitor within the First World War was not justified. “The EU Treaty is powered by the Criminal Mastermind as revenge from his children whose main adopted Nationality is Germany since that is the second home owned to them by their mother. The quest to revenge the denials of their father the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is powered by their quest to destroy the British Empire.” She talks about Affirmation of Judaism Sacred by saying “To prove preparation to destroy the future of the Commonwealth Countries Citizens is unfolding; The British Government has been made the Scapegoat. They have been set up by the EU Cult to use their hands to ruin their Clones amidst the ‘Whom’ and the ‘Whose’ of the Commonwealth Countries. “More prisons have been planned and constructed, as the current ones that houses the Commonwealth Citizens Captive are full. The Children of Commonwealth Nations are rusting in the Prisons and various Detention Centres awaiting their faith for the Sacred of Judaism while most are there for more than two years. The British Government are too busy to understand the Propaganda and allegation of the false information set up to keep Commonwealth Citizens captives in Prisons and Detention Centres for no offence or wrong doing, they have done to deserve such a horrible fate.” This Human Rights Advocate listed various phases in which the layers of sacred of Judaism are mapped out. She analysed the methodology as: “Those With No Papers Are Returned To Their Countries, Those With Papers Are Not Allowed To Renew Their Visas, Those With Residence Status, Their Papers Are Revoked, The Plot For Mass Deportation, The Plot To Set Up Bigger Camps To House Them, The Plot To Kill Them Silently If They Show Resistance and The Plot To Wipe Out All Their Generations.”

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas named other ‘Current Prisons for Judaism Sacred’ to include: “Dover Removal Centre, Collinbrook Removal Centre, Oakington Removal Centre; Hammersworth Removal Centre, Dungavel Removal Centre, Masefield Removal Centre, Lindholam Removal Centre, Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, Haslar Removal Centre Tinsley House Removal Centre and . Her Majesty Prisons.” Just as the names are illustrated, it is obvious proof that all Detention Centre in UK are named in German dialect, simply means the Germans are at War with the Nations of the Commonwealth with intentions to destroy their citizens for that reason they build Concentration Centres in UK. On how dreadful the reality of Judaism is, she further explained the process as “To demolish Commonwealth Nations by virtue of their vulnerability as a Continent less powerful, to displace them through means of Mass Deportation and to revoke their Right to enjoy the immunity promised them by the British Government prior to their Independent.” She gave insights into how Commonwealth Countries are used as sacrificial lambs and Prey for Sacrification in the Second Apocalypse of Judaism. Her words: “The Faith Of The Jews Massacred By The Nazis Is Beginning To Unfold For The Citizens From Commonwealth Nations, As Gradually They Are Being Haunted For Their Vulnerability, Charged For Offences Not Committed By Them, Sentence To Prison For An Unjust Penalty, Killed Silently For The Offences Of The Children Of Anomalies, Made To Work Tirelessly, Made To Work With No Hope Of Ever Claiming Their Benefits, Made Redundant In A Country They Only Visited As Labourers As With No Option Of Passport Or A Pass Issued To Them, They Have No Hope Of Ever Seeing Their Beloved Country.” She gave three definitions on the ‘Deceit of Judaism’ which She described: — First Definition: “A Premeditated Attempt By The Union Of EU To Get The British In Alliance To Build Structures That Will Accommodate Their Children Within The Territory Of The British Kingdom. — Second Definition: “The Distraction Of Great Britain Made Incapacitated Of Their Vision For Themselves And Their Great Nation/ — Third Definition: “A Decoy To Lure Great Britain To Work Tirelessly To Generate Funds For The Union Of EU At The Expenses Of Feeding Their Children Of Anomalies Who Are Bastards And Traitors To The British Empire.”


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas as an Oracle predicted that in ‘The Apocalypse of Judaism’, the EU in the formation of 28 countries fused in a tyrannical mission with main sole purpose to rule the World by ‘Force’ or by ‘Death’. The EU plot the eradication and the displacement of Citizens of Commonwealth by means of Mass Deportation. The EU quest is to remove Citizens of Commonwealth from all European Countries thereby making the British Kingdom infiltrated with the Children of Anomalies who are trained to be a Sons of Adoption by Birth or Migration. The EU motives are to wage ‘War’ against a Nation in a rebirth to achieve the goals of their forefathers to topple the British Monarchy. The EU rebellion is to bring down the British Monarchy, giving them the chance of motivation to claim the land that belongs to the God of Men. “If they fail the target of their evil plot which is inevitable, the consequences is they have nothing to lose. They will persistently aim their target at destroying Great Britain by virtue imagination of their propaganda to fume war. You cannot avert their plot because they live amidst the God of Men through their different colours of rainbow, decoyed like chameleons, shaded in different colours, for they see you and you cannot see them and when they plot they succeed before you can put a fight back. exposed the relationship that exist between EU and Chinese Government, according to her, EU are busy occupying the Agenda of Great Britain, so also the Chinese Government are busy occupying the Agenda of Commonwealth Nations. What do both the EU and the Chinese Government intend to achieve by plotting Great Britain and Commonwealth Nations?/ — She affirmed, “The Death Of God Of Men Cannot Be Averted Because They Have Foolishly Accepted The Children Of Anomalies who have traded their deceit in for passion as they came like Strangers into your Territory for no good, but to reap your labour and deny you the merit of your Profit. ‘The Plague of Revenge’ is the Adoption of Children of Anomalies through the EU Treaty is a Threat to Great Britain, as the Spirit of the Fathers of the Children of Anomalies is to persistently quest for the failure of their defeat through Revenge.” Entering deeper into divinity. She elucidates on ‘Voices from the British Empire’, which the reason she said “The only solution is to keep the purity of Great Britain whose Faith has suffered many Battles of Invasion from Century after Century, through the Ascension of the future Kings to the Throne and their Heirs. Britain are to stand against the invaders and the Children of Anomalies.” The God of Men should watch out as the Dragon of Hell is being controlled in the body of Man to destroy the World.”


Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas exposed ‘EU Treaty Criminal Mastermind’ as: “The Birth of the EU is formed on the foundation of Hitler and Nazis failed premeditated plot to Rule the World, the foundation of a molten boiling Tyrant, a Criminal Mastermind plotted to make The EU a World Power. The EU feared that the United States of America might be the next most powerful Nation while Objectives of the EU are hidden and mastermind as a Secret to aid their uprising Agenda.” The article expressed analytical education into the reality of Judaism when it asked some questions and made revelations into how the ‘EU Treaty is a Threat’ as it reads: “If EU was founded on a positive intention, then why did it marginalized Africa, Asia and Caribbean? Within the EU Countries, the poorest Countries also formed part of the EU Government, then why are the benefits of Trade and Travel not enjoyed by the Marginalised Continents, such As Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Middle East? “It is obvious the EU Referendum is not formed with genuine objectives, rather on the basis to up rise a Movement that will threaten all other Continents. The EU forming a Treaty with a controlled Unitarian Government is a decoy to emancipate power. She asserts that “EU TREATY IS A THREAT that all Countries should be made to build their own Sustainable Government through Education given to their People by teaching them the reward of a Sustained Democratic Governance Free Of Corruption to suit the needs of their Citizens. She gave deep insights to inner-working of ‘EU Uprise Plot’ that “United Kingdom is the only Country in the World with a strong Monarch, All EU Countries have no Monarch and if they do, their Monarch is neither strong nor active compared to the Great Monarch in Britain and Many of the EU Countries have ruined their own Monarch because of their foolishness of assuming a Monarchy is formed by privilege of Nature.” How about the unseen consequences of every action so far taken regarding the EU? This cerebral woman stated that “The Criminal mastermind, whose hidden objectives gave birth to EU is a decoy to conquer the World in pretence, fuming from an alliance with a Government of her own. “EU has successfully emancipated 28 Countries within the EU states to sign the EU Treaty . These countries are: Austral, Portugal Luxemburg, Cyprus, Slovenia, Netherlands; Denmark, Sweden Poland, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Estonia, Switzerland; Irish Republic, France, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Greece, Norway, Lithuania, Iceland, Malta and Italy.” “If Great Britain is wise enough they should refuse the EU Treaty And All Countries Should Lead Themselves With Their Own Goals And Objectives To Suit Their Citizens According To Their Culture And Heritage. EU Referendum Should Be Abolish And A Referendum Of Friendship For Neighbouring Territory (FFNT) Be Consented And Not EU Treaty”.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas opens the veil that over-ambition of EU Government to ensure superiority over all other countries in the world comes under ‘EU Treaty Decoy’, whose aim Prof Thomas said: “To make the EU Government superior over all other Government in the World, To make Britain and other Countries second class, To be dictators having Power over directives to control the Union of Countries within the EU Cult, To contest their strength with United States of America whose Power, Energy and Strength emancipated from Great Britain; To be stronger through Union of EU To challenge The only Monarch in Great Britain, To use their Union through Treaty in pretence to undermine the existence on why the Monarch in Great Britain should not be allowed to exist; To enforce Nations by Acts of Tyrannical Dictatorship through Trade, Currency, Economy, Power and Crude Oil, To secure an EU Army through a premeditated Criminal plan, if successful after 50 years of existence, this can lead to third World War.” She proffer a lasting solution in solving the plethora of problems facing countries in the world, Professor Thomas in healing the peoples’ pain with her Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thoughts enumerated: “To Heal The Wound And Pains Of The Oppress Which Is Now Enforceable And Appraisals must be consented and payment duly awarded to the Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries who are the Children of Grace because ‘The Will Of Magna Carta Has Been Broken And Magna Carta The Law Of Man’s Free Will Liberty To Be Free Has Been Breached’, The God’s Of The World Must Be Appease To Forgive His Sons Of Rulership To Breed The Sanity To Live And Their Souls Be Allowed Eternal Life For Rebirth. Therefore, To Appease The Vengeance Of Magna Carta Which Is The ‘Hunt’ Of The Ghost Of King John (1166 – 1216) And The Spirit Of Queen Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603)’ then Appraisal must be consented and sacrifice of dues to be paid to Man is a must mandate.”