Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Can Be Addressed As:
– Mother of Saint
– Defender Of The Universe
– Angel Of Hope
– Mother Of World Peace
– Royal Mother
– Goddess Of Love
– Messeger Of Truth
– Oracle


Professor Alexia Thomas is the Founder of Saintism Religion and she is called the Mother Of Saint. Saintism Religion is a Doctrine that compel the protection of Human Race, so in practice Saintists are Human Guardian Angels and the Founder is a Supremist.
Saintism Practise is the Religion that appreciates the beauty of Human Creation. The Movement of the Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) gave birth to Saintism Practise. Saintism Religion is about using the Powers of Natural Mystic to regress to the Orthodox Teachings, perceiving Nature Equilibrium where Humans agree to accept other breeds by enacting energy from Mystic of Nature Philosophising Man as Angels of Men.
Saintist see God as the Mystic of Nature, Spirit of Spell Bond, Inventor of Universe Unprecedented Substance colluded to make Life.
Saintists gather in an Assembly. Saintism Assembly is called the Crest House.
Saintist Practise is about Sharing One’s Wealth Equally with People they know and Strangers. Saintism Religion will transform Millions of Lives exposed to atrocities perpetuated by Religious Leaders exploiting the African Continent.


Saintism Religion is the Birth of Realness in Human Oneness, Human Companionship without the bet of Blood Lineage, Human Love without the urge of Sex.
Saintism Practise is the Life, World, Creation, Birth, Death, Acceptability and Protection. Those who practise Saintism are called Saintist as they can use Titles of Saint instead of Mr, Mrs, Dr, ETC.


Saintism Religion is the Saviour of Humanity
Saintism Practise is the Protection of Human Race
Saintists are the Human Guardian Angels


Saintism gathers in Assembly.
Saintism Assembly is called the Crest House.
Saintist Practise is about Sharing Ones Wealth Equally with People you Know and those not Known.


In Saintism Practise, those who share their Wealth are referred to as Manner Givers and those who Benefit from Saintists Wealth are called Manner Receivers.
Saintism Religion is 21st Century Evolutional Religion to Rule over Christian Religion and Moslem Religion


The Churches and Pastors and Mosques and Imams are welcome to Practise Saintism Religion. The Saintism Religion do not recognise the Headship of Church using Title of Pastors and Mosque using Title of Imams, but instead preferred to address them as Saints, because they teach Morals of Life.
Saintism Religion fault the Pastors and Imams practise of Individualism because their Congriest donation is given to the Headship of the Religion in that Tithes collected by the Church is in Theory Taxation levelled upon their congregation.
The Saintism Religion expect the Pastors and Imams to work as Shepards managing their Sheep; Their duty solely should be to direct the Rich amidst their Congregatiosn to share their Wealth with the Poor admits their Congregations, and in observance of their current practice they only reap the donations given by their Congregations.


The Saintism Religion allow the Saintists to use their choices of the Religious Books like Bible and Koran, hence both books do not belong to the Church or Mosque, as it was actually written before the commensuration of Christian Religion and Moslem Religion.